Supreme Court decides on gay marriage

My heart is somewhat heavy today.  There’s so much chaos, confusion, and division all around us.  Every topic, every issue, is so magnified that it’s difficult to know what to focus on.  It’s what the Word of God calls “birth … Continue reading →

Who REALLY ends up paying the cost to raise minimum wage?

 Week 3 Who really ends up paying the cost to raise minimum wage?  Do those receiving an increase in their pay, due to an increase in minimum wage, actually benefit from the pay increase?  When we raise minimum wage, are we … Continue reading →

How many Americans are REALLY living on minimum wage?

Week 1 How many Americans are really living on a minimum wage? The narrative we’re hearing by those who support an increase in minimum wage is, “people need a living wage” and “people cannot live on the current minimum wage.” … Continue reading →

Is raising minimum wage an effective way to reduce poverty?

  I lived all of my childhood hovering somewhere between ‘at or below’ the poverty line.  One can only imagine the lack and the hardship that comes along with such a subsistence living.  At points in time, my brothers and … Continue reading →

TUNE IN tomorrow morning @ 6:20am CST to Moody Radio 90.1FM

Join me tomorrow morning, Friday, March 13th, at 6:20am CST on Moody Radio 90.1FM.  I will be joining Karl and June to discuss “if raising the minimum wage is an effective way to reduce poverty?” What say you?  Is “raising the minimum … Continue reading →