truth exchange round.editTruth Exchange competes for minds in the marketplace of ideas. We exist for the sole purpose of engaging minds to THINK critically and decisively about the world around them from a perspective of Truth, History, and Logic.

The overwhelming majority of Americans have been effectively bullied into silence. As a result of our fears, we are becoming dangerously tolerant of every behavior and doctrine.

Truth Exchange currently has three primary channels for reaching its intended market:

Radio – Truth Exchange with Kathy Barnette radio ministry airs weekly on WYLL 1160AM.  Past radio broadcasts have included an examination of Islam, the State of the U.S. Economy, November elections, and Biblical expositions.  Future broadcasts will entail discussions on Hermeneutics, Israel, Sanctity of Life, Evolution, Homosexual AGENDA and so forth.  Radio broadcast goes out to over 12.7 million Chicagoans.

Conferences – roundtable discussions with a panel of subject-matter experts whereby the panel and the audience engage each other to critically analyze the topic at hand.  Past topics of discussion included Israel and Islam.  Future conferences are forthcoming.

Television appearances – resulting from the above two channels and from significant growth in ministry opportunities, Truth Exchange has been offered the opportunity to host and broadcast a future conference from a television studio.