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It took 12 years and episodes to tell the story of Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth on Bones , the Fox series that comes to an end tonight. The first is the coolest addition to the Bonesiverse seriously, this guy becomes an enigma bordering on mythological trickster. The second is our first peek into the personal life of Booth and an introduction to the most important person in his world. Booth, with his more nuanced philosophy of justice, encourages her to be a daughter first and a scientist second. And Max, ever the devoted father, looks at Booth and sees not an adversary but an ally. This is the man who could make his daughter happy, and Max would just love to play Cupid.

Lance Sweets, thus preventing his return to the show. His legacy, however, reverberates through the season, and nowhere more powerfully than this episode. As they admit, they might not have gotten together if not for him. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz in Bones. Photo: FOX.

At the end of the episode Booth apologized and Bones tells him what Sweets said about her overthinking things in their relationship because she doesn't want to ruin it, the conversation ends with them kissing to make up and joking about how Booth will fart while kissing to make it less formal.

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Booth says that he feels like he can't make up for the three months that Bones was with on the run with Christine and that he doesn't want to lose them again. Bones is making a pros and cons list for herself on if she would make a good president. While she thinks that her background in law enforcement and her knowledge of other forms of government would be beneficial, Booth argues that her being a former fugitive doesn't help her case.

When Bones and Booth discover that a suspect shot and killed an endangered Siberian Tiger, Bones becomes upset, charging at the man. Booth grabs her before she can get to him.

She cries into Booth's shoulder. At the end of the episode, Booth has on a bunch of campaign buttons for Bones. They laugh and have sex. While at the time, she thought that made her strong, she now has Booth. He has made her realize that it could have been him she was pulling out of that building. She cries and he pulls her into him as she sobs into his shoulder.

At the end of this episode Booth surprises Bones with a mixed tape on an iPod with a double earphone jack so they can listen and be close together that starts with "their" song Hot Blooded and they dance around the kitchen with Christine.

Booth reveals to Brennan and Sweets that, years ago, he used to be a dance teacher. Sweets tell him and Brennan to go undercover to solve the case ongoing since it was all about dancers in a TV show. In the end, they finally catch the murders, but Brennan still wants to dance with Booth in front of the audience. Booth agrees even when he knows Bones isn't really good at dancing, and they end up dancing slow, romantic values.

Booth and Brennan fight over a family matter which ends with Brennan misunderstanding Booth, thinking he called her a bad mother. Bones goes to the lab to spend the night there and gets shot by another member of the Jeffersonian; Booth goes to apologize but finds her bleeding out because of the shot and Brennan is taken to the hospital.

Her heart stops beating for 2 minutes during surgery, she was technically dead for all that time, and has a hallucination where she sees her mother. When she's awake again, she tells Booth that she thinks he could've been the reason why she "always came back", meaning she went back to live for him.

At the end of the episode, they talk about Bones' hallucination and Booth tells her "it's okay to be a little crazy" and they laugh and kiss. Brennan returns from shopping and claims the supermarket was out of jerky, but when Booth notes they're only out of it when she does the shopping and that he knows she's lying, she laughingly admits it.

Bones then admire how happy Booth's mom looks in her honeymoon picture and Booth notes that "marriage is starting to look good on you.

Bones booth and brennan start dating

She denies it, but reassures him that she loves him and asks isn't that enough. He assures her it is, they banter some more than are called in on a new Pelant case. When it's revealed that all the victims are FBI agents, Bones is visibly upset and tells Booth he is not allowed to die. He promises he won't. As events worsen, she calls and tells him to meet her. He rushes to the Jeffersonian gardens where she's anxiously waiting. When he asks if she's alright, she gives him a bag of jerky and says "I wanted to give you this.

Brennan and Booth are in love, have a baby and Brennan is on the run. There's serial killers and investigations and claims that Brennan is a murderer. Can Booth clear her name? BONES TIMELINE of LOVE "Pilot" Season One, Episode One Dr. Temperance Brennan is .

I should've bought it for you before. If you like it I want you to have it. I want you to be happy She then says, "The point is, I want to marry you. Will you marry me, Booth? Brennan and Booth, respectively, share their happy news with the squints and Sweets. Sweets warn Booth that Pelant needs to feel he's the most important thing in their lives and their engagement may cause him to escalate.

Booth says he's waited a long time for this and he's not going to let Pelant ruin it. Later, Booth, Bones, and Christine are at a playground when Pelant indeed calls Booth to say he can't marry Bones and can't tell her or anyone the reason why he's turning her down, or else he'll be responsible for the deaths of five innocent people. He describes five random people in Booth's vicinity so he knows they're being watched, and taunts Booth that since he's read everything Sweets has ever written about him and Brennan, he knows they would never trade those people's lives for their own happiness.

Booth tells Pelant he's going to kill him, but as turns and sees Bones smiling at him, he knows he's trapped and that he's going to hurt her badly. At the end of the episode, as Bones is curled up on the couch happily discoursing on the bridal magazines Angela gave her, Booth tells her they need to talk about the wedding and says, "I don't think we should do it.

He haltingly explains that he knows it's not really what she wants, as she never wanted to marry before. She almost timidly assures him, "But I do now. Eventually, her walls go back up and she agrees, claiming she's impressed he's finally come around to her way of thinking. As she rushes to leave the room, he stops her and asks if they're okay. She says, "Of course," but he knows she's covering. Once out of sight, Bones gives in to tears as she goes upstairs, while Booth sits downstairs devastated.

When Pelant finds her she pulls a gun on him and makes him walk downstairs, he then causes an explosion and Bones is defenseless.

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He talks about how Booth is a sniper and too slow, which he's not slow, and then Booth pops up behind Pelant. Pelant then threatens to blow up the whole place, but Bones tells Booth to shoot him. Booth shoots Pelant before he hits the trigger button. Booth then proposes to Bones, she accepts as the Jeffersonian team watches from the lab. The team gets ready for Booth and Bones' wedding when a body is found. Everyone on the team tries to keep Bones as far away from the case as possible, to keep her focused on the wedding.

When the case is solved, they are getting ready to go to the rehearsal dinner when Sweets knocks on the door and tells them to turn on the news. They do, and they see that the church they were going to get married in is on fire. Booth and Bones decide to postpone the wedding, but Angela takes the matter into her own hands and arranges a wedding outside in the spot Booth and Brennan first agreed to work as partners. They exchange vows, and they get married.

The Parts in the Sum of the Whole. The Doctor in the Photo. Booth: Yeah, well, you've always been strong.

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Brennan: You know the difference between strength and imperviousness, right? Booth: Well, not if you're going to get all scientific on me. Brennan: Well, a substance that is impervious to damage doesn't need to be strong.

Booth: Hmm. Brennan: When you and I met - I was an impervious substance.

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Now I'm a strong substance. Booth: I think I know what you mean. Brennan: A time could come when you aren't angry anymore and I'm strong enough to risk losing the last of my imperviousness.

Maybe then we could try to be together. The Blackout in the Blizzard. Brennan: I can tell this is really important to you, why? Booth: Because I know what kind of person you are, and I think it's time you let other people in on your little secret. Booth: Are you serious? Brennan : Yes. I've been afraid, I've been stubborn, and I've been in love. And marriage would make you so happy. Booth: You're sure? You're not just saying this because of Pelant and everything that's going on here?

Brennan: Positive.

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All of this just made me see things more clearly. I love you. I want you to be my husband. I want to I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Say something. Booth: Yes. Of course. The Secret in the Siege. Booth : I was talking about you. I made the right choice. I'm just so lucky to have you as my wife. The Big Beef at the Royal Diner.

Booth : These guys saw hell. You know, most of them are still paying the price. Brennan : You feel the effects of war, too, Booth. Booth : Yeah, but I got lucky.

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I got a great family and great life. Got all this. Brennan : You're an addict, just like Aldo.

Bones 9x04 - “Bones, if I ask you to marry me, will you say ‘yes’?\

Unlike him, you got help. Booth : Yeah. But you're in my corner. That's the difference. Aldo had no one. Booth: You're the woman I love. You're the woman who kissed me outside a pool house when it was pouring rain, took me to shoot tommy guns on Valentine's Day.

That's who you are. You're the one who proposed to me with a stick of beef jerky in your hand, even though you're a vegetarian. You're the Roxy to my Tony and the Wanda to my Buck. Who else is going to sing Hot Blooded with me? And besides, we are way better than Mulder and Scully. Brennan: I don't know what that means.

Booth: I don't care if you know about the bones or if we know how to solve crimes, all I know is that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. This is you, Temperance Brennan.

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You're my partner. Don't forget that.

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The End in the End. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Episode The Soldier on the Grave Booth and Brennan share an intimate moment at the end of the episode.

Episode 9: Aliens in a Spaceship Brennan and Hodgins are kidnapped and buried alive. Episode The Headless Witch in the Woods At the start of the episode, Booth, Brennan, and a ranger walk through thick woods, because even the Ranger gets lost, Booth protectively tells Brennan to stay close, a second later she wanders off to check out a talisman, immediately Booth starts yelling "Bones" he also yells "Where the hell are you?!

Episode Judas on a Pole Brennan goes to meet with a priest who is actually, she did not know this at the time, her Father, after Russ got followed and shot at, Camille tells Booth that she left and he says "No, she can't be going places without me, not when it's open season on Brennan's.

Episode The Killer in the Concrete Brennan, after discovering Booth's tooth at a hotel, punches the bounty hunter Veleska Miller in the face screaming "Where's Booth?! Episode 9: The Santa in the Slush Max wants to spend Christmas with his family, so Brennan decides to ask Caroline Julianthough Booth says that she will want something in return. Episode The Baby in the Bough A woman's car is run off the road and she is killed, but her baby miraculously survives the accident.

Episode The Verdict in the Story Booth and Brennan are adamant that they do not want to stop working together whilst Max's trial is pending. Episode 9: The Con Man in the Meth Lab Booth's brother is in town, he is going to an important work function and invites Brennan to go with him, Booth objects saying "No.

Episode Double Trouble in the Panhandle While posing as a married Canadian knife-throwing act to infiltrate a traveling circus, Sweets, who looked after his biological mother at a circus and therefore has insightful knowledge in that field, advises them that they should look like they're more interested in each other than in their fellow performers and the circus staff.

Episode Fire in the Ice After a hockey game that Booth played and got injured in, Brennan barges in on Booth talking to Wendell also a player shirtless in the men's locker room to see if he is okay. Episode The Hero in the Hold In this episode Booth is kidnapped by the Grave Digger, just like Brennan was in a previous episode, through the episode she is shown worrying about Booth's safety, blaming Hodgins who stole a piece of evidence for Booth being abducted, later when she is having trouble deciding whether or not to hand the evidence over to the Grave Digger, Angela pulls her aside and says "Someone you love has been abducted, you're allowed to save them, no matter how irrational.

Episode The Princess and the Pear After Brennan and Sweets get hit by a car, bed-ridden Booth, who is in extreme pain, tries to come into the office to be with Brennan to protect her, even though he could hardly walk. Episode The Bones that Foam Booth and Brennan go to a strip club to talk to a stripper that gave the murder victim a lap dance on the night of his death.

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Episode The Science in the Physicist Hodgins and Nigel-Murray do an experiment that explodes just as Booth and Brennan are nearing the room they're in. Episode The Cinderella in the Cardboard Dealing with a victim that had plastic surgery on her toes, the surgeon offers to leave Booth and Brennan after they start one of their discussions so that they can continue their lovers' spat, but they assure him that they only work together.

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Episode Mayhem on a Cross Dr. Episode The Critic in the Cabernet Brennan decides she wants a child and asks Booth to be her sperm donor.

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Episode The End in the Beginning In an alternate storyline, Brennan and Booth are married and own a nightclub called "The Lab," in which a dead body has been found.

Episode 4: Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Parker wants Booth to get a girlfriend, so he asks all of Booth's female colleagues to be his father's girlfriend - including Brennan. Episode 6: Tough Man in the Tender Chicken After having a fight with Angela, Booth asks Brennan what's bothering her but refuses to help when he learns the issue, saying that if he gets involved and chooses a side they will both be angry at him when they make up.

Episode 7: The Dwarf in the Dirt Sweets tells Gordon Wyatt that his book about Booth and Brennan concludes that the two are in love with each other and that Brennan uses her intellect to shield herself from intense emotions - like love - because of her childhood trauma and that opening up her heart to Booth would be equal to some kind of assault for her.

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Episode 8: The Foot in the Foreclosure When Booth's grandfather comes to live with Booth for a while, he meets Brennan and tells Booth that, "[he] wasn't kidding about this one. Episode The Goop on the Girl A man dressed as Santa stages a robbery in a bank and runs when the police arrive.

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