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Plenty of couples managed to overcome such a problem and moved on with spending their lives together. But this decision is all up to you. The important thing here is to get the truth out there and deal with the consequences later. When this happens, couples usually tend to experiment and try new things until the passion is back where it belongs. But if spending time together is no longer fun, and if they won't pay close attention to your conversations, there could be a problem. This is clearly an obvious sign because all cheaters seem to have problems and delays in communication.

When I met my BF of almost 4 years now, he was dating someone else for about 2 weeks. He was up front about it and told me I could do the same.

So we casually dated but realized within about 3 weeks we were awesome together so we both stopped dating others and became exclusive. You seemed to never have a conversation like this so I would not dwell on it.

HOWEVER, I would have a conversation with her and let her know it bothers you but now that you are exclusive and in an established relationship you will not tolerate infidelity.

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Let her know where you stand and make sure she agrees with you. Once this is established if you both love each other you should be fine.

Just wanted to get f***ed by someone else for satisfaction and I think it's not that crazy. So you could stay with the 2nd guy, still sometimes fool around and of course MAKE SURE NOBODY GETS HURT! My husband could live with it, wasn't happy about it, but then again he had his flaws too. Jul 07,   We went out on a third date and then progressed through to our current relationship. I just found out that after she met me she went out on a girls night out and met someone else. She went on several dates with him and ended up sleeping with him. She states this was a mistake, that she wishes it hadn't happened. Jun 15,   "He's Sleeping With Me But Dating Someone Else" Any woman who cares for a man does care if he's seeing someone else. I do believe know that he is intimate with her as I found out in a backhanded way. I said well we have to be careful as she has been alone for 6 years and don't know who she's sleeping with. He said well she only.

This was just her casually dating until she found the man she wanted to be exclusive with. She obviously chose you!

Dating someone and sleeping with someone else

Be happy about that and move forward. That is American style dating. Enjoy your relationship now and move on from the early dating. I think your title is inaccurate.

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She spent a couple weeks deciding whether or not she liked this other guy and in the end she picked you and here you are 10 months later. If your relationship was fine up to this point it should be fine again. You love her and I would treat this just like any other guy she slept with before you two start dating.

They are in the past.

My Ex Is Dating Someone Else Already And It Hurts - Should I Do No Contact?

If you only went on 2 dates and did not have sex, then you need to let it go. If you slept together, this would be different. Dating or not dating casual or not casual, once you have sex, things change. Only two dates is just a start. Let it go kiddo. My advice to you is that,just stop that relationship, is it mandatory that you need to sleep with her to show that you are in a relationship?

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Learn from it and Change your Direction. Or find someone who can listen to your problem and be someone special in your life.

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Check this site girlstravelling dot com ,this is a great site, to find someone who can change your life I used this site, and met many in this site, who one of them be a special person in my life. I recommend this site for you. As alia said, this is American style dating where you treat sex like a commodity, have one night stands, sleep with people you barely know after a date or two, have high divorce rates then suddenly become prudish and upset when you realize the person you partnered with has been with a lot of people before and during you.

I am I total agreement. She did nothing wrong but this shows she has wandering eyes as if she was Into you fully she would not have been sleeping with anyone else. You either move forward or move on.

How if I clearly mentioned that she was not seeing anyone else during the time when we were going out, but later after being in a relationship after 8 months found out she was in a physical relationship with a guy for 3 whole months when we were dating.

Aug 21,   It is allowed but I would not do it because it feels wrong. When you date someone, you are not binded to that person. You are at the prephase of a potential relationship. I would be extremely careful since one mistake can destroy everything if yo.

Need more info. She swapped bodily fluids with this guy she barely knows, risked a possible pregnancy and STDs, and probably had her mouth on his genitals. I mean did she actually say she was assaulted? This is fine on your gfs part as it was Before you became exclusive that she was out with someone else.

My main question is why are you stalking your gf on social media and pulling her apart? Dont you trust her? Are you abusive and controlling? And at that point of time she really was going through a break up. The problem is she wasnt fooling around with her ex, it was a different guy.

Abusive lol I never even yell or shout at her the day I found the texts, just happened I woke up that time found her phone buzzing and saw those texts. According to her she wanted me to see those texts. But after 8 months found she was actually sleeping with another guy at that point of time n claimed everything was by force, if she didnt commit to what that guy wanted he would threaten her with a knife. Your not wrong these people are crazy lol.

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Exclusive or not thats weird asf to do that to someone. You are never too old to find love, and being vivacious will continue to keep you young.

Best of luck with love LW!

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Cleopatra Jones June 15,am. Make sure you are having safe, protected sex! Northern Star June 15,am.

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LW, you should do what makes you happy. I say, keep on looking for another man who makes you feel special without so many reservations. Moneypenny June 15,am.

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This is such a compassionate response from Wendy! LW- I think you need to take a look at your life and decide what you want.

Your situation sounds great if that is what you want. Now that you are in your situation, do you want a real partner or are you liking your situation. You can build the life you want so do what feels best and what you are comfortable with. You can also make a decision for now that you know will change over the next few months.

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Jamie June 18,pm. Thank you Wendy and all who replied to my letter.

Last week I spent three days and nights with Jim. We had both relaxing and fun times together. He is very warm and loving to me. We love each other but not in love.

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As I said he dates another woman that he also has feelings for. She has been married three times and guess she knows how to snag a man better than I. I do believe know that he is intimate with her as I found out in a backhanded way. I knew this would never be a long term one on one relationship and I have no intentions of sleeping with another man so I can either leave him and be sad and miserable now or continue our relationship and see where it goes.

Eventually I head back to my winter home and she will have all of him.

I wish it could be different but I am very realistic. Like having a teen romance or an affair. Take it or leave it. And I say, but would he miss me.

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Ariana December 16,am. Just drove by and can see he has another woman over last night. I was just there yesterday and Tuesday.

I ask him repeatedly if there is someone else. Why doesnt he love me. Dear Wendy December 16,am. Michelle December 16,am. Skyblossom December 16,am. You are the one in control of your life and you are the only person responsible for putting yourself in this position.

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