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These are the common signs of depression that most people recognize. What fewer people recognize are signs of depression when it manifests in an unusual or hidden way. Some people with depression become more irritable and angry with virtually everyone and everything in their life. They have inexplicable mood swings, and find that nothing their co-workers, friends, family, children, or partner does is right. They summarize the complex relationship between anger and depression at the start of their study:.

All the best. I can totally relate down to the T. It happens and you feel is extreme guilt and in which furthers my depression. It seemed it was more like a competition to who was worst off, so I stopped.

I am struggling with this now. How can anyone else understand it? Rage connection to depression. No way. Seems like yes way. I am thankful my family doctor spotted this almost immediately after our conversation and prescribed some med. Just still hate that this thing aka depression is there. I have lived with depression for many years now. It was a big factor in the break up of my marriage.

On Saturday night it was the final straw for him;it started over something silly but my rage took over and I slapped him repeatedly till he pushed me away to defend himself. My partner tried to support me but I always took it as criticism. Sorry for the rambling but does anyone have any advice? I am bi polar, or decades I felt I was helping the community, my husbands family and his coworkers, even him by trying to get him to be the better human being in the community, When he returned from His Navy submarine hitch and went back To the Big three transmission plant he was on Military leave from, all any one wanted was that him and others coming back about the same time did not come back and use their accrued seniority in what was felt an irresponsible way just coming back and taking the, shifts, jobs, holidays, vacations and weekends from people that had hired in in the last 2 years.

The Only person that me or his father even had a hope of controlling was my husband in this. People going to schools had to drop out. They wondered what he had done wrong to draw federal authority attention and investigations, Then They heard that he dealt with nuclear weaponery when public sentiment was that all that worked in that field were the Evil potential mass murderers.

My husbands return, cold and uncaring attitude about any bodys needs other than his, had his own father many of his friends who had family members that worked in that plant did not want his return to disrupt any ones life more than absolutely needed.

I was asked to find a way to keep him on the shift he was coming back to. Keep him from forcing his seniority to things like time off, holidays, or vacations, at least for the first two years he was home I had to find a way to just keep him on the job, on the shift and quiet about his seniority rights, Just make things easy for everyone.

He came back with a roar His first day home he was met by a note on the door to take the sofa and leave me alone until everyone could find time to sit down and lay out expectations.

His father expected him to be back to work his first 24 hours after he came through the door even though the contract said he had 30 days to come back Set up a home and then go back, But at that May 28th I was listening as his mother begged him not to murder his father and just do as he wanted because she did not need him pouting the rest of the week about being defied. His father again yanked him off the sofa after an hours sleep, yelling at him to get his rear out and find a place to live, he did not need to deal with me, his stomach, any thing but focus on what he had to do, and that was not himself.

His mother ran into my room and Begged me to come help stop a murder in the living room because my husbands temper was already done with everyone, My first Sight of my husband after getting home was He had his father straight arm trapped against the ceiling of his living room getting weaker by the second as he hit his sons arm trying to gain a breath.

My husband was yelling that him and everyone else had started out with getting on his last nerve the day before and he was going to see me. If I was not standing in front of him in one minute he was going to use his fathers dead body to tear bulkheads out until I appeared. I had to tug on his t-shirt and ask him to let his father down, His mother suggested to his father he better run, he did We found a nice house a mile from his work gate by three that after noon.

His mother said please just a few weeks to get used to his return was all that was needed after all there was always tomorrow, just let tempers settle down, To be honest I did not know the reasons for the animosity between his father, his fathers friends and my husband until last year, when in therapy Pictures of A surgery in the fall of that involved over stitchs on my husbands back and another 50 on his wrists from a whipping with lamp cord delivered to my husband The Fifty stitchs on his wrists was from him trying to escape the Zip ties they had used to tie him to a tree and five grown men whipped him until he was cut to the bone and passed out.

All of these men have paid in pain since, In my husband caught three on a fishing day celebrating their retirement at the same place they whipped him He Knew they would be there, when he took a section of garden hose and filled it with shot and bbs, sealing both ends with super glue. He knocked three of them out and ied them to the same tree and used that weapon on all three then he cut them down and told them go ahead come after him, After a stay in the hospital in the area all the left with their wives.

That winter he started in on me and everyone else that wronged him. To get him to stay over the Christmas down week instead of going to Bavaia wioth what had by that time become a static group on vacations for the Millinial celebrations we had to steal his pass port and lock it away from him and even got him arrested and jailed for eight hours until wee were over the Atlantic Just so many other people had plans he could ruin if he made them work.

We did not consider he should have plans, Before the fight that morning I said when I got back we could turn a new page in a new century and we could sit down and plan something for him.

I tried to explain we were not trying to deny him his right to time off we just needed him to take the times when I was better for everyone else. We got home on his birthday from Bavaria to the most disgusting display of no respect for me his parents or any one else, I was going to suggest he could take the two weeks following that week as personal time and have the holiday replacement then at least act like it was a Christmas and we could have everything he had missed over the holidays since We could talk about a cruise possibly, Get something started and I would get the order removed making him work all offered hours It was time somebody else started taking the load it was Just an dam two weeks I needed from him after hearing how useless I was the last 16 years as a wife and a lousy bitch.

We Got back With a dollar clock as his birthday, Christmas, peace offering gift for having forced our hand making him work again, I told Him That We had a nice gift for him the next week And he said he had one for me I could open then.

His father was hit in the face with a bucket of urin as his gift and he left all of use dumfounded that could no time off in 20 years really be so bad as to be this way, e were going to go to court and talk to the judge that had applied the original order and we set up a court date with the clerk.

We were shocked when we entered the conference room to find another judge appointed by the state sitting there, His father asked what happened to his friend he was supposed to hear our complaint petition, The sitting judge said that would be tough since the other judge was removed from the bench and arrested right after the new year, by July things changed radicaly in the community. My husband was not under a court order any longer and the county lawyers had set up a deal that if my husband removed his dollar lawsuit they would ensure no such order would ever be issued on any one in the county again.

My husband became our problem. Latter that month he threw up and passed out at his foremans feet with a headache that had built for years, We had seen his left foot start dragging, he seemed to be crying all the time and Everything was kept out of the room he slept in and the arguments sometimes left me scared he was going to take my head off getting him to just bide his time. He could not be defiant forever and soon he would get what he wanted.

Just wait, be patient, Good things came to tose who waited was my saying. When they got him on the table for a surgery to remove a tumor of the top of his brain stem it was bad, The survival expectancy was near zero.

A hole from Over his right eye to the center of his head to get the tumor was done, When the Insurance forced him to be sent home two days latter his doctor impress that the next 60 days were in his opinion vital to his recovery and wanted him to rest as much as possible on sick leave, The time was the worst, Right in the middle of School time off and parents wanting vacations to coincide, For things like Disney world.

Cedar Point, lakes camping and other family persuits, Six days after the surgery I was pushed out of the way by his father and four coworkers taking him to work, They were yelling he was not going to cause them to miss out on their plans just because of a little hole in his head. My husband put up what fight he could as they took him to work, But he was very weak after the surgery.

I could not bring myself to get good friends and family jailed for illegal abduction and He did survive but He was never going to allow a finger laid on him from that day, Three months latter he had started working out again Weights, Wind sprints in the Union Gym. He opened his old Army Footlocker the first time in my memory and held up three long Japaness blades I was his certificate of training to the level of 3rd dan Black belt in Sho rey from the Army I could see the movements he was practicing was designed to kill an cripple He started wearing the long blade under his Dusters not on his belt but a special scaboard in the duster.

The first week of November my husband and several ex military friends took advantage Of the post confusion and decided they were taking the local ways of assigning job bids by statues instead of seniority as the union contract required. They were not considered as important enough to take seriously until The national sent a representative to the local and censured them for not going by the contract These four men just tied the locals discrestion in the area.

Then The decided they were taking a new department in a new plant. I never slept with his father, I did have a few affairs, and each partner I had was ruined somhow by my husband physically or personally many times with dirt him and his friends dug up, After I was flatly told to drop dead and go to hell in the same breath, I told his father I was not going to be able to promise any thing he would believe would happen.

His father turned to his best friend and said its time to reinforce our lesson of The four men wanting the job including the fling I had in Bavaria the year before came up on our porch following my husband and he got it loud enough the whole street was standing watching as the four attacked him In turn they witnessed my husbands retaliation leaving all four on our porch dying.

The worst was the man I had a fling with in Bavaria the year before. That same morning after he left all four dying on our porch I was crying behind the front door telling him her could not come in. The next second the door and frame were on top of me and my ankle broken and he standing there telling me if I ever attempted to get him hurt by locking him out of his house again my next date was an undertaker. He came home In Jaunary after three years in Rehab relearning to walk after a spinal cord crush an partial severing.

After Nearly killing The man I saw the night before over a slight that the man did sweeping his cane He Was in a stress center for two weeks For Rage control. Everyone of his family and my friends were hoping when he came home he would sit with us and somehow. Not walk in demanding everything he was left out of the last three decades come to a peaceful way to let him have something in life now he was crippled.

He Was sent home by insurance voucher from the center on a night I was going out with his mother, father and their best friend to an invitation only dinner event I was going to escort his fathers best friend as a favor after a bad divorce the month before, His father told me about the call from the center earlier wanting my husbands pickup and his suggestion to shove him out the door to walk the 20 mile treck in 40 below weather as a way to build character.

He said they would wait until we picked him up the next day, so just get ready to go to the event we would not hear from my husband for at least that long. He could not have been more wrong My husband walked in the house at that Tuesday after noon it was 45 minutes till I was to be picked up and was just finishing getting ready when I heard the door open and close, I stepped out the bedroom door right into my husbands chest and knew before the first word things were going to get bad.

Since the brain surgery in his eyes changed color with his mood, That day they were steel gray instead of hazzle. He started out with sarcasm, saying good he had not seen an evening out in over 31 years It was like a shout when he said where are WE going, knowing I was going someplace without him.

He blew up yelling about everything he had supplied me for 31 years for what he felt was nothing in return. He also yelled that if I thought any one especially me allowed him a dam thing under his roof I was badly mistaken as far as he was concerned I had extorted 31 years of his life and I was going to be the down payment on the restitution for what was stolen, He raped me begging it did not have to be that way.

My outfit was shredded, I got off the floor hurt and slightly bleeding from the force. He said go ahead get me sent up for sexual misconduct in marriage, He then said with the things he could bring out about the rest of us he hoped we could hold our heads up as he would going to prison. I knew how many would be hurt if I reported his rape.

He just wanted the same life everyone else had.

speaking, advise

I just could not think of away to get that life without large disapointents elswere and as the resentment grew so did the violence. I remember having thoughts of throwing myself out of the car as a 5 year old. During my pregnancy my brain chemistry felt like it reset itself but after my children where born I had boy girl twins : I developed cycles of rage then depression from the shame and guilt of the rage episodes.

Anger is a form of energy. Youtube anger release guided meditation. Michael Sealey is good. I would say it is the only solace those of us with mental health issues can have. Before him, I was blissfully unaware that there were people who would wake you up to scream at you about nonsense all night long and verbally abuse their own mother and daughter regularly. He was able to hide it for months until after he had moved in. I saw on Facebook that he had started dating someone new and all I could do was feel sorry for her.

Sure enough, it was over in about six months- the exact timeframe he pretended to be normal with me. Since you are aware of what you do and wish to change, why not just set up a plan with a girlfriend? I live with my parents, they often fight because my dad gets angry about everything and anything. A lot of the fights are about me, or my sister.

My mom tries to defend us and calm him down but he gets more furious and yells at everyone. Sometimes when they fight, my mother starts screaming and throwing things around not at any of us, just drops everything on the floor or even keep hitting the wall, one time she hurt her hand because she was hitting it on a chair. Does anyone know what this is? I want to help my family but they are not open to getting any help. I know my dad has anger problems and he creams and yells and its horrible and I feel he might have led my mom to the condition she is in now.

If anyone can help I would really appreciate any comment back with any advice. It sounds like she is in bi polar manic phase, my wife is the same way and she has been diagnosed with this. How did your wife get a diagnosis?

I get so angry I lash out verbally and physically. Am having a bad time am so rock bottom. Just wish I could get the help I need. Sorry to hear this. Sounds like your Dad projects pushes out a lot of anger into everyone and your Mum understandably becomes the main recipient of that.

brilliant idea necessary

Sounds like it gets too much to tolerate and she is struggling to hold herself together and flips into these disturbed states. Own it. Discovery is no cure. You are a result of your natural surroundings. Nuture is born from nature they are not equal forces The way we nuturethat is all life imo, is formed over a few or many generations and is powered by nature.

Blah blahmy bad. Anyway so you figure out why your upset. Going to have to rewrite neural pathways as to avoid the pits we metally fall in to. I have to say this is a tough one particularly the older we are. Its where you come from how your are treated to many to list but more important how you interpret those experinces. If you are a loner lol gl.

If your one of the crowd your chanceswith out data to look at. Are more likely to get over anger for a variety of reasonsimo lol. Anyway save that an hour because meditating on a mountain combined with breathing exercises might not help lol. But you welcome to try. Have you ever gone the extra mile in work or play and are emotional conpensated for it or yet which is my case villified for a worthy accomplishment?

In my experience all people seem to be self serving including myself And may not even realize it. We want what we want. Ive went out of my way to help loads of folksthere is no reciprication emotional or spiritual. I do those things because of guilt which is a child of fear and i think ive been going at it the wrong way.

Why not let natural inclination take over? I blame my parents Hahaha lol. Its no ones fault for the way we feel is my temporary belief. It was a great article. I was also very depressed with my life. I was doing job as receptionist it was very dissatisfied but i had no other options. My monthly bills are on my head.

But i wanted to pursue my career in singing because i m born with this very great voice. It is a site for numerology. It helped me a lot. Now I am part time singer in orchestra also working like i wanted to do. I loved this. You should also try if you believe in astrology. I am a 33 year old male, married now for about 4 years with a beautiful 7 month old boy. I have noticed with myself that the increase of pressure makes me snap unexpectedly and extremely harshly.

I start going into a cursing and screaming fit, completely exhausting myself and not making any kind of sense. After which I feel incredibly guilty. I now consider myself an animal abuser. It brings me to tears if I think how I have hit and kicked this poor dog.

So my wife would hear me screaming at the dog even before she sees me. I am absolutely terrified that one day I will snap again and do the same towards my son. And if that happens, it lasts for days.

My biggest issue and reason for researching this on the internet is I feel I have noone to talk to. My wife is trying to help but I think she is reaching the end of her rope. I have stopped speaking to my friends years ago due to my anxiety. I think of committing suicide at least once a day.

The only solace I have found is again, completely ashamed to admit this pornography. For some reason, the images make me feel better. I assume this is just the endorphin release that lifts my spirit a bit, but after a while I just hate myself more for exposing myself to that.

I feel so alone and angry and extremely disappointed with myself. I feel even more than I could when I was drinking. I snap over the smallest, dumbest things then it leads into depression. All of my hobbies are now things of the past. I have no ambition. I used to be very good at guitar, but now I have absolutely no interest.

Most conversations with others seem very dull and pointless. I have a hard time paying attention in most of my conversations because just about everyrhing they say is so uninteresting. I feel like my job is pointless. Would they even miss me? And then I start to realize that I am important to some people, and then it leads to guilt, then back to the depression.

My wife has anxiety and probably some form of depression so we go back and forth at eachother. But so far God is the only one who can make me feel like I can change who I am. I understand, a good CR group at church may help. This all feels frightening and scary, but the good news is that you are not alone in this struggle.

Many of us out there. Talking, praying, and fellowship has kept me somewhat sane. I have a 5 year old and 8 year old, I know that having a new baby is so hard and not getting enough sleep makes it worse. I searched in my area for therapists who can help with this and I found a few including a couple of anxiety centers. Maybe you can find something like this too, whatever the cost it would be worth it for you and your wife and especially your child.

I hope you get this message. At a young age, I never could control my lashing out. Today, I lash out at my husband. I left the room slamming doors and fumed for about 30 minutes, attempting to make him feel like the worst man ever. And why? No reason. What is wrong with me?

My husband is the most loving, caring, and patient man in the world. I do take Prozac, which helps with the sadness symptoms. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Finally read my story. Thrown into the mix is hormones agewhich further complicates matters. Thanks again for a great read! I see some of the posts on here are 3 years old or so. I have finally found a story I feel.

I had a psych eval at the hospital and it scared the shit out of me. I was fine for a few days, yet I am home keyed up over some stupid crap and god knows what elee. I really dont want to take more ativan. This is the reason I was addicted to pot. I have no quarrels with it and its legal in my state. I just avoid it to take a break and to get a new job. Unfortunate they have to check. Then I have minute depression, sometimes up and down with anxiety, than anger.

My psych has me pinned somewhere between Major Depressive Disorder or Bipolar disorder. I usually dont loose it with to many people, but the agitation is beyond what I can describe.

I hope whoever else that experiences this finds a solution that works well for them. Hello Chief. Have you thought of getting a second opinion, instead of accepting those labels?

Nov 01,   Anger, pain and depression are three negative experiences so closely bound together it can sometimes be hard to know where one ends and the other begins. Pain is . Oct 09,   Sigmund Freud used to refer to depression as anger turned inward. While many people may regard this as an overly simplistic approach to the most common mental health disorder in .

I know labels are sometimes necessary, but they can be an unnecessary lodestone too. My husband over the last 31 years stopped punching things that could not punch back. The last 16 years he has decided to take on those he feels are his tormentors. Two months after he decided he was not going to at least talk about taking a job that was considered a local prestige job in the transmission plant he worked in.

Meant to go to people with higher social status. They actually dared the area society to come after them, Under the national UAW contract My husband and his friends had more than a right to take this job bid.

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In one argument with his father, the county commissionertwo of the wealthiest men in the county and a city councilman that wanted the position, He told them except for the councilman that their silver spooned country club brats had the brains to fit in a pea, He was not letting their spoiled brats take over a central area to set up and distribute their stinking poisons.

The Three younger men were into the sale and distribution of cocain. And All three used. He said get the hell out of his way or be flattened Because he was not backing down one more time for the country club spoiled brats. His father felt that my husbands lack of any respect for the men and their positions in the community and the perks that that entailed was the ultimate in showing his intension was to never cooperate.

On The Fifth of November I was told to make a deal with my husband. Tell him he could have the holidays, vacations and weekends he wanted that was covered in the contract. I was Told To bolt my husband out of the house the next morning. He would be dealt with then. They did not deal with my husband in any way except end up laying in almost a row on our front porch, Bleeding broken men and my husband standing on the door which I was under with my ankle broken. And He telling me that the next time any thing like this was tried, he would arrange my next date with the undertaker.

He would see to it we were all laid in our graves and he left punching his father out on his way out and answered a battery of questions from police who knew it was clearly self defense, to many people saw the four men jump my husband.

My husbands answer was terse and short, Apparently they thought so or they would not be going to trauma care at am. I spent the Next eight years watching the violence escalate, They came and forced my husband into work with shotguns on holidays, weekends and on vacations we stole his passports locking them in a safe deposit so he had to stay and work Then In he wanted them to hurt him, On Thanksgiving they were forcing him through the gate when a good friend got to close, His shotgun was used against him when the butt crushed his face in after my husband snatched it ut of his hand, The other three men were to stunned to react before ending up with a chambered round and they were under the muzzle.

That Thanksgiving had just turned bad. Then Christmas they did not even make it of the street to the turn when two men flew out of the back seat of his fathers car It was going 45 MPH and hey left skin before they stopped rolling.

His father was found unconsious and another man cut to pieces after he flew through the windshield onto the hood of the car.

Depression and anger often combine to deepen the pain, isolation and destructive behavior of recurrent depressive disorders. I saw on Facebook that he had started dating someone new and all I could do was feel sorry for her. Sure enough, it was over in about six months- the exact timeframe he pretended to be normal with me. Apr 18,   How anger works with my depression is still a new idea to me, but according to my mood calendar, they sync up. I track anger using the "PMS" button and sad face button in Clue, a period Christal Yuen. A scan of the statistics reveals: 1 in 5 Americans will experience mental health struggles in their lifetime. So if you're in the dating world, you really might find yourself dating someone with things we can learn from conversations about dating a partner with depression. Everyone experiences the symptoms of depression differently, so identifying where your partner.

The Sheriff himself cam that evening and told us he could no longer turn a blind eye. The next arrest would be us. The next year at the airport I was trying to tell my husband we had set up a different vacation for him starting in January, In seven months he was getting a five week vacation all at once to make up for all the past years. He did not have to be angry this time about the Orient express we had arranged something better for him latter.

I boarded the plane with my arm in a sling, after the dislocation getting the check and moneys back. His father had to be given CPR and O2 after seven grown men had to pry his fingers off his fathers throat as he retrieved his passport from him. We came back to being cuffed and I spent 2 months in county Then home to a man very depressed so badly he was not seen any where but work.

Then October He was taken off his job after he was found on the floor with a degree temp. Three days latter we got to see him. He was paralyzed from the tops of his legs down. We tried to talk to him about the previous 24 years and how we lost track of just how long we kept him on a short leash and that it was never meant to happen.

It just did because he was so defiant. We tried to tell him nobody could foresee his crippling. But every time we thought of a way to get him what he wanted he would do something to crush any hope of reason with him, We even told him when he got out of rehab we could try and work on ways he could have something of what he wanted.

He Came home and Raped me two weeks latter. Then he started in on everyone else.

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He was true to his word in when his father came at him with a ball bat yelling he was to let me go on my own to cancun on the cruise and he was to go home as he was ordered.

His fathers neck was broken by one uppercut. Nobody went on vacation in My husband just would not back off any longer. Diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder when I was around 19, chronically depressed my whole young adulthood. Only underwent medication for depression. How am I still alive? Before I blame myself all the time and it scares me that now I blame others instead.

When I was young I was a wide reader and totally loved fantasy stories which I might have used as an escape. He has the same anger problems and hit us when we were kids, and of my 4 siblings I was the one who fought him when I reached 14 or Epic tragedy, everything about how I think is wrong.

The emotion I feel when I rage is a feeling of injustice, it offends me so much. I have felt the same way about the lack of justice and how bad people do thrive.

Maybe the anger comes from our deep belief that things are supposed to be fair and later we find out that we cannot control the world by being good. Rage is another word for depression. There are bunch of tricks to get through some of the rough times and I guess we hit on them in a hit and miss sort of way.

I am not qualified to give anyone advice. Within two weeks I found that the previouse 31 years since our wedding was now putting my life in danger when he Had Discovered I was having sex with an old boyfriend after refusing him for the 28 years prior to MRSA.

I was getting ready to go to a 4 hour dinner event the evening he came home from the stress center post Rehab. I was going as the fourth with his mother, father, and his fathers best friend to this invitation only event When The center sent him home. I was just finishing getting ready and walked into the living room to this steel eyed man being sarcastic knowing I was not getting ready to go any where with him telling me good I was ready to go he had not been even to a movie in 31 years.

I did not get the first word out before starting to cry. I Was Begging him to Wait until after the event and pick a place to meet so everyone in the group could get there and we could all suit and talk about expectations now he was crippled and what could be allowed him in his life. I found myself in front of a Volcano blowing its top. He was Yelling who in the hell did we think we were to allow him a bloody thing. From that second he was the final and only judge and arbiter of what he was allowed and his judgment was that since I had stolen 31 years of his life I was the down payment on restitution that evening, and he could care less about my promise to his mother, father, and their friend to go.

I had hundreds from the last 31 years I owed him first for supporting me and putting a roof over my head. I was crying even harder about the list he felt I owed him in the marriage and I took off running for the door to at least scream for help. I was begging him this did not have to be this way, please just talk to me and we could think of something even another woman if he wanted.

I don. When He handfed me the phone and said the number is lets get this in open court and find out who leave with head held high. Everything that is mention on here is exacty how I been feeling little things set me off. Than after all that I feel guilty and all I want to do is cry and apologize.

My boss is tired of me apologizing so many times so today trying to find answers I found this page and it helped me understand. For as long as I can remember I have had outbursts of anger.

I just thought people were doing stupid things and making me mad. I am 43 years old now and it has become some bad that I black out for no reason at all-i have become violent and hurt people. I say horrible things and I dont remember anything that happened at all. I cry majority of everyday and all i want to do is stay in bed. I call people and say things that I would never sayi destroy the house and like I said, I have become physically abusive. I just want help, I dont like being like this and I dont know what to do.

My suggestion is that if your doctor pushes it off as depression, your doctor is saying he does not know what is wrong with you. I say this because I finally discovered I suffered from hyperparathyroidism which was easily cured - after 15 years. Some doctors are good at some things and not good at others. I suggest you shop around. Between Thursday of last week and today I ruined a good friendship due to extreme anger caused by my depression. I went on a camping trip with a close friend and a riding club she belongs to.

The first day is when everything started to fall apart for me. The first mistake was being in a cabin by myself, far away from everyone else and where all the action was. My friend was bunking with three other ladies. When everyone in the group arrived at the camp grounds we decided to go on a trail ride. My horse was the only mare in the group and decided to go into full blown heat and became a hormonal wreck, making it impossible to ride her with the group.

Naturally I was disappointed and became sad when everyone else rode out and I was left behind. The rest of the trip was pretty much the same everyday. I was left behind, while everyone else had fun. When the riders returned after several hours, they were a happy, bonded group and there I was sitting alone in my cabin. Each day my imagination got worse. I believed my close friend had abandoned me and the rest of the group could care less about me. They were making all of the plans for each day and I felt left out.

I had absolutely nothing to contribute. By Saturday I was angry, unhappy and fighting very hard to not cry and not make a scene, but the anger won. I tried very hard to not show my anger, but in doing so I became rude and short with everyone. The more I tried to deal with my emotions privately, which included a lot of crying, the more angry I became.

When she asked what was wrong I walked away and said I was grumpy. To make matters worse, I was also furious with the barn owner where I board because of some issues that popped up the morning I left and while I was gone price increases and some other surprises. That added to my anger and when I returned to the barn today, I was an emotional wreck and we had words. One time I ended up being the only female in a group of husbands and wives.

The other two single women cancelled at the last minute. Everyone had someone, conversations were about marriage, etc. I was the 5th wheel, always walking behind the group.

I ended up leaving after two days and gained the reputation as being unstable. Another time was another extended weekend to a horse expo. This time it was a group of female horse friends, all married, for whom it turned out to be a weekend away from the husbands and time to have some fun and vent about their miserable married lives.

It was basically a clique and I had nothing to contribute to their conversations. I now finally realize I cannot do extended trips of more than 24 hours with more than one person.

I now feel the only way to resolve this is to have nothing to do with any of them ever again. I hate feeling this way when it happens. I hate feeling angry, sad, lonely, unloved and wondering why this had to happen to me. This sounds like a flashback. I am so sorry you had those experiences. I know what it feels like; I could have written this.

I bet you are a good person and a good friend - you must be, otherwise you would not have been invited.

quite good

Blessings to you. I have this. I am a single mother of a 17 year old and feel like I have destroyed any hope of a long term adult relationship when she is free to go.

It may stop for an hour or so but starts back up and for the life of me I have zero control. Its horrible. And I thought my depression was better.

Sorry, dating someone with depression and anger something is

I went through this big time last fall, almost admitted myself, then it got so much better for 2 monthsnow its creeping back in. Thanks for sharing your story. Talk therapy is beneficial, hidden anger is detrimental to health. Once I figured some things out, like the fact that I was not guilty of anything and should feel no shame, things smoothed themselves out a bit.

I too have daughters and have treated them not so well at times. They have witnessed many a freak out, sometimes daily.

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I was once told to look at myself with compassionate curiosity, do so, be good to yourself, you are worthy of so much, you matter and are here for a purpose. Peace to you Meg. I hope to hear from you and have added your name to my prayer list. Take care Meg. I know this was written years ago and I may not get a response but if you can, please help, I have never read anything that so accurately explains what he is going through.

10 Tips for Staying Sane When Your Partner is Depressed

Depression and anger are hard things for men especially to talk about thanks for the advice and help. I have been feeling sad and anger for years. It eventually got to the point to where my wife couldnt take my mood swings anymore. She tried for years to deal with the problem. She recommended i go see someone several times but i refused. I didnt want to admit i have a problem and i felt i could just deal with it on my own.

Well two weeks ago my wife said she wanted a divorce and im broken. What do i do? We went to see a counselor a week ago, but she has been telling me and at the office that she cant do it anymore and she is no longer in love with me.

Is it over, can i change and will she allow the change for us to stay together? I am afraid I understand what your wife is going through. My own advice would be to make arrangements to get help for yourself on a weekly basis.

sorry, that

My husband agreed to therapy but his meetings were sporadic and since his psych was away for 6 weeks he has refused to go back. I would advise you to go and get all the help you needthen and only then would there be a chance you could get her back. Good luck with it. Anything and everything that is wrong in this world, is somehow my fault. He has mentioned on the very rare occasionthat he is fighting a depression, and in the same day, will explode with rage over the most trivial things, that of course are my fault.

He would never seek therapy for his cause. However I often ask myself, when is enough, enough? I was faced with a similar issue just a year ago. The relationship was on its 5th year, and everything this person would do, I felt I needed to justify his actions. He would randomly make-up things and blame me for things well beyond my control; many times I had no idea where this stuff would come from.

My best move ever was to Love myself more than I cared for him, and enough to keep my own sanity. As for right now, he cannot love himself equally as you do. Therefore, you will diminish your ability to move forward as you are giving you life to him when he could careless if you survived or not.

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If you get a chance look up PPS peter pan syndromeand extreme narcisisim, cause this is a behavioral problem. With your acceptance, the more rejection you will experiencetrust me he will fix himself when you cut the communication. I too are in a very similar if not identical scenario as you are. I end up crying as he is putting me down and name callingI started it etc and its just a cycle of blaming me, and then he escalates especially if I speak up for myself etc.

I am at the end of it really and I am ready to begin to move on from this relationship, not only am I hurting but I also feel confused as he makes me feel bad and then I get confused. My sister has struggled with depression and rage since she was a preteen. I have a hard time dealing with it. She has nobody in her life now but me and I get all the rage thrown my way.

Sometimes it can go on for weeks. From the time I walk into the house until the time I leave to go back to work. My mother was an absent alcoholic.

There where shortages and neglect. One time she took me to her friends house and told me to play outside. I got raped by three boys they made me perform fellatio on them. I was a 10 year old boy. I learned about and carried weapons after that for a long time.

I carried razors and bottles of bleach to blind and slash attackers. I would also carry small pieces of bricks or rock, sometimes in a sock, to smash bones. I did a lot of damage to a lot of bad kids and muggers. My reputation got around and nobody fucked with me. Nobody wanted to be my friend either. I had ASPD. That was 40 years ago. I still get it from time to time.

Eventually I found medication in smoking pot, cigarettes, drinking and relationships. That calmed me down to almost normal but it became a problem too. I went to rehab, 6 detoxes, outpatient therapy and psychiatry.

I only have 1 dwi. Phyically I have atherosclerosis, emphesema, pre diabetes, weight problems, sleep apnea. I take a lot of medication now to ease my symptoms. Im a happy satisfied customer most of the time. I have 7. I am still haunted though by the killer within me. Forgot to mention that I survived a long war from both within and without. It can turn back into that with only one episode of fighting, drinking or drugging.

Do not hesitate to leave a job or relationship etc if you are in danger of relapse or committing violence. A hardship is temporary, relapse is unending torture and death is forever. Thanks for the comment John. I struggle with a job at the moment where I have dealt with harassment and sexual harassment. I thought of killing these people for what they did to me when all I wanted to do was have a nice job for once an work. Instead I was used to finish work for my previous boss since she is incompetent and incapable of doing her own job.

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I experienced depression for seven years from to It showed itself in tiredness, then fatigue, then exhaustion, then emotional shutdown. I was a full-time pastor at the time. I had two anxiety attacks just like heart attacks at the depth of my depression. I had to retire to seek psychological help even though God gave me a very strong call to the ministry. In my book Doubtbusters! God Is My Shrink! I describe his psychological breakthroughs through the great people at Pine Rest in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I began pouring out my anger to God in prayer about my losses of a brother and son to leukemia, people who had been unloving to me, and my childhood dysfunctional family.

Thanks! final, sorry

After my seven and a half months of lamenting angry prayers, God took away my depression. After another month, he gave me his peace of Philippians ,6. My advice is if depression is interfering with your life, seek good psychological help to find out what is really the past basis of it, and unload your anger on God. I have severe anxiety which leads to periods of functional depression. I have periods of intense rage, normally for no real reason that last hours at a time.

I keep asking my doctors about this and all they say is anger is a normal emotion. I want to print this aritcle and make them read it. Can a person trigger rage in a depress partner? I am stressed and have awful episodes of very deep lows that tend to be the result of a massive burst of anger, normally triggered by circumstance.

My life has not been easy. I have had lots of support from my family over the years but that has not changed the enormous amount of bad luck that I have had.

I was almost mentally crippled by eleven years of relentless bullying all the while that I was at school.

Dating someone with depression and anger

I had social and academic problems that never could be tackled despite seeing an expert once or twice a year. In adult life I got into drugs to escape from the horrible world that I was a prisoner in, only to find another prison in the form of mind bending chemicals that made me feel worse. Luckily I got away from all that fairly early. I made a small group of friends in my local area and things were on the up. Tragically though my best friend and another mate were killed in a horrific car accident and everything started to fall apart.

Later though I moved to a new area and made lots of friends and at long last it felt like my life was on the mend and going in a new, positive and bright direction. I met a lovely lady and for the first time found myself in a relationship girlfriends had not been a possible factor in my life up until then.

Even worse my Boss at the time laid me off of my job with no notice what so ever. Anyway, six months of absolute hell and we had our house back to normal. We got married the following summer, all was going well until. After a full autopsy they tell me that they could not find a single cause for her untimely departure. I ended up with a sum of money through her life insurance which was incredibly helpful at the time.

I met another lady who seemed all strawberries and cream she also knew about me and my situation seven months later the relationship was thankfully over but I found myself conned out of thousands of pounds as a result of the whole charade, very unpleasant person. My mental health was not great but I met someone else and we both fell in love, got married and had two kids together. The problem was that my new partner has a son with very bad behavioral problems. Arrogant, smug, rude, defiant, very unhygienic to the most extreme ways and generally a very unpleasant and challenging boy to be around.

The relationship is at breaking point, as has my mind been at times. I have spend many years helping her and supporting her in many ways and som have other family members. She has a very sharp tongue and in arguments there is no limit to how mean and unfair she can get.

I have adjusted my life a million times to please her, as have others. Yesterday she out of the blue attacked me and my children again. She says I have taught the children not to love her. All children always loved her but not these and I am killing her. She cannot forgive that I have turned the children against her. Her husband drove her to the doctor who said she is very depressed. She sees me and the children as the source of that depression as she has put up with us year after year we helped her in any way we could even though she was rude and criticised whatever we did.

Needless to say I am shocked and sad. I wonder if this kind of behaviour itself is a symptom of depression. I have shrunk myself into nothing not to disturb this person who one day complains that we are to loud and so we go quiet and the next complains that there is no happy singing going on in the house anymore.

I have gone out of my way to help her, sarificing more than I wish to think about, but this time there simply is nothing more to change.

I tried everything I know. Does anyone know if it is depression that causes her to accuse like this? She is not demented. My husband has suffered from depression but he never accused anyone. My sister is the same way. I have lived with her rage and depression for over 30 years now and I have no answers for you. I know other people in my family were the same way at times but they were much older than me and have since passed on so I believe it is linked to the depression and is inherited behavior.

I have been married just gir a year and I found thus because I searched the words anger, violence, depression together as my new husband seems to not be able to cope with feeling, immediate jumps to this point of over reaction and turns to screaming, breaking things and name calling.

Next day he may sleep for hours, call in skip and he definately self medicated with marijuana. Two days later he is back to normal as long as you dont try to talk about what happened.

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In a fit I am told how terrible I am. I think of depression and I do love himjust no idea how you get this kind of person help. He deeply denies all as he feels I start it all. Wondering how to get that come to jesus moment with some wrapped up in this. Pushing him is dangerous. I have a hole in a wall. A broken fan, dent in my fridge and as much as he may say he is leaving in a fit I dont think he feels that way the next day.

It is so sad because in there is a brilliant and fun person. When I first met him he was self medicating with Wellbutrin and when he stopped there was this change. Kate, this is exactly the things that i do to my girlfriend and i feel absolutely terrible. I see my family doctor frequently because i have diabetes type one, depression.

Plus i see a therapist often to talk about whats bothering me. I just hate when i treat people i love like that and i say im sorry a thousand times.

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I also self medicate with drugs but they only help short term. I wish i knew why i would act this way and what to do to get help. I think this is what millions of people struggle with everyday.

What you just described is exactly what I am going through with my significant other. When we first moved in together the anger was intense. Holes in walls, objects thrown and broken. His favorite fallback was and now is again was to call me crazy and put all blame directly on me for his behaviour. I stayed because of the kids until one huge fight became my breaking point and I left with our children they were and still are young. That seemed to wake him up and he went to see a psychiatrist and went on medication several, acutally until a few months ago when he decided he did not like the way they make him feel.

Now, things were not perfect over the years he was on the meds. We have not had any kind of intimacy pretty much since conceiving our daughter she is now 5 but we were able to enjoy each others company and talk to each other.

Now, he is refusing to take his medication and the old behaviours are coming back. Instant anger, rage. Even had the cops called because he was yelling at his computer. I am afraid and feel utterly alone in all of this. I have had problems with anger for a very long time when I was younger. I am aware of the both since the age of.

Me and my sis had intense fights in our teens that were pretty violent - but we loved each other too much to really harm each other. Still, there were incidents like where I held her head between door and door case and could only stop the door a centimeter before it hit her I slammed it or when she almost threw me down a 4meter edge.

Feb 26,   Depression Can Make Him Seem Like a Different Person. Moffit described the effects of depression on dating as a "third person in the relationship," someone unbearably negative or obstinate. There might be days when it seems like this third person possesses your partner, trying his best to disrupt the relationship or come between the two of you. Feb 04,   Depression Symptoms Can Include Anger, And That's Often Misunderstood: Shots - Health News Physicians have been taught to look for signs of hopelessness, sadness and lack of motivation to help. Jul 08,   Depressed people exhibit more anger suppression than normal people. Evolutionary theories of depression suggest that aroused but arrested defenses of fight (arrested anger) and .

Later on, in my young adulthood there were days where I armed myself with a knife to go out and hoping someone would provoke me. They can work with you on managing and understanding your anger. They can also help you manage depression. You may have to try several medications or dosages before finding a treatment that works for you. Share your concerns with trusted friends and family, and your doctor. Practice stress-release exercises, and take all of your medications as your doctor has prescribed.

There is no cure for depression. But with the right tools and support, you can manage your symptoms. There are many support groups available. Your doctor should be able to recommend one.

Exercise can also improve your sleeping patterns. Get enough sleep every night: Focus on sleeping seven to eight hours a night. Feeling well-rested can help improve your mood and motivation.

They may need to adjust your medication or temporarily prescribe something to help you sleep. Having something enjoyable to look forward to may also improve your mood. Depression is a medical condition. Double depression occurs when someone with persistent depressive disorder develops major depression. Having both can be challenging, but help is. Depression after surgery is not uncommon. Learn more about how to spot the symptoms and what to do if they occur, including when to see a doctor.

People seek help from professional psychologists for many different challenges. Find out more about these issues, from death to stress to family and. Getting out of bed when you have depression can be a struggle. Here are 6 things that you can do to help you start your day.

Research shows the number of suicides doesn't go up during the month of December, it goes down. Yet many people continue to spread misinformation that.

Experts say MRI scans are helping medical professionals better understand changes in the brains of people with depression. A new study suggests that an increase in physical activity can help significantly lower the risk of depression among individuals with risk or higher. Life can have its ups and downs. But how can you tell if it's normal - or something more? When someone solicits attention online by posting something emotional, it's known as sadfishing.

In some cases, how their peers responded was even. Is Anger a Symptom of Depression?

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