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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. By continuing to browse the site you consent to the use of cookies. Learn more. rgers Syndrome was named after an Austrian pediatrician who was posthumously credited for identifying the learning development syndrome. Other controversies aside, the syndrome is now classified as a variation of Autism Spectrum Disorder. It may sound like the symptoms are normal quirks for a lot of people, but a person with rgers have most, if not, all of the symptoms listed above.

This disorder is commonly referred to simply as autism. But can autism symptoms and their severity differ between the sexes? Among children, autism is about four times more common in boys than it is in girls. However, a study involving almost 2, children with autism suggests that it often goes undiagnosed in girls. This could explain why autism appears to be more common in boys.

Why does autism often go undiagnosed in girls? Is autism in women really different from autism in men?


Read on to learn potential answers to these questions and others about autism in women. Autism symptoms usually appear in early childhood, before the age of 2. For example, infants may not make eye contact.

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In some cases, they might show indifference toward their parents. Around age 2, they may start to show signs of aggression, fail to respond to their name, or start taking steps backward in their language development.

Still, autism is a spectrum disorder, and not all children with autism display these symptoms.

Mar 10,   Autism 5 Subtle Signs of Autism in Women Subtle signs of autism in women allow the condition to go unnoticed. Posted Mar 10, Aug 14,   For many women when they read about signs of autism in women, it immediately rings true and they know that it applies to them. Signs and symptoms include: Stimming (overt self stimulating and self soothing/comforting) behaviours like foot tapping, hair stroking, head banging, pen tapping, rocking, spinning or using repetitive phrases over and over. Apr 17,   Dating someone with mild rgers. A person with rger's syndrome develops emotions similar to other people. They also fall in love and desire to be loved. They just have problems expressing it. If you are dating someone with rgers, there are a few simple rules to follow for a healthy relationship. 1. Describe and say everything you feel.

Generally, though, autism symptoms tend to involve problems with social interactions and behavioral patterns. However, researchers believe that women and girls are more likely to camouflage or hide their symptoms.

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This is particularly common among females at the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum. While both males and females with autism can camouflage their symptoms, it appears to be more common in women and girls. Still, one of the largest studies done on the subject suggests that, compared to men, women with autism have:.

Many more large, long-term studies are needed to draw any firm conclusions about autism in women. Given the wide range of symptoms and severity, autism is likely caused by several factors, including genetics and environmental factors. For example, investigators involved in the larger study mentioned above believe that girls might be born with genetic protective factors that reduce their chance of autism.

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This is in contrast to empathizing and socializing, which are more often associated with female brains. It can be a difficult process that often requires visiting several types of doctors. If you believe your child could be on the autism spectrum, make an appointment with their doctor. If you suspect that you may have undiagnosed autism, start by talking to your primary care doctor.

A psychologist can also help you evaluate your symptoms and rule out other potential causes.

Female aspergers and dating

Learn more about the process of working with a doctor to get an autism diagnosis. Autism can be very hard to diagnose in adults.

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Often females go undiagnosed partly due to the fact medical professionals are not looking as much for autism or rgers in women as it typically has a much higher incidence in boys and men.

But partly, is it harder to spot the signs of autism in women as they become competent at camouflaging their symptoms and masking it from friends, family and especially health professionals if possible.

Tania Marshall, Autism Studies PhD. student, has compiled a working list of traits women with rger Syndrome have. She compiled this list after working with many women on the spectrum. The list is based on her clinical anecdotal evidence and research by other well-known professionals. She will be modifying and/or ating this list from time to time. This list is. Aug 23,   I'm assuming this comment comes from someone dating a woman with rgers. Women with rgers don't cheat. Sneakiness I a social skill. Most women with rgers don't even like leaving the house if they don't have to, so cheating is far from their minds. That said, women with rgers are at high risk for partnering with cheaters. Mar 06,   Relationships Sex, Love, and Dating for Women with Autism How bending the rules may be necessary for happiness within relationships. Posted Mar 06,

The ratio of boys to girls diagnosed with autism ranges from to Some variation in these statistics occur as there is not one simple test and some people use different criteria. For those on the spectrum who go undiagnosed, it means they may feel something is wrong with them, they do not fit in or that they do not know why nobody understands them.

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Many women with autism report a huge relief when they are diagnosed as they now feel understood and that there was a reason for the social awkwardness or for looking at the world differently. They also have access to whole host of support groups and services if they wish to get specific help.

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They are no longer alone but are now part of a supportive community. If you are a woman and have seen a health professional in a past, it is highly possible that your autism may have been missed. There is not one tell tale sign, but a range of symptoms that will lead to such a diagnosis. If a few of these symptoms apply to you, or to your daughter, it would be a good idea to get a thorough assessment with a health professional or therapist.

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For many women when they read about signs of autism in women, it immediately rings true and they know that it applies to them. Remember one or two of these symptoms is not enough to diagnose autism.

So, dating with autism is completely possible. Dating someone with high functioning autism. The term high functioning autism is used in relation to people who have explicit symptoms of autism, but at the same time, their speech skills and level of intelligence are well developed. It is opposite to dating someone with mild autism. Jul 14,   The symptoms of autism in women aren't very different from those in men. However, researchers believe that women and girls are more likely to camouflage or hide their symptoms. This is. Men and women with rger's tend to differ about what they want from dating. rger's men often seek partners who compensate for their shortcomings, such as their social awkwardness, their focus on routines, and their trouble expressing emotions.

But the point is not that an autistic person wants to hurt or embarrass you. Autistic people are not inclined to "sweeten" their speech, because they simply do not perceive it as a necessity. In addition, this is an additional complexity - it is not easy for them to express their thoughts. So, don't be angry if such a person honestly tells you that your hairstyle today is not very good looking. Autistic people honestly say what they think, without implying any complex communication structures, as many other people do.

Many people with autism avoid looking people in the eyes even when their interlocutor is a close person. It does not mean that this person does not listen to you when communicating.

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Eye contact is a very energy-intensive process for people with autism. For some, it is simply unpleasant to look into the eyes, others perceive it as an intrusion into privacy, some lose their ability to concentrate, and some even experience physical discomfort during eye contact.

So, by avoiding eye contact, autistic people can fully concentrate on verbal communication. Treat with understanding the fact that people with ASD look at your clothes or external objects instead of looking in the eyes.

This way, it is easier for them to communicate and listen to you carefully. An unexpected tactile contact can be unpleasant and even shocking for a person with ASD. So there is no need to rush to hug an autistic person you see for the first time, to show them how well you treat them.

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A simple friendly smile will be sufficient. Support and love can be expressed in many different ways and it is not necessary to come into physical contact with a person. Too loud sounds or shouts can scare an autistic person and make them shrink into themselves from the outside world, which causes discomfort.

Of course, it does not mean that you need to be as still as a mouse when dating someone autistic. Just do not be a savage who has just left the cave and discovered an amazing new world. Try to spend time in a calm and cozy atmosphere, where everyone can feel safe without being exposed to unwanted external influences. Autistic people do not seek leniency, they want a normal attitude and ordinary human communication.

So, do not be surprised if a person with autism responds to your indulgent tone with an insult. Remember that autistic people are the same as others, so there is no need to behave with them as with children. Treat them as equals. Respect and be honest with them, instead of concentrating on their supposed inferiority.

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People with ASD often show a tendency to repeat some actions directed either at themselves or at the surrounding objects. Basically, these actions indicate that a person is trying to concentrate on something, thus deep thought processes take place in their brain.

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In addition, autostimulation helps autists to cope with stress and emotional tension. So, if your girlfriend constantly pesters her favorite toy, mumbles something, or stamps her foot for no apparent reason, do not think that something is wrong with her. Try not to pay attention to it and treat these habits with understanding.

Also, autostimulation may be a sign that speaks of an emotional explosion, which sometimes happens with autistic people due to overstress. So, look after your autistic loved one.

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Your attentiveness and support can make her life much easier. Nowadays, society is trying to provide assistance to people who need it.


The Internet is no exception. There are many dating sites for lonely and shy people suffering from various phobias or psychological problems. Such autism dating sites are created so that people experiencing difficulties in communication could get to know each other. After all, for them, it is much easier to do it on the Internet than in reality. These sites can help people with autism to make friends, to find their own circle of contacts, and even true love.

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