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People using Stone Age technology built voyaging canoes capable of traveling thousands of miles, then set forth against the winds and currents to find tiny dots of land in the midst of the largest ocean on Earth. And having found them, they traveled back and forth, again and again, to settle them-all this, to 1, years ago. The general scholarship on migrations seems well established, and most current researches now seek to understand the timing of the various colonizations. Western Polynesia-the islands closest to Australia and New Guinea-were colonized around 3, years ago. But the islands of Central and Eastern Polynesia were not settled until 1, to years ago. This means that after arriving in Fiji, Samoa and Tonga, Polynesians took a break-for almost 2, years-before voyaging forth again.

As a result, Maui became one of the most acclaimed figures of Oceania history. As the people acclimated to Maui's gifts, he had to perform increasingly grand feats to sustain their adulation.

This led him to steal the heart of Te Fitithe mother island. As the gem has the power to create life, Maui believed it would make the perfect gift to mortals all across the world.

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Unfortunately, once the heart was removed from its resting spot, darkness slowly began consuming the world.

The two battled, but Maui was defeated, losing both the heart of Te Fiti and his magical fish hook in the aftermath.

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The heart would remain lost for centuries, while Maui's fishhook eventually fell into the possessions of his arch-rival, the giant crab Tamatoa. Even so, legend proclaimed that Maui was destined to team up with a hero-the " chosen one "-to return the heart to its rightful place.

Moana came from co-director John Musker 's fascination with the legends and lore surrounding Maui.

Nov 23,   And though Elsa was a single queen, Frozen wasn't without its own love story between Anna and Kristoff. But with Moana, romance isn't even a part of her story at all. But with Moana. Sep 05,   Tags: animation Babies Learn Colors in Bath Slime Bath Slime Cartoon for Kids Finger Family Head kids maui moana Moana & Maui Moana & Maui Dating Moana & Maui Dating Love Story moana & maui family Moana & Maui in Bath Slime moana and maui in love moana full movie moana song Nursery Rhymes Shoulders Knees and Toes .

As such, the plot was initially conceived as a story centering Maui, with Moana playing a secondary role. This was during extremely early stages of development, and it was quickly changed to focus on Moana after an inspirational research trip to the South Pacific.

Maui's physical appearance was much different in earlier versions of the movie. He was bald and shorter in stature.

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For five years of the film's development, the filmmakers consulted in their Oceanic Story Trust, who pushed Disney to enhance Maui's physique to resemble a hero in the vein of Superman. One source of inspiration was Dwayne Johnson's late grandfather High Chief Peter Maivia, who was also a professional wrestler like Johnson and an actual Samoan high chief.

Maui is boastful, gregarious, and mischievous. His manner of carrying himself matches his massive physique, being larger-than-life and a true god among men.

He is responsible for most of the necessities and luxuries currently belonging to mankind, and with his magical fish hook at hand, is amongst the most powerful figures in South Pacific lore. Widely regarded as a clever trickster, Maui is rarely matched when it comes to adversaries, being greatly feared by villains and monsters lurking throughout the sea.

Maui can be extremely arrogant and pompous as a result of this reputation, although his many achievements tend to justify his vainglorious attitude. For all his heroics, however, Maui can also be short-tempered, bitter, pretentious, and his inflated ego tends to give him a superiority complex. This attitude leads him to be quite antagonistic, and even murderous. When he first meets Moana, he had no regard for her life and was completely willing to leave her stranded on a barren island or even lost at sea.

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He can also be selfish, initially choosing to focus solely on reclaiming his hook with no intention of saving the dying world, though Moana was able to change his mind.

As a result of his poor upbringing, Maui has spent a majority of his life living with crippling insecurity. He went out of his way to perform godly deeds for mankind's benefit to gain the love and appreciation denied to him by his parents. While he seemed to enjoy the praise he earned, Maui secretly longed to be appreciated beyond his demigod status; as the human he is on the inside, rather than the deity portrayed in legends.

Additionally, despite boasting about his accomplishments to Moana, Maui initially credited the gods for his many feats, claiming they're the ones that "made him Maui". He saw himself as "nothing" without his hook, and was extremely reluctant to take on challenges without it, becoming somewhat of a coward.

Through Moana, however, Maui slowly began to realize that the hook is only an accessory during his adventures and that his many accomplishments over the years were a result of his own bravery, rather than what the gods created to assist him in such exploits. Though still arrogant and gruff, Maui developed into a much more selfless and humble figure following his adventure with Moana. Maui was first seen during Gramma Tala 's story regarding his disastrous theft of Te Fiti's heart.

A thousand years after Maui's disappearance, Tala's granddaughter, Moanawas chosen by the ocean to find the demigod and have him join her in returning the heart to its rightful place.

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According to Moana's ancestors, Maui can be found by following a constellation resembling his fish hook. After Tala's death, Moana takes the heart and journeys off into the sea.

She follows the fish hook constellation, but gets lost along the way. Fortunately, the ocean creates a storm that transports her to Maui's island, and she washes up along its shores the following morning. Shortly after Moana awakens, Maui finds her boat unattended and celebrates his key to escape. He soon meets Moana, who angrily confronts the demigod and orders him to return the heart. Maui, feeling a tad disrespected, explains to Moana exactly who he is and his gifts to mankind over the years.

Maui singing " You're Welcome ".

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He does so through the musical number " You're Welcome ", which served more as a ploy to distract Moana. He traps her in his cave in order to make off with her boat against Mini Maui's protests. By time Moana manages to escape, Maui has already sailed off.

Moana \u0026 Maui Dating Love Story! Hickory Dickory Dock Animation for Kids 2018

The ocean helps Moana catch up to Maui on the boat, and she reveals to have the heart of Te Fiti in her possessions. Believing the heart is cursed, Maui refuses to return it and instead tries to rid them of it. Due to the ocean, however, Maui is unsuccessful.

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Suddenly, the duo are attacked by a band of pirates known as the Kakamora, who sought the heart like many villains. As Maui Moana defend the boat, Heihei swallows the heart and is kidnapped by the pirates shortly thereafter.

Moana asks Maui to save him and the heart, but Maui doesn't believe it to be worth the risk and tries to escape. Moana hops off the boat and rescues Heihei herself against Maui's advice.

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After she makes it back to the boat safely, Heihei spits out the heart. Through Maui's impeccable sailing skills, they successfully escape the pirates. Maui commends Moana on her ability to escape death but still refuses to help her restore the heart.

As Moana examines his tattoos, she gets the impression that Maui enjoys praise, claiming that returning the heart will restore his positive reputation with mortals across the world.

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Moana agrees, and they set their course to Lalotaihome of Tamatoa. Upon watching Maui maneuver the boat with ease, Moana asks him to teach her how to wayfind. Maui scoffs at this as wayfinding requires as much mental capability as it does physical, which he believes Moana lacks.

As he coldly declares this, the ocean pokes a leftover blow dart from the Kakamora into Maui's rear, rendering him physically inert. With no other choice, he instructs Moana on how to sail for the remainder of the night.

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The next day, the two arrive at Lalotai, and Maui asks why the ocean chose Moana in the first place. She can't seem to answer, which is a source of amusement for Maui, who openly expresses his belief that the ocean made a mistake referring to Moana's young age and inability to sail.

As they prepare to enter the Realm of Monsters, Maui tries to scare Moana into staying with Heihei on the boat, but much to his surprise, she tags alongside him and finds Tamatoa's lair.

Maui sends Moana inside to distract Tamatoa while the demigod grabs his hook, but upon revealing himself, he finds that he cannot shapeshift properly. Tamatoa sadistically attacks and nearly kills Maui, but Moana distracts the crab long enough for her and Maui to escape his lair with the fishhook in hand.

Back in the human world, Maui thanks Moana for saving his life, though he laments the fact that she could have been killed while he was powerless to save her.

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Moana is nevertheless confident in accomplishing their mission now that they have the fishhook, but Maui feels otherwise. As they sail closer to Te Fiti, Moana examines Maui's tattoos. Tamatoa had alluded earlier that Maui had been abandoned and brought gifts to humanity as a way to feel wanted.

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When Moana tries to get the full story, however, Maui lashes out. She opens up to the demigod in remorse by confessing that she doesn't know why the ocean chose her, and she feels confused as to what exactly it is that she's doing.

But she is determined to complete her goal to save her island, though she can't do so without Maui's help.

Before she can help herself, she offers to help Maui regain his confidence by lending an ear to what causes his feelings of crippling self-doubt. Maui explains his tragic origins, and that the gods gave him the fishhook and "made him the hero he is".

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In the grand tradition of animated Disney musicals, Moana tells an inspiring story through utterly incredible visuals and catchy songs, this time co-written by Hamilton 's Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Newcomer and native Hawaiian Auli'i Cravalho plays Moana, the daughter of the chief who is destined to rule her people. Moana, however, longs to explore the sea rather than stay put on her island. When her home begins to decay, Moana chooses to venture beyond its barrier reef to seek out the demigod Maui voiced by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson so that he can return the jeweled heart he once stole from an Earthly goddess, and break a curse.

What makes Moana stand out from the pack is that the dominating male-female relationship in the film is one completely lacking in romantic suggestion. Romance between Moana and Maui would be unacceptable, of course, as Maui is an ageless demigod while Moana is a teenager. But it's great to see that their relationship never even touches the possibility of romance.

Moana and maui dating love story

Instead, their bond is one first of adversaries, then one of comrades working together on a team. They face their own ups and downs, but Maui remains Moana's friend through it all. And there's no hint of romance for Moana back on the island, either. Despite all the talk of Moana being groomed to take over as chief, none of the conversation in the movie veers into marriage territory.

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There's never a mention of who Moana may end up with, or anything about eligible bachelors or betrothals. Moana is free to lead and explore the world on her own, and this is what makes Moana so different, and so important. Brave was essentially a mother-daughter storybut the conflict between them was the result of her forced marriage. And though Elsa was a single queen, Frozen wasn't without its own love story between Anna and Kristoff.

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