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Outfit7 Limited, the creator of Talking Tom and Friends, is a family entertainment company and a pioneer in the field of digital entertainment. Hi there! I already dress like one - fashion is my middle name. I love hanging out with the guys, even if they do drive me up the wall from time to time! I always get pulled into one of their bizarre schemes, but it always ends up okay in the end! Discover new worlds, different running styles and grab boosts on the go.

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She is interested in her boyfriend Tombut before they started dating it was strongly hinted that she liked him. She would signs of jealousy from time to time especially during the episode " Parallel Universe ", when Tom was hanging out with an alternate version of Angela.

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She and Tom shared a former running gag in seasons 2 and 3where Tom constantly stood her up, though in " Extreme First Date " it was a misunderstanding. Angela likes Bad Tom more than his normal behavior as shown in the episode " Good Girls Fall for Bad Boys ", where she falls in love for an evil version Tom from an evil futuristic dimension.

Tom : Angela loves Tom and she is happy when with him. Angela can sometimes get upset with him, even though they always work out at one point. Ben : Angela and Ben are normal friends. She occasionally asks Ben to do something for her when in need of help.

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From the creators of insanely popular virtual pet games My Talking Tom, My Talking Tom 2, My Talking Angela, My Talking Hank, and other worldwide successful titles, comes a revolution in virtual pet simulation! PLAY IN A FULL HOUSE OF BEST FRIENDS ?????? What's better than having one best friend? Having six! Players can join Talking Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben and Becca as. Tom Loves Angela. Help Talking Tom convince Talking Angela he's the right cat for her by talking to her, giving her gifts and singing to her. If you watch closely, you'll see Ginger, trying to mess up Tom's plans. Get Tom Loves Angela. In our Talking Tom games, you can hone your interior design skills and decorate Tom's home with flowers, vibrant colors, and unique furniture. Create a special valentine that the smart kitty can give to his beautiful girlfriend, Talking Angela. Or, speak into your microphone, and listen to Tom repeat what you say!

Logo of the franchise. Tom and Ben's giant robot goes out of control and attacks cars and homes, so they try to stop it and eventually succeed. Ben gets inspiration of mixing golf and football together, only to become obsessed with it.

Ginger wants to ride Tom's jetpack but Tom tells him he's too young to try, so, Ginger tries to make Gina ride the jetpack, only to end up destroying it. Ben creates the Newseratorbut all it does is give news. Later, Tom and Ben decide to destroy the robot, but Pierre destroys it before them. Angela's car breaks down on her way to a recording session at a studio. So, Ben makes a makeshift studio for her to record her new song, only for Tom to destroy it by cranking up the volume on the speakers.

Angela returns back because she needs to have a music video for her new song. Meanwhile, Ginger wants to defy gravity, so Ben fulfils both their wishes. Ben creates a mirror-like gadget that can duplicate anything.

Talking Ben and his online girlfriend Xenon compete against Tom and Angela on the "Couple Clash" TV show, and the outcome is surprising. 6. The Backup Genius. In our Talking Tom games, you can hone your interior design skills and decorate Tom's home with flowers, vibrant colors, and unique furniture. Create a special valentine that the smart kitty can give to his beautiful girlfriend, Talking Angela. Or, speak into your microphone, and listen to Tom . Talking Angela cat will date with Talking Tom on the weekend. Our beautiful Angela is getting ready for her date, but she has no clue what to wear! Because it is very important for Tom what she wears. He knows all about fashion trends! So now your job is to makeover her by using these beautiful clothes and accessories, then she will enjoy a.

When Tom uses it to duplicate himself, Ben creates a device to reverse the duplication. Ben creates a device that can give people superpowers, and uses it on his friends. However, when an armadillo accidentally touches the device, making him gigantic, the friends use their powers to stop it.

Pierre gets too obsessed with his game, and starts to think that his friends are zombies and attacks them.

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When the friends debate about which decade is the best, Ben shows his new invention, a time elevator that allows them to go to any decade. In the end, they realize that the decade they're currently living in is the best. Tom needs to use the toilet, but is unable to because the hand refuses to press a button, and taunts him. Tom tries to stop wind-up mice from stealing cheese, then takes a mallet to whack them. Tom tries to train some cats in some aerobic exercises, but fails to get their attention.

Tom tries out some potions which were left unattended. Tom and some other cats get annoyed by the hand playing with the lamp. Tom fights another version of himself by role-playing as different things. The hand plays with Tom by trapping him in trash cans.

While driving a convertible, Tom keeps on losing his hats to the wind.

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Note: This marks the debut of Talking Angela. Tom and Angela fight each other while their cookies are being baked, then stop fighting to eat the cookies, then fight again over the last cookie. Note: This marks the addition of Talking Angela's background to the episode intro. Angela takes Tom to an opera against his wishes, and Tom tries to pass the time by playing with his belongings but gets caught again and again. Then, Angela chooses to take Tom to a rock concert, much to his delight.

Tom and Angela play a video game in which they through balls at each other in a Mars-like world, and Tom loses. In a fit of rage, he starts to throw things Angela in real life.

At the beach, Tom tries to get his hands on one of Angela's books, and even attempts to dig a tunnel to get them.

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Tom uses a suction cup in his bathroom, but loses control of it, making everything in the room go inside it, include himself. When Angela releases Tom and everything that got sucked, she becomes mad at Tom for messing up the bathroom. Tom and Angela are travelling by car, with Tom at the wheel. While Angela does her makeup, Tom drives recklessly, much to her annoyance. In retaliation, Angela hits Tom with her makeup kit. Tom shows Angela that they both can get the hand to give them food but when they are chased by the hand which keeps on trying to feed them.

Luckily for them, Talking Hank distracts the hand by using it to give himself food. Note: This marks the debut of Talking Hank. Tom and Angela battle each other as pirates, but get interrupted by a bomb sent by Hank, who is then zapped by a thunderstorm cloud controlled by Angela. Note: This marks the addition of Talking Hank's background to the episode intro.

Angela is having a fun time dancing alone at a party, and keeps on trying to get rid of Hank, who is repeatedly getting too close to her.

The hand tries to wake Angela up by many methods, but fails. Angela makes a cake for Tom, but makes a big mess and accidentally throws the cake out when trying to remove some sticky jellies that stuck to her.

Angela tries to decide on what to wear for a date with Tom at a concert; in the end, Hank is sent wearing one of Angela's dresses instead.

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Hank tries to watch TV, but realises that it is blurry. So, Hank tries different glasses but is unable to see the TV clearly. Tom and Angela arrive, and show that the TV screen was dirty. Tom and Hank are on an unknown planet, when Tom sees a star, and wishes to give it to Angela. Hank tries to help him get the star, but ends up getting it himself and giving it to Angela. Tom and Hank compete in a piano playing video game. However, Hank plays the game really well, while Tom makes too many mistakes and becomes enraged at the game.

Tom and Hank climb a hill to get an apple. However, when it falls on its own, they choose to jump down after it. Note: The total duration includes that of Episodes 19 and Angela launches a surprise attack from a hot air balloon on Tom and Hank, so Tom and Hank retaliate and shoot down the balloon. Note: The total duration includes that of Episodes 15 and Tom and Angela go to the shop, but since it only has one cereal box on the shelves, they fight over the box.

Note: The total duration includes that of Episodes 03 and Angela is completing a sticker book, when Hank sets a pedestal fan to the highest setting, and gets Angela blown out through a window. Tom completes the sticker book for Angela, who is now in a cast, but sticks a sticker upside down.

Talking tom and angela dating

Note: The total duration includes that of Episodes 13 and Tom tries to play a prank on Hank by making the living room look upside down by attaching all the furniture to the ceiling, but it backfires with Hank and Angela sitting upside down and behaving as if everything is normal. Note: The total duration includes that of Episodes 09 and Tom, Angela, and Hank find gifts that fell out of the sky and use them to disturb each other. Then, the trio stops, and Tom gets hit by a boomerang which he threw first.

Note: The total duration includes that of Episodes 12 and Hank unclogs his toilet by himself, while Tom and Angela explore the volcanic geysers near his home.

Hank, who is unaware that the toilet is connected to the geysers, ends up sucking Tom and Angela through the toilet.

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Note: The total duration includes that of Episodes 04 and Tom goes to the kitchen, leaving Hank to watch the show, when a ghost appears and scares them, and is revealed to be Angela. However, as Angela laughs, she sees a real ghost through the window and screams. Note: The total duration includes that of Episodes 17 and Tom, Angela, and Hank go on an expedition to photograph a monkey.

Tom and Angela struggle to get any pictures, while Hank succeeds by covering himself with sweets to attract monkeys. Note: The total duration includes that of Episodes 05 and While roasting marshmallows at a campfire in a jungle with Angela and Hank, Tom gets scared of something stirring nearby. It is soon revealed to be a tiger, but just before it attacks Hank, it eats one of his marshmallows, only to get chased by him.

Note: The total duration includes that of Episodes 08 and Angela wants to practice playing the ukulele, but Tom and Hank keep on making noise until it gets so bad Angela has to play on top of the tallest tree of the island, which fails since Tom and Hank jump up high and annoy her until she falls from the tree.

Tom and Hank get worried if she is hurt, but then Angela plays the ukulele, prompting them to play the drum and maracas. Tom dances, when Angela arrives. However, finding that he smells, he goes to the bathroom to wash up, and after washing up, gets blown out of the window by a hair dryer, into a trash can. Note: The total duration includes that of Episodes 02 and Angela goes pearl huntingbut is unable to get a big pearl from a clam because the clam keeps on closing its mouth.

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Tom also tries to get the pearl, but to no avail. Hank succeeds by replacing the pearl with the coconut, and gives the pearl to Angela, when the clam arrives and chases the friends. Tom is watching football on TV, when Hank comes and changes the channel. Tom takes the remote back, but Angela comes and changes the channel again, so Tom eats the remote so that no one can change it, but gets the hiccups, changing the channel every time he hiccups.

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Note: The total duration includes that of Episodes 03, 30, 09, 15, 32, 29, 35, 34 and Angela decides to prank Tom on his birthday by putting a self-lighting candle on his cake, but the prank backfires when Tom uses a fire extinguisher on the cake, and chases Angela when the cake hits her.

Note: The total duration includes that of Episodes 25, 26, 09, 12, 10, 22 and Tom and Angela stop to replace a flat tire, when the spare tire rolls down the road. Tom chases it and gets hurt repeatedly, but catches it.

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After the tire is changed, the car rolls away, and Tom chases it. Note: The total duration includes that of Episodes 17, 20, 08, 40, 06, 13 and Note: The total duration includes that of Episodes 19, 36, 01, 13, 21, 31 and Tom and Angela go trick-or-treatingand enter a house which seems to be unoccupied, only to find a series of strange happenings, and escape when a monster-like hand touches them.

It is revealed to be a prop which Hank had used to spook them. Note: The total duration includes that of Episodes 37, 04, 11, 39, 07, 33 and Tom makes smoothies in order to save space in the fridge for a cake, then makes a smoothie out of the cake in frustration at the cake still not fitting in the fridge.

Tom gets hurt while trying to jump from the roof onto the trampoline, so his pet tries to give him medicine. Tom runs away and his pet traps him on the roof, when he falls off, onto the trampoline.

Talking Tom and Friends - Pirates of Love - Season 3 Episode 1

However, this time he gets hurt when the trampoline propels him into a tree. Tom tries keep his pet out of the bathroom while he uses the toilet, and even goes as far as boarding up the windows, but fails. Tom tries to get a basketball from the top of a cupboard, and fails, so his pet pushes it down, only for the cupboard to tip over onto the ball.

Tom tries to take a bath, but loses grip on his soap, and it bounces all over the place. Extra episodes: Season 1, Episode 44 Season 1, Episode 23 The friends organise a music performance with Hank managing the music system and Tom assembling the stage truss, but the performance encounters problems with Hank first changing the music, then screws and spotlights falling from the truss and Tom almost hitting Angela and finally the entire truss collapses.

Angela runs to the curtains in embarrassment, returning when the audience applauds the performance. Tom and his friends move next to Angela's house. Tom wants to meet Angela, but Angela makes Tom wait out in the cold for too long while she gets dressed up. Angela orders a dress and becomes very impatient when it seemingly takes forever to arrive.

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Tom and Angela go to a park for a picnic. Tom finds his new job in the cafeteria to be exhausting, but his friends come to visit him and cheer him up. The friends go on a camping trip, when their car runs out of fuel.

The friends decide to set up camp by the roadside, when they get caught in a rainstorm, and get wet even in their tent because it has holes. Tom and Angela buy fortune cookies. Tom tries to cheer Angela up by showing his fortune, while Angela buys another cookie, which predicts even more bad luck.

Tom gets sick after eating too much ice cream, and ends up standing Angela up on their date.

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Tom gets his friends to help him with a surprise for Angela, but the surprise gets ruined by malfunctioning electronic candles. Tom tries to do a strenuous workout after he sees Angela infatuated by a stronger and fitter cat. Tom becomes obsessed with the "Talking Tom Gold Run" game based on the game of the same name by Outfit7and doesn't pay attention to Angela, making her mad, even though Tom tries to apologise.

Ben, Hank and Ginger play the game when Ginger takes a picture that misleads Angela into thinking that Tom is still playing the game. Angela considers going on a diet after weighing herself on a scale, and desperately trains with Tom, who has no interest in dieting. In the end, Angela still weighs the same, and infuriated, she throws the scale out of her house. While watching a horror movie, Tom and Angela get spooked out by Hank and Ginger due to it being dark, and get spooked again by the pizza deliveryman.

Angela feels attracted to Tom when he starts doing housework like carrying boxes and nailing pictures to the wall for her, but as soon as Tom leaves, all the pictures fall off. In the middle of a heatwave, Tom and Hank later Ben play rock-paper-scissors to decide who fans the other, when Angela comes with a watermelon.

Angela yells at Tom and Ben for spitting watermelon seeds at her, when they find Hank sleeping in the refrigerator. While fixing his TV antenna in the middle of a storm, Tom gets struck by lightning and gets shrunk, and then gets crushed by Hank as he is heading back home. Tom wakes up and yells at Hank, not realising that he had a nightmare. The gang visits Angela on her day off due to their water supply being shut off.

Angela finds a mysterious rock in her garden, and makes Tom dig and remove it. He finds a sign warning against trespassing, and Angela makes him, Hank and Ginger go in with her.

They discover a hidden tunnel leading to a dead end with a sign warning against digging through it, and choose to dig through. The tunnel turns out to be leading to Ben's house in the basement.

Tom tries to help Angela find her lost phone, but to no avail. Later, Angela finds it in her own stuff, and tries to hide the fact from Tom by throwing it across the compound wall into her garden, damaging her phone in doing so. Tom has a habit of freezing up when he gets his photo taken, so Hank, Ben and Ginger try to get Tom to pose nicely for a picture. Ginger feels lonely as all his friends are busy, so Tom, Angela, Ben and Hank arrange fun activities for him.

Ben goes through a lot of trouble in getting it back after a bird flies off with it, only to find out that Ginger had another identical toy. On the occasion of Lunar New Yearthe gang paints lanterns which will be released into the sky, and arrives at the celebrations venue, only to find Hank missing. Hank arrives in time, and the friends release their lanterns. Tom tries to get a Talking Tom plush toy for Angela, but fails.

He steals coins from a nearby wishing fountain and manages to get every single toy in the machine. Angela tries to prove that she's a good cook like Hank after she realizes that Tom loves Hank's cooking, but not hers Tom pretends to have enjoyed itbut fails even after going through so much trouble in cooking the food.

Angela finds herself unable to sleep, so Tom tries to help her fall asleep. The friends try to stay awake all night to see shooting stars, but only Tom and Angela who was woken up by Tom get to see the shooting stars. Tom and Hank have a hard time being roommates together, and start dividing their furniture and belongings with tape unequally.

My Talking Tom is the best virtual pet game for the whole family. - Players can adopt Tom and take care of him every day, making sure he gets enough food and sleep, taking him to the toilet, and keeping him happy, smiling and laughing. - The game features a collection of mini games designed to test skill, reflexes and puzzle solving ability - puzzle games, action games, adventure games, and. Talking Tom and Angela Dating Games. Contents. 1 Alley Cat Choir; 2 Cute Kitty Cat Halloween; 3 Kitty Cat Crumble; 4 Stars From The Sky; 5 Grapple Cat; 6 Glaikitty Fyke; 7 Purrfect Kittten 2; 8 Create A Cat; 9 Catalance; 10 Jump Kitty; 11 A Kitty Dream; 12 Nyan Force; 13 Cyberkat; 14 Katwalk; 15 Milk and Coffee; 16 Invincible Disco-Cat; Angela was a very busy person, focusing a lot on her music career, more than she does in Talking Tom and Friends, hanging out with the friends occasionally. Talking Tom and Friends Angela is a music-loving cat who likes to sing her heart out about joy and positivity, though she can make negative songs, such as (Game On) Glitter Girl, one of.

Angela stops it by losing her temper on them and threatening to cut their belongings. While his parents are away, Ginger goes everywhere trying to find a good place to sleep next to his friends, and ends up sleeping next to Ben then next to Angela.

Ginger becomes even more successful than Tom and Angela when he posts pictures showing how Tom made his pictures. Tom and his friends rush to replace Angela's cake, which is bad, with one by Hank for Ginger's birthday.

They succeed without Angela finding out, only for Angela to make them try her cookies.

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Tom Hospital Recovery. Angela Trip Accident. Barbie Dating Makeover. Princesses Love Dating. My Little Pony Coloring Book. Pimp My Car. Talking Ginger Shaving. My Home Design Dreams. My Little Pony Winter Fashion 3. My Little Pony Winter Fashion 2.

Whack My Phone. My Little Pony's Facebook. My Little Pony Jigsaw 2. My Little Pony Jigsaw Puzzle. My Little Pony Hair Salon. My Little Pony Character Quiz. My Country Life. My Little Bunny Caring. Wheres My Avocado Draw Lines.

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