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I have been seeing this guy for a while now. We go on dates and he has met all of my friends. Always have an amazing time together. I brought up that we had been seeing each other for a while and wanted to know what we were. I replied I did not want to pressure him. Should I bring the topic up again , or drop hints? I have been seeing this guy for almost 3 months now and things seem to be going well.

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If so how long do I wait until I just give up There really is no reason for single adults to "move away" from their parents, especially when they the single adults live close by to their place of employment.

I mean, you don't prove anything by "moving out. If you really want to - or must - live alone that's fine, but I have heard that many women look down on men that don't "live on their own. In fact, most people that I know who are in their 30s and 40s still live at home.


This arrangement multi-generational household was common in the past and it is likely to be common again. So why do ladies care about all this? Maybe they don't and it's just a fun topic for articles, etc.

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Due to covid, we are having online virtual classes. But I have the biggest crush on my TA. I will not do anything about it as I understand there might be some university policy against it. I will wait till he is not my TA anymore or wait for the semester to be over.

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That does not mean I will not stay after class to talk to him. But I am definitely keeping my distance still acting friendly not flirting tho - talking more as friends.

In my past I have had sex too soon with someone I was dating and wasnt taken seriously by them, but then if I wait too long to have sex with someone they give up and find someone else. I want to only have sex if I'm in a relationship with someone but this can take months. Join - and get points today. Join. Leaderboard. In Singles & Dating Favourite answers. 1 Helen 3,; 2 AG 3,;. Find more questions on Singles & Dating on - Basically, my fiance told me she has been cheating on me. We have been together for almost 6 years.

My plan is to ask his contact information aka socal media at the end of the last class. But I really want to see him and was planning to ask him for office hour.

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I was wondering if i could or if i should ask him about his office hours where I can come physically to ask questions. I know it is inappropriate but I do not know if this is something i should do.

She's texts me every few days, continuing our conversation, and apologizing for being busy with work ect. I reply to keep the conversation going but she replies in another few days and apologizes again.

How do I get out of this loop? We met on a dating app, had gone out for 3 weeks, but for the last week and a half its been like this.

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I don't even want to be friends, it's really just her personality. She's so immature. Next week she wanted to kiss me I said no. She asked why not.

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I said "I only kiss people I date" I always thought finding someone to date would happen naturally. After all, that is how most people that I know found their spouse. However, when I reached my 30s and having no success, I asked for advice and was told to "put myself out there. Any advice? Yesterday I was at a mall like an hour away from my house and was doing some returns with my mom.

I'm home from college this semester since my classes are online. Anyway, while we were there, I saw this guy and he looked very familiar. We both made eye contact. I kept walking with my mom and after a minute or so I remembered this guy because I went to the same high school and had some classes with him.

Two things: 1. Look into a better paying job and/or learn the skills needed for it. 2. Learn how to budget if you haven't already. Track every single penny and see if you can eliminate unnecessary expenses or lower your payments on bills. Find more questions on Singles & Dating on - My ex calls me and text me all the time. But when I respond and give her exactly what she wants I'm not important anymore. Find more questions on Singles & Dating on - I'm 21 and have a boyfriend. We've been dating for 2 years. I hate it when he fingers me.

Anyway, I literally can't stop thinking about how cute he is. I assume that he must also be doing college virtually this semester because he also goes to school halfway across the country like me.

I live on camp and he moved into my mess over the summer. There was instant interest from both of us, we think the same way about a lot of things and I have honest to god never laughed so much since knowing him.

Find more questions on Singles & Dating on - He texted me very rudely asking about if I hacked into his email. And etc. like just so stupid. Join - and get points today. Join. Leaderboard. In Singles & Dating Favourite answers. 1 flamer ; 2 CDH ; 3 Yo! ; 4 . Join - and get points today. Join. Leaderboard. In Singles & Dating Favourite answers. 1 dhiadhuit 1,; 2 CDT ; 3 imxalism ; 4 Robert ;.

We text a lot, and the other night ended up confessing that we have very strong feelings for eachother. Nothing physical has happened, genuinely nothing. But he makes me feel more alive than at any point since being a teenager.

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Basically, my problem is the age gap. I don't wanna drag her with me any longer. I think she needs to find a guy her age.

Do you agree? I am male, single and I am religious and so want to marry a woman of my same faith. I also want her to be a virgin. I am a virgin but i have done some things I have met a few women over the years but never completley gave my all into getting into a relationship with them i am also scared of getting hurt now I am 40 heading towards 41 and still single.

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Is it my fault im single or have I just not met the right person for me yet? I'm 20 years old and my boyfriend and I have been together for 9 months. I have dated many guys in the past but I have never felt this way with any other guy. I know that in my heart I am deeply in love with him and because of this I want to be as close as possible to him.

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I lost my virginity to him and ever since then I have had an overwhelming feeling of wanting to constantly be with him. There was one time where I cried because I hadn't seen him in over two days and when I told him about it he acted like I was pathetic and ridiculous.

Whenever we are together I always want to cuddle with him and have some physical contact with him in some way, but he gets annoyed by this.

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It really hurt my feelings and I cried a little bit. I want to be with him for the long haul and I couldn't imagine being with any other guy, but can someone please tell me how to make it enjoyable for him if I'm very touchy and clingy towards him? It's only been a few weeks. You need to calm down and stop acting like this guy should make you his number 1 one priority so early in the game.

I don't know a single person who could move their entire life around and adjust to a new partner used loosely since seeing someone for a few weeks doesn't constitute a relationship in a matter of weeks.

It's unrealistic. Try backing off a bit and let things happen naturally. If you're coming on too strong it's no surprise he's already backing off. And no, he doesn't need to "work harder" for you.

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You need to chill out and stop expecting so much so fast. Everytime I'm around my girlfriend's men have no problem noticing them and talking to them flirting etc.

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I am I know it's a large age gap but she's so beautiful and she's really a special person. I really adore her. Some of my friends keep jokingly calling me a pervert but I can't help who I'm attracted to.

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Am I a pervert? This guy cheated on his girlfriend with me recently he told me he didn't see it working out with her. Now they're still together and I'm mad that he did that to both myself and her. I want to expose him but without throwing myself in a line of fire What do I do? Discover Answer.

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