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So the nearest application is to say that Paul is calling the Corinthians to separate from the unbelievers who are seeking to divide the church from within. I appreciate these words from JC Ryle:. But I venture a doubt whether it is not often a selfish, lazy, self-pleasing line of conduct, and whether the true cross and true line of duty may not be to deny ourselves, and adopt a very different course of action. What Ryle is saying is that taking this passage and 2 Corinthians to mean that we need to avoid mixing with the world might not be a mark of holiness but one of laziness. You are asking for heart break. It will also greatly hinder your ability to engage in kingdom causes. And I do believe a far application of 2 Corinthians would be for believers to strongly consider the way in which we enter into union with unbelievers.

She's had a hilrious bitching fest on her Twitter lately over Doug Walker; tgats about all she's done lately. People want Brad to leave because he's probably one of the best ones there that is still keeping on.

Why he does, no one seems to know. Lupa is definitely drama but the hate she gets is quite undeserved, and her humor is right up with Phelous so if you dont like him you probably wont like her.

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Someone below mentioned she made a bullshit accusation.

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