• I’m not “Picking” on Gay People…but…2

    Due to the cultural times we now live in, I find myself speaking on the topic of homosexuality a lot.  So much so, I have often stopped myself in mid-sentence to ask “are you picking on homosexuals?”  As many times as I’ve asked myself that question, I’ve answered myself the same, “No, you are not

  • Slavery, Same-Sex “Marriage”, & Civil Rights1

    Where did man find clear judgment to abolish slavery? Was the logic found within the man himself or from without? Was it found within the seismic shift of the culture to do away with such wicked acts? Was the decision based on an overwhelming decrease in the popularity of slavery at that time? Or, was

  • Are You A Fixed Point In A Culture Rushing Towards Depravity?0

    “…When everyone is moving towards depravity, no one seems to be moving, but if someone stops, he shows up the others who are rushing on, by acting as a fixed point…   It is easy to sail with the ship.  It is a difficult thing to become the fixed point on which the world can

  • Video: Our Interviews with Elected Officials at Defend Marriage Lobby Day in Springfield, Illinois1

    Praise God!  Last Wednesday, Feb. 20th, Truth Exchange Ministries chartered a bus down to Springfield, Illinois to participate in the Defend Marriage Lobby Day.  Our day was amazing.  The bus ride, alone, was worth the trip.  However, being at our Capitol, interviewing our elected officials, sharing Truth, and encouraging others to be bold was the

  • Defend Marriage Lobby Day2

    Click HERE to register to ride down to Springfield, Illinois with me… Listen to Kathy’s interview on THIS IS THE DAY with Nancy Turner on Moody Radio talking about our trip to Springfield, Illinois…  Register now and join us for fellowship, praise, comradery, and so much more.  See you next Wednesday, February 20th! Click to


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