Speaking, opinion, dating two guys excited too

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Knowing this field would be unstable to have a job in, the future doesn't look to bright money wise and realistically living. If I do this I know I'll be struggling through college and living my life miserably feeling unfulfilled. What do I do now. I feel your struggle. I was in similar situation once. If your gonna spend thousands of dollars learning something, why not enjoy it and have no regrets.

In my experience, most people who have experienced childhood struggle grow up to be introverted, loving, tolerant people.

They don't like to draw attention, so as to avoid negative attention. However, they tend to be wellsprings of the love and acceptance their personal history lacks.

Dating Two Girls! Funny Situations

This is almost me to a T, although I work in data anlysis and computing rather than the arts I'm about as artistic as a house brick lolalthough I do like my work and results to look nice, and professional.

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