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And so the Jana courtship rumors continue to surface at the rate of about one per week. And these days, a potential partner from back in the day is once again piquing the curiosity of Duggar fans. You may recall rumors that Jana is dating Lawson Bates of the almost-famous Bates family. They're evangelicals, there's about of them, and they once had their own reality show, but it remains unclear if WeTV is planning to produce more episodes. Anyway, of all of Jana's potential courting partners, Lawson is the one that fans most want to happen.

OlderAndWiser I'll bet it took much more than 1 female to correct it for the better.

Women are rarely candid in such a situation as they fear confrontation with men.

MusicMayhem Oh, no. This woman was about 10 years younger, had already rejected my indication of interest, and I had responded with a very gentlemanly acceptance and no hostility whatsoever. I then asked her for feedback on my profile and she responded with several sincere and valid criticisms.

Steven Morris Dating Video (Original) - Casanova Video Dating Service Blooper

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