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A Capricorn man and an Aquarius woman are very different in a lot of ways. Capricorn and Aquarius are an exception to this rule. This is because both of them are traditionally ruled by Saturn, and this makes them more similar than they would otherwise be. The main difficulty with this pairing is that neither of these signs is very demonstrative or romantic so they cannot balance each other in this respect. On the other hand, they understand and respect each other. Even though Saturn is not the most romantic planet, it is a useful one in committed relationships.

I do feel like me coming to him and even speaking about him and I getting back together took a lot. I mean after all we been thru, does he even love me anymore. I get it, so I have a lot to prove, but my thing is, with reading everything above, I know we have a lot of work to do.

Long story I know this is over 10 years of an emotional love rollercoaster ride with the one man that I have truly loved and praying to get back. Though he had his flaws, he was so much more of an amazing man to me than any other man I know. Spoiled me without having to break the bank because I never asked for him too. Til this day he gives me butterflies. But this whole being distant while long distant from one another, and him in the military, its hard as hell.

But it says Aquarian men distant themselves from the ones tthey love, this is going to add to the challenge of winning him back. Hold on to your Aquarian men Cap women, they will love you so much more and so much better than the rest, make sure to show that love back to him. Flaws and all he deserves it. Forgive my book writing. Aur uss ko sari situation clear karo. He definitely will consider. But after all they are human and emotions are deep down in their heart. Its upto you to let him know about your feelings.

Me too in love with cap girl but unfortunately not able to express her. I am a 27 yr-old Cap woman. After 3 months knowing, we seemed to fall for each other, but we both were in relationship with other people. He was with his 1st love, and I got married. We knew nothing can happen with us.

I felt so terrible when thinking I caused a misery for another girl. But I also realized I truly love him. I had been thinking of him every moment, even I tried to thinking of my husband instead. I have had responsibility for my family, and he seemed unsure about his love and his courage is not strong enough to take that risk. After more than a half year being together with many times of trying to be apart, now he already has walked away from my life for 1 yr.

I miss him every day, every time. Until next? I had a passion with a Scorpio inlasted one month. Have you found real love yet? Love is not just a four letter word but with the right person can be transcendental. Hi I am a Capriquarian woman 45 and I am in love and living with my 45 year odl Aquarian man. We met way back in high school in adn were just friends back then. About years ago we connected again on FB and talked here and there but nothing really came about from it. I was not attracted to him in anyway, he was just an old friend from high school and he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend.

Well in July of we connected again and started chatting more frequently, and yes we were still attached to other people. He asked me out for a drink one night and I said no maybe another time. Then a second time he asked, and insisted and I thought it would be fun to hang out and talk about old times with him. Well that night we drank and had so much fun! He is not super cute, but I found his to be so charming, charismatic, and a total sweetheart and I was totally drawn to his personality!

To make a long story short we left our then S. We are veryhappy and very much in love and now live together, and will most likely get married in the future as he always talks about how he wants to marry me. I love him so much and we always take good care of each other, and the sex is HOT!!! Love my aquarian man!!!! Hi Kat uplifting to hear your thoughts! I just recently started talking to a Aquarius.

This is my first time ever being with an Aquarius sexually! He is sexy, smart and a gentlemen. They are only getting better. I had met him when he was interviewing me for his business as I wanted a PT job while running my business on the side.

I am aquarius man and is talking to a capricorn woman. we started talking and this has been soo great! but she is dating a LEO which is obviously not working out. she is really falling for me, even when i didnt expect she was, she told me strait up she thinks about me all the time. calls me, myspace me, & the whole nine yards. its fireworks. Apr 05,   Capricorn women and Aquarius men should not suffer too badly when working together in the same environment. The sea-goat is extremely ambitious and will tussle with any challengers that come her way. The Aquarius man has very little ambitious drive, but works hard as long as he feels his job is meaningful. May 16,   Capricorn man, Aquarius woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship. A Capricorn man and an Aquarius woman will not naturally gravitate towards each other. He generally looks quite conventional and she does not. Also, neither of these signs are the type to initiate contact. On the other hand, unlikely pairs get together all of the time Author: Cynthia Thinnes.

We had a unique chemistry and I wanted to learn more. I had called him back after accepting another job to be respectful and give him a heads up. A month later he called me for help with his business and it was my pleasure to do so.

Aquarius man dating capricorn woman

Our business date turned into more: We are still talking and seeing each other, but we are both busy working achieving goals. This is good so we can give time to miss each other. I, too, am a Cappy Woman involved with a Aqua man.

We met for the first time at a hangout. He though, was talking to a mutual friend I had knew. That night I seemed to have a eye on him. Even though they were together half the night from what I hear he too started eyeing me. He ended up hiding from her the whole night. Let me mention she was a Gemini.

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I didnt mind much since we didnt conversate or anything. About almost a year later he ended up finding me on Myspace beginning of He messaged me saying he missed me and whole lotta things. I found that kinda akward but akward enough to make me blush. We talked alot and then shortly exchanged numbers. As soon as he got released he came looking for me all over Facebook End of From there we hit it off.

We had great laughs and great convos. I ended up leaving back to his town with him that night. We grew so comfortable with eachother it was surprising since I am a little insensitve about people I dont know too well. Since then we have got together but broke up once. I really think we have a strong connection. He makes me feel wanted and appreciated while I make him feel that he can trust me and not question my loyalty. He is a Feb.

True answer aquarius man dating capricorn woman interesting. You will

I do get irritated by his mood swings sometimes but I get over it quickly. I am convinced that these two signs can be amazingly compatible. I hope we can finally work things out for the better and plan on a great successful life as one. I met a younger aquariaus man a few weeks a go on an Internet dating website, first we started talking, then flirting.

Am a Dec Cap in love with this feb Aqua guy. It was a terrible blow for me as he had hidden the fact that he was divorced before in 2 yrs he cudnt come up and say that to me. Which could be true. I was just 22 then. He was He never returned calls, talked maybe times a month and we met even less. But he insisted that he loved me.

Capricorn Man And Aquarius Woman Relationship - Cons. The Capricorn and Aquarius soulmates see the same thing in two different ways and will not be able to compromise in order to make the other one happy. Ultimately they will decide to breakup if the love compatibility in this match doesn't Erica Garvin. In bed, the Aquarius-Capricorn soulmates will try to find sexual bliss. Both of them can have an endearing time and do their best to please each other. Aquarius Man And Capricorn Woman Relationship - Cons. The first thing that might make the Aquarius Man break up with the Capricorn Woman is the reasoning behind her Erica Garvin. May 21,   Aquarius man, Capricorn woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship. There is not much natural sexual chemistry between an Aquarius man and a Capricorn woman, at least not at first. Also, neither of these signs tend to make the first move. This could make it hard for them to get together in the first Cynthia Thinnes.

When we did meet or talk, we were on fire. But it was too far in betn and then it anyways ended. But for meit was never over. I cut all contact with him and for the last 8 yrs I have longed for him in silence.

Meanwhile I dated someone else. We talk a LOT. He told me he missed me for a long time. I had told him why. I am so confused. Am I just an old flame for him? I know I love him. Should I get out of my marriage for this guy? Am I cheating just cos I have connected with him? I just want some answers.

Valuable phrase aquarius man dating capricorn woman will

Why are Aquas so bad with providing them? Mine, is a bitch. A fucking lovely bitch of love. The fact that he is friends with your boyfriend is probably another factor as to why he is reluctant to give you a response. Would you break up with your boyfriend to date the aquarius? If your boyfriend found out that you have feelings for the aquarius would you care?

He very well may be your soul mate, but just take your time and see what happens. He will get back to you when he feels the time is right.

It may not be anytime soon, considering that he is aware that you have a boyfriend. Have faith and you wil be united with your soul mate. I would say start developing a solid friendship with the aquarius first.

Let me start by saying that I am a Capricorn woman. When I was 17 I met an 18 year old Aquarius during my freshman year in college. Initially when he approached me, I was not receptive. I would see him around campus, and noticed that I grew an attraction for him. We developed such a strong connection that words cannot even express the depth of our bond. He became my best friend, the person I trusted the most!

Due to our situations back home, we were unable to fully commit to one another. Throughtout the years, we were both involved in different relationships, but they never worked out.

Capricorn woman and aquarius man part 1

We have been communicating daily, and I also made a trip to see him last weekend. He is my best friend, but I am convinced that we are soul mates.

Matchless aquarius man dating capricorn woman agree, very

We connect on an emotional, spiritual, mental and sexual level. He has told me that he loves me, and I love him too. I cannot wait for us to spend the rest of our lives together because after ten years, I know that he is the one for me. We had an outing with a group of friends and I meet an Aquarius man while sitting out at the pool It was getting late and everyone else went to their rooms, we were left their having drinks I was attracted to him immediately, I think he was attracted to me also.

We both went to our rooms and it left me wondering if I was with my soul mate? We were all at another outing and I told him I had something to tell him but never had a chance early We have not made any connections because I am still with my boyfriend and they have become friends. He has told me he would let me know his feelings when no one else is aroundbut that has not happened yet.

I love his personality and he is absolutely gorgeous! I do plan on telling him one day. Down there about to graduate, and all i could think is how i wasted this whole yr not saying nothing to him.

Im a capricorn woman and around this time lastyear i fell in love with my soul mate. BTW he is an awesome kisser. For me i see her every damn day. LOL well they now broke up cuhz of me. So infamous of me, but i love her to death. I am aquarius man and is talking to a capricorn woman.

I am an aquarius female and enjoy life, do not chase men, they chase me love is just another four letter word people.

I am a 45 year female capricorn met and fell in love with a 4o year old aquarius, and he is so affectionate and loving, it took a while for me to really take him serious and take notice, but when we got together it was like fireworks, this article describes us to a T.

Who ever wrote this you are good. Im a 29 capricorn female born jan 7 and my mate is 43 and born jan I am also a capricorn dating an aquarian. Well, more like FWB. He has told me loves me, several times, and I beleive he does, but it has not prompted him to start a consistent relationship with me.

Something about needing to finish to complete a work goal and not feeling financially stable. Strong emotions can make them feel unbalanced and they feel take them aware from other endeavors, so they pull away. If this is true, I sure hope with time it will be easier for him to stay closer to me on a more consistent basis. I am an older Capricorn woman that is involved with a much younger 13 years Aquarius man.

We flirted on FB and then met within days. The fireworks were unbelieveable and we can talk for hours. The thing is he is very independant and will ignore me for days. Sex seems like the last thing on his list and truth be told I would much rather cuddle and talk than have sex.

We are FWB and I am insanely attracted to this man. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How would you rate this relationship:. This site is free and open to everyone, but our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, and voting. Remember Me. Toggle navigation. Burning Love Questions? Confused in Love? Like 5. Share this. Kayy Cash July 28th, Ethan December 14th, Like 0. Ethan December 9th, Are you a Aquarius?

Or Capricorn? Jen July 28th, Dee September 5th, RRP June 19th, Elaine June 26th, DW April 25th, Ally February 25th, Sugarii February 8th, Netta October 15th, Like 1. Trina July 5th, He is very business oriented, and though he might enjoy non-profit work, he will do so to raise his social status.

She can sometimes be taken advantage of in this line of work and will need someone to show her the pathway out of a sticky situation. She is more concerned about the welfare of human kind than at gaining anything from her work. He is realistic while she has an analytical way of thinking. She lives for the future while the Capricorn male is able to plan for the future.

In a Capricorn man and Aquarius woman marriage, atleast they are both capable at looking in the right direction but are more likely to take different paths. The Capricorn and Aquarius soulmates see the same thing in two different ways and will not be able to compromise in order to make the other one happy.

Perhaps there will come a time when the Capricorn-Aquarius friendship will enable them to work on a project together, but it might never see success if they start arguing over what direction to take. The Capricorn Man lives in a completely different world than the Aquarius Woman. They both are able to work hard but it will be in fields that will not interest each other.

Capricorn man - information and insights on the Capricorn man. Capricorn woman - information and insights on the Capricorn woman. Capricorn horoscope - daily, weekly and monthly Capricorn horoscopes. Capricorn compatibility - the compatibility of Capricorn with the other astrological signs in love, sex, relationships and life.

Of all things revolving around an Aquarius man, only his freedom matters him the most. His behavior will change completely once his gut feelings say that his freedom is threatened. Try not to act clingy; otherwise, he will offer you cold shoulders and walk away from the door. Rather than forcing him to call you his girlfriend, just display the image of an independent woman and make him fall for your charms.

He finds you extremely irresistible when you are happy and busy with your own life and does not depend much on him. Your Aquarius interest may have his confidence with him most of the time, but he really hates the feeling of being made fun of.

He seems independent and composed; however, deep inside he has his vulnerabilities just like anyone else. Pay attention to everything you say to him because he craves to be accepted for who he is.

Choose the right timing and let him know you appreciate his bright personality and positive energy. Be patient with him, and the reward in return will be worth the wait. He would appreciate much if you can go along with his creative mind and adventurous nature. Referring to love compatibilitythis guy will find his happiness if being together with these following zodiac signs: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, and fellow Aquarius. Though at first he has trouble of making the commitment, he still makes a loyal partner once truly settling down.

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