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Have you noticed yourself feeling diminished consistently? Have you been feeling that your partner takes you for granted and also takes advantage of you? Being in a relationship with an emotional manipulator may not only scar you emotionally but also cause severe damage to you in the long run. Here are some warning signs to watch out for:. Your partner diminishes your feelings : Emotional manipulators are selfish people and are concerned solely about themselves and their desires. They do not care about your feelings and when you try to share some grief or feelings, they may turn you down by saying you are stupid or are over-reacting. Sometimes, their manipulative nature makes you think that they are right.

There are several reasons Crazymaking is so successful. Naturally, we find it extremely difficult to process how or why someone would want to be so conniving and deceitful. The inability to see things for what they actually leads us to justify the behavior of Crazymakers.

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Denial makes us susceptible to theses types of people. When we convince ourselves that love comes with a certain amount of discourse and difficulty, we open the door for havoc. Love is labor, but it is not abusive and controlling.

We are taught that true love requires an immense amount of work and mental strength.

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Because of this, we stay in these damaging relationships well past their expiration date. These types of relationships can be depressingly difficult to end.

The emotional damage can be long term if it is not addressed. If you are dating a crazy maker, there are some important things to be conscious of:. Their goal is to control. Do not disconnect from your family and friends.

Abusers will strategically drive wedges between anyone who may cause you to challenge them. We often lose sight of ourselves when in this type of relationship, but our family and friends can see clearly. Fearful they will be exposed, Crazymakers will convince you that everyone you love is trying to ruin your relationship and will desperately work to isolate you from everyone else. Crazymakers swear they hate drama, but in reality they live for the attention.

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Refuse to participant in their warped mental games. Do not indulge in arguments with Crazymakers because you will not win.

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You will only end up more frustrated and hurt in the end. They are insatiable. There is no satisfying this type of person, so stop trying to appease them. The longer you stay in this type of relationship, the further you distance yourself from healthy, rationale thinking. Eventually, this chaos will begin to feel normal to you. Do not succumb to their manipulation. Plug back into what it really means to be loved and respected and recognize that Crazymakers are incapable of giving that.

Once out, take time to heal.

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There is a great deal of emotional and mental strain that comes from being in a relationship like this. If you do not reserve time to repair your heart and spirit, you may as well lay down the welcome mat and invite another abuser into your home. Jazz Keyes is a community activist, poetess and a nationally certified Life Purpose and Career Coach.

Keyes supplies clients with the necessary tools and techniques to awaken their divine energy, heal their open wounds and create an aura of love, compassionate and tranquility.

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You can find it another home or take it to an adoption shelter. Most of these types of manipulations can be met with reasonable alternatives. This one's the worst.

May 01,   According to George James, a licensed marriage & family therapist, there are clear emotional cues that should alert you to the possibility that you're being manipulated. Jul 30,   If your partner continuously insults you or makes fun of you when you out in public, chances are he or she is an emotional manipulator. This . Nov 08,   Guys, now that you know that five traits of an emotional manipulator; if you're dating one play smart and run for hills. There is no cure except premature deafness.

This manipulation basically asks you to prove your love over and over again by giving your partner what they want. It's a form of manipulation no matter how innocent it sounds. What to do: Shut it down. Say something like, "I can still love you with my whole heart without going to the store to get you ice cream. Like, "You know you can just ask me to go to the store.

You don't have to stake my love for you on it. Emotional blackmail is ugly and there are not many ways it can result in a healthy relationship.

Six warning signs that you are dating an emotional. An manipulative manipulator will not take dating for their actions. Instead, they will place blame and claim their response was justified based on something you did. Someone who is an emotional manipulator will always make their partner question the validity of their feelings. If the answer of the these questions is a 'YES' then it establishes that you are dating an emotional manipulator. Being in a relationship with an emotional manipulator may not only scar you emotionally but also cause severe damage to you in the long run.

It looks like, "I'll kill myself if you leave. It's basically a tactic that uses fear, guilt, and shame to keep you under your partner's control.

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And do you really want to be in a relationship where you're only there because someone threatened to kill themselves? No other person's life or total well-being are your sole responsibility.

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What to do : Don't fall for it. It's almost always a manipulation and never a real threat of suicide or self harm. But just to be on the safe side, say, "If you're feeling suicidal, I'll call the police or an ambulance for help, but I'm not going to deal with it.

Let me pain a scenario for you. You and your partner get into a fight. No matter who was in the wrong, what was said, or what actually went down, your partner is just heartbroken and can't believe you'd hurt them like that.

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Even if your partner is actually the one who did something wrong, and no matter how you reacted. You're always apologizing Your partner is always hurt and helpless and in need of attention and extra love. It's a way to make you feel like you're a bad, unworthy partner and for them to avoid taking responsibility for their own actions.

What to do : Apologize for what you feel you need to apologize for. Don't give in to your partner's constant attempts to shame you into falling on your sword.

Are YOU dating an emotional manipulator?

Say things like, "I am really sorry I got upset and raised my voice. That was uncalled for. But I won't apologize for being upset about what you did. Here's how that made me feel.

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Gaslighting is the form of manipulation most likely to make you feel like you're losing your dang mind. Your partner does shady things on a consistent basis, like pretend they didn't say things, pretend you did't say things, leave out information, twist the truth, re-invent the past, make you think your forgot things, and make you feel like you're losing it in general.

When it's done enough, you'll feel like you can't trust your own brain, so you must need your partner to keep you in check.

When things don't go your partner's way, are they sick or weak or in need of care and support?

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This is actually a form of manipulationeven if your partner is really sick. Some examples: Your partner doesn't want to have a serious conversation with you so they feel faint. Your partner doesn't want to go somewhere and suddenly you can't go either because they need you to help them through their anxiety which is conveniently fine once you agree to stay home.

Your partner can't help you with the housework because they have a headache or don't have the energy. Your partner doesn't want you to leave them because who will take care of them? Or maybe they fake illness so you'll feel sorry for them and give them extra attention.

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What to do: This is not a healthy relationship, and it's one you probably want to think about leaving. But in the moment, you can make a plan for how you partner can be cared for while you go do what you need to do.

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Emotional manipulators enjoy the power they hold on their victims. They revel in the knowledge that they can make the other person do anything, without having to resort to any kind of force or violence. This feeling gives them a huge high, and increases their confidence to further manipulate someone.

Image source: Pixabayunder Creative Commons License. Along with flattery, exaggeration also features among known emotional manipulation tactics. Manipulators are great at rationalizing all their actions. So these are the characteristic traits of a classic emotional manipulator. Suggested read: 10 brutal truths about loving a control freak. This is probably the most common sign of being emotionally manipulated.

A manipulator will make nearly everything seem like it was your fault somehow.

Are you dating an emotional manipulator

Image source: Dollarphotoclub. Having a bad day at work? Got a headache? No matter what your problem is, the manipulator is sure to outdo you. The result is that they hog the spotlight - always, while your troubles are made to seem trivial and childish. Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License.

By claiming that others agree with them, the manipulators are convincing you that you are the one with the problem. Having a down to earth, honest conversation with an emotional manipulator is not really possible. Your very words will be turned around degrees and used as weapons to attack you, albeit in a very covert way. However objective you may be about a certain situation, the manipulator will be sure to make it subjective; with you being the subject, of course.

The end result?

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