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A little hefty on the break but a two hand technique makes it manageable, Balance is just right with the shoulder and pistol grip giving good support. I shoot indoor sporter rifle targets at 50ft with 8's 9's and 10's. On the bench it's mostly 10's with a BSA red dot scope.

Mar 10,   I've recently found my old BSA Meteor in the loft. After much searching I think I've found the serial no. The rifle was bought for me as a Christmas present by my Dad in the early 70's, but I don't know the exact year. The number is TG Can anyone help me with the year please. Also where can I find a replacement back sight or iron. Jan 26,   Hi all How do i establish which MK of Meteor a friend owns. Its been cased and in a loft for some time and requires a service due to it now being well under powered. I dont know a lot about the model but am aware of there being 5 real mk's before they moved to spain. Any help will be appreciated as i dont want to buy the wrong parts, it may only require a service but as yet is has not been. For BSA and Greener rifles view complete catalogues from to the mid s on our. CATALOGUES PAGE. As far as civilian rifles are concerned, some manufacturers have their own dating systems, with, for example, prefixes or suffixes to serial numbers providing that information.

At half the price of similar models it's a very good value for the money. What others should know : I wanted a lower velocity target rifle for indoor and chose the. Use quality ammunition and you will not regret buying this rifle for indoor target or close in outdoor hunting.

Overall rating: 4.

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Value for money: 4. Things I liked : I liked the size and weight of the rifle,seems well made except for the plastic breech.

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Fit and finish was pretty goo blueing was good and wood finish about average,nice this Rifle comes in. Things I would have changed : The plastic breech was problem for me,I could just not get over that, I do not like a lot of plastic used in my guns - gun was returned for a full credit ,Pyramid Air was great on returning an item I was not happy with.

What others should know : Would like to shoot one of these BSA Airguns and that might change my mind on the plastic breech,the reviews are pretty good for a lower cost. Things I liked : Light weight. Easy to break open and my gun is surprisingly easy to cock for its power.

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Another surprise is the smooth firing cycle for such as cheap gun, no "Twang", no "buzzing" and sadly no "thump", very little recoil and muzzle jump.

Things I would have changed : Make the trigger weight adjustable. What others should know : I purchased thecaliber from Pyramyd Air.

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Many Plastic parts, including the Breech Block, trigger, open sights and end cap. Trigger weight is NOT adjustable. The only adjustable part is the 2nd stage travel.

Firing cycle is different than all my spring airguns, it has no twang, no buzzing and no thump or puff; the internals are quiet and all you hear is just the report that sounded like a bang. Breaking it open and cocking can be one smooth motion.

Bsa meteor dating

This makes the rifle very pleasant to shoot. JSB Exact 8. The ease of cocking is a surprise. The power it produces is also a surprise producing 15 to 16 ft-Lbs.

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First stage trigger pull is long and the second stage breaks at 4 Lbs, but trigger break clean like the HW Rekord. Things I would have changed : Allow the trigger pull weight to be adjustable.

Finish the wood stock like shown in pictures which is lightly color stain and glossy finish. What others should know : The breech block is not made from metal; it looks like plastic.

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Is it possible to put another BSA Spring into my meteor?

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I dont want to use an OxSpring as ive heard there not very good for lots of reasons. Now using chairgun Any Help and Advice would be appreciated Thankyou. There are many other factors involved. The Meteor is designed as a lightweight medium powered rifle that is easy to cock.

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The Meteor is made of quite soft metal compared to a high powered rifle that is designed as such. Having said all that it is possible to get more power from a Meteor but this involves considerable modifications.

Jul 04,   With AA Fields my BSA Meteor produces about fl/lb Using AA Fields the BSA Tactical Produces around ft/lb Does this make sense? Any Help and Advice would be appreciated Thankyou. The problem with Meteor power is not with the spring it's with the lost volume caused by the large radius on the leading edge of the piston head. On most BSA's the frame number is located in the following places. FRAME NUMBERS. Pre war: Frame Number is located on the front top frame member either by the front seat stay or by the steering head. 's: Located on the front down tube below or in front of the gas tank. An exception to this is the early Bantams where the frame number is. Unlike my Diana, HW and FWB break-barrel air rifles that need a hard slap or a hard pull to break the breech open, the BSA Meteor was surprising easy to open. Breaking it open and cocking can be one smooth motion. This makes the rifle very pleasant to shoot. JSB Exact grain averages fps ( ft-Lbs) and Beeman Kodiak grain.

If you need I suggest you purchase a rifle designed to give that level of power. Sorry to put a damper on it but that is sound advice. Dont worry youve not put a damper on it It was just an idea that i thought may get around using an ox spring thats all.

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Thankyou for your advice. Originally Posted by flatrajectory. Sorry to put a damper on it but that is sound advice Try cranking it above that with a stronger spring and I reckon you'll struggle to get more power but will get some hideous recoil and twang I'm just doing up my meteor at the moment and was quite surprised at the crude way in which the spring guide and the piston are made I guess it's a cheap, basic gun but good fun. I'm getting a brass spring guide made to smooth it out a bit.

Like many, my first airgun so fun to fix it up. The trigger is nasty though. Just noticed your getting 7. Try putting a small piece of paper above the breech and firing.

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If the paper flies off, you've got a breech seal problem which kills the power a problem which I had with mine; despite fitting a new breech seal. I ended up putting something behind the original seal so it sticks out more and it solved the problem.

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Replacing the seals on the piston, new original meteor spring and lubricating seals with silicon gun oil all helped too With older, English barrel, I reckon they like 5. Could someone tell me what mk it is please: Ive been using 5. Not really sure what its capable of to be honest I know it alot of hassle but dont supose anybody has a diagram or pic of this paper and breach test?

The bsa meteor evo silentium is very pleasant to is in. Two sources of its debut in the mid s on our maryland. After dating bsa air rifle. Dating - airgun magazine dating your rifle made sometime between , spring break barrel air rifles - Mk1 sear spring guide part no. The BSA Meteor is a break barrel spring powered rifle made in Birmingham, UK, by Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA) and first produced in It was the first rifle to have the ability to fit a telescopic sight, and remains one of the worlds best selling powered weapons with over 2 million sold worldwide. Marketed as an introductory rifle for plinking, hunting and firearm training. it is Place of origin: United Kingdom. It will also be seen that, in common with the Royal Small Arms Factory dating, the BSA plate far left has the upper fixing dating passing perpendicularly into the butt in the same manner as its lower screw, whilst the inverted-dating butt-plate of the LSA rifle has the upper fixing screw orientated through at an cadet near the top tang, rather more reminiscent of a Lee-Metford cadet than the Short Magazine Lee .

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