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Have you ever dated someone who is always on the go? Maybe they were focused on their career, worked long hours or travelled a lot for work. Whatever the case may be, they had a full schedule and finding time to go on a date with them seems virtually impossible. Before you count them out, here are some things you might want to take into consideration. When the economy tanked, the job market became unbelievably competitive. It caused a lot of people to shift their priorities and the mindset became to find a job, keep a job or become an entrepreneur.

But if you can't feel his love or your gut tells you there's something wrong, then you should give your relationship a second thought.

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Guys have long reported that when they are really into a girl, they want to hear her voice. While texting is the new norm for a lot of means of communication, in a relationship, talking is imperative.

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It is important in the beginning of a relationship that you two have alone time to learn about each other. This is acceptable if you are honest about your hesitation to do so.

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When a guy is into a girl, he wants to share experiences with her. Real men who want a relationship will show you by ending most communication with set plans to see you again.

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He should be so excited for the next time he gets to see you. Remember this the next time he just gets off the phone without asking you out or neglects to come up with something fun to do together.

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Jan 30,   Pros - Typically moderate salary or higher. - Goes to decent to nice restaurants. - Not pinching every penny. - Has Conferences in desirable tourist spots and nice hotels - Educated. Hopefully up on current events, what is happening in the world. Oct 10,   Fortunately, a benefit to dating a lawyer is s/he can explain what's really going on with Jack McCoy and that somewhat famous guest star. (Hint: The celebrity always did it. Always.) Tickets? Not for you! If you ask me, this is probably the greatest perk of dating an attorney. Aug 23,   If you are a busy professional, dating a busy professional or at least considering it, here are my top tips on how to make the most of your time together and make it work for you. 1. Start Off Casual.

You will never win an argument. This is not up for debate.

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The dry cleaning bill will make you weep. With all those suits comes massive dry cleaning bills.

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Board games are no longer fun. Love playing Pictionary with your friends?

Jul 31,   There's a really high chance that the "too busy" guy (or girl) isn't any busier than the rest of us. We all get 24 hours a day, so mathematically speaking, we're all . I was a typical (yet still fabulous) SUV-driving suburban Jewish housewife. Although I graduated from a large national law school, I worked for all of one minute (not as a lawyer), and made the choice early on to stay home and raise my family while my husband built his career as a successful M&A lawyer. Fast-forward 16 years.

My recommendation? Learn to play Solitaire. Are the rewards worth all the trouble?

Dating a lawyer always busy

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You're in! Certain cts of his or her career are not going to change anytime soon and you have to make sure you are prepared for that.

If he is slacking or you realize you are the one always planning the next date, then he's not really looking for a commitment and it's not just because he's too busy for you. Real men who want a relationship will show you by ending most communication with set plans to see you again. He should be so excited for the next time he gets to see. Here's the secret to dating a busy partner. People often have this notion that what makes relationships thrive is always spending time together. Every day we see lovestruck duos on social media who travel, eat, and go on exotic adventures hand in hand. May 09,   You might be nervous if you're dating a lawyer for the first time, but if you're flexible and open to discussing work, you can easily have a happy, fulfilling relationship. Many lawyers have to work late hours, so try to be flexible with when you spend time together%(8).

There are 24 hours in a day and sometimes, you have work to find ways to be more efficient with the time you do have available. Also make it a point to create exciting and memorable moments The more intimatethe better because this is time you can use to nurture the relationship that is forming.

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Not every date has to be extravagant and over the top. Simplicity can be bliss for someone who deals with high-pressure work environments.

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By now you should have an idea of some things that make him or her tick. Use it to your advantage and they will appreciate it.

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Use Technology Dating someone who is constantly on the go can be hard. Thank heavens for cell phones and 4G because now you have almost every tool in your tech arsenal to bridge the gap.

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Text messages, pictures, video chat, instant message are all viable means of staying bridging the gap. Even if they can only chat for a little bit or if you have to leave a voicemail, hearing your voice can still put a smile on their face.

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At least you are making an effort and if the action is returned, you know that they making an effort with you. Need advice?

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