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My partner of seven years is eleven years older than me. My dad left when I was very young. Do you think these two things are related or do I just fancy older men? Do YOU think they're related? I like older men because they're grounded, mature, secure. I think older men are just very sexy!

What would it be like when you're 50 and he's 66?

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Don't worry about this too much, as you never know what's going to happen in the future. Do you give a damn what other people think, if they think it's weird? My advice is: don't. There are a lot of relationships like that, that have worked out well. No not always.

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Im 16 and my boyfriends Everyone says we can't be together because of our age. But we are in love and that's what matters. So if your in love that's the only thing that matters.

Don't let anyone tell you different.

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Answer Save. Right now when you are dating the kid subject doesn't come up as much. But once you marry, at least every other week you will have two kids who are tearing around your home, bugging their dad to do stuff when you want to cuddle and be alone with your spouse, he will pay more than you think in child support, the boys probably will not like you, and resent you.

You won't be able to discipline them. They will get mad if you do, and your spouse probably won't support you.

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It will be like house guests that you can't ask to leave. And you never know you could end up with them full time. The kids will always be asking their dad for money, how much they are getting in a will, etc.

Aug 15, Older man can offer a woman maturity and stability that a younger man can not. As a result, they seek out older men to provide that for them. There are many theories as to why a younger woman desires an older man. Women who date older men have or had a solid and close relationship with their fathers. Jul 22, Okay first forget the people who say there is something wrong with you dating a man that is 17 years older than you. It's just a may December relationship meaning that the age difference between y'all is over 8 years apart. Truly there is nothing wrong with this. Celebs are doing it and more and more other people are doing it too so don't be. Jan 14, the first answerer said she was metnally unstable. Why is it to some that a woman is unstable for wanting a younger man, but men are macho if they want ayounger woman. Sorry guys but things are changing, men are better in bed when younger! Physical fact. what i am going to say to you, i would also say to a woman with an older man.

Even if he pays child support they come over and ask for more. He probably will buy them more than they need cause he wants to be the "best" parent.

Dating an older man yahoo answers

Your husband may have to pay thousands a year in spousal maintainence in addition to child support. Plus he may feel he wants to pay college, buy cars, assist with first apartments, first house down payments, etc.

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Freuqently the husband makes all sorts of financial decisions about his kids without consulting the wife. This can affect your life, and how you want to spend money and what is important to you. Children of divorce are more likely to have problems with alcohol, drugs, depression, suicide, poor school performance. When they have problems, you have problems.

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The kids will most likely be clear about just wanting to be with their dad and not you. I have heard many stepmoms say how lonely they felt. The kids come over and its kind of like three against one.

The mom has no one to talk to really, the kids aren't interested in her, and when the kids are there the dad seems to focus solely on them. You have to deal with his ex showing up to drop off the kids and vica versa.

Mar 19, I am 22 years old and I am dating a wonderful man who happens to be 40 years old. He treats me better than any man around my age that I have ever dated. If the connection is there you will know, and won't have to question it. Do not miss out on what could be because you are insecure of how society will respond. May 14, My friend introduced me to her brother-in-law last week. He thought I was cute and wanted to get to know me and i was weary about it because he's 35 (i'm 20) and he has 2 sons. I agreed to have a little night in with me, him, my friend, and her husband the other night. I ended up really enjoying his company and the age thing didn't even cross my mind. The part . Jun 10, they can be related because you could be looking for the attention you didnt get from your father from a older man. but i like to date older men maybe 8 to 10 yrs older) because they have their stuff together. but if he's treating you right, then dont worry about it.

She will call him on the phone during your day. Your husband will probably be afraid to discipline the kids, so as to keep on the kids good side.

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Your husband may or may not want kids with you. If you have them, his older kids may resent and not like them. You will deal with stuff like the kids wanting to display pictures of their biological parents in their room.

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You will deal with mother-in-laws etc and the kids talking about their mom in front of you. You will have to run into the ex at certain functions. However, at 25 many guys still aren't really ready to settle down but by 30 a lot have changed and grown up some more, so there are a lot of girls who just wouldn't be interested in anyone younger.

I actually find it more interesting though that a 30 year old man can be so attracted and have things in common with a 19 year old woman.

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Apart from her youth and sex appeal, I wonder what attracts him to HER. All girls are different.

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I think it's a bit attractive to date an older guy. But I have a limit for how much older they can be.

Apr 14, Older men are loving and warm and are more dedicated to being in a relationship and they also take care of there women. I prefer older men because I know in the long run I will have a serious stable relationship and will have a dedicated companion, older men also know how to sit and hold an intelligent conversation. I like men 38 and up.

About 1 year or 2. Well at one time I was a 19 year old dating a 35 year old and until I married, I usually dated men in the year age range older than me. In my family it was 'normal' Aside from which, I was one of those children who acted like little adults while growing up and at 19 I found guys my own age too immature to even consider dating.

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Older men tended to treat me with more respect, listened when I talked and were far more interesting to be around. It's all personal preference really.

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So long as the ages involved are legal and the relationship is balanced where one isn't taking advantage of the other, I see no issue with age differences in a relationship. I never experienced this in my entire life!

May 26, If you mean a girl dating a MUCH older man, like 20 years+ older, shes a gold digger because it is assumed she's waiting for him to die so she can inherit money. I'm feeling the truthexchange-sow.coml but I can't think of what it means exactly. May 20, You need to have a man who is older than yourself as they are more mature and will respect you better than a younger man. If it were the other way around-if you were older than he-I would think people might say "things" about the relationship. Good luck-Hope you have lots of . Apr 27, What are the pros and cons of dating an older man? I'm seeing this guy who is 35 and I'm I think I'm falling in love. Are we destined for failure?

I am male, live in Los Angeles, single and age I notice really young girls checking out like crazy, 6 or more in single day, I assume they are between age 18 or around Mostly I shine them off, thinking to myself, " way too young for me!

I make it a point to always dress well.

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I consider myself somewhat good looking. I have a thin and medium build body.

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I do act a little cocky, but I don t over do it. I m amazed at all the young girls that what to hit me up!

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