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In a social content, spectacles were a label of keen intellect which began at the time of 15th century blue-blooded nobility. Many 18th century gentlemen purchased and wore spectacles who could not read, and vainly created a false badge of rank. This connection of brain-power with spectacles continues to this day. Spectacles are found in endless variety which will overwhelm a beginning collector who is not focused on a specific collecting area. Spectacles add a fitting period detail accessory for antiques or Revolutionary and Civil War collectors.

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Likewise, determining the material can help pinpoint the decade of manufacture. Reference books are a great help in researching these factors, particularly since many antique frames are unmarked.

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Vintage styles are now being reproduced, so it's important for serious collectors to be able to correctly identify original antique frames. Seek out reference books and online resources that provide photos of popular eyeglass frame styles from the past. Familiarize yourself with styles and materials, as well as eyeglass frame manufacturers and marks.

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Gently clean the frames by rubbing them with a soft, dry polishing cloth. This will often reveal markings which have been obscured by years of dirt.

Using a flashlight and magnifying glass, look carefully for any markings, which are typically located on the inside of the temple pieces, but may be found anywhere on the inside of the frame.

If the frames are unmarked or if the marks are faded, the eyeglasses can be dated by determining the style and material.

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Identify the material of the frames. Are they wire rims or tortoise shell, or are they made from popular early- to midth century materials such as celluloid, Bakelite or early plastic?

About Vintage Glasses. Old school is the new sexy, and this is especially true in the case of vintage glasses. There's a certain nerdy, cool, glamorous, chic vibe about them, particularly when they're paired with contemporary clothing. Because fashion moves in cycles, what's old is new again, and this is true now more than ever. 31 rows  Reviewing the subject of Antique Spectacles and Other Vision Aids, filled with interesting text along with wonderful and abundant imagery and nurturing a deeper appreciation for antique spectacles. The on-line museum and encyclopedia of vision aids.

Familiarize yourself with these different materials by referring to reference books and Internet sources. Look at the style of the eyeglass frames.

Antique Victorian Pince Nez Spectacle Glasses ~ How The H#@$ Did They Wear These Things?!??

Are they round, with long, wrap-around temple pieces popular in the s"cat's eye" style, with slanted tips, or square-shaped? Refer to reference materials to identify the popular shapes and styles of different eras.

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Look at the materials the antique frame is constructed of to establish a date. As picture framing evolved, new techniques for embellishing and creating frames developed.

An example of this was the introduction of heavy molded plaster gilded frames during the Victorian era.

Antique eyeglass frames were made in a wide variety of styles and materials, ranging from the wire-rimmed, wrap-around type worn in the 19th century to the exotic "cat's eye" shapes of the s. Identifying the frame style can provide valuable clues about when the glasses . ANTIQUE Eye Glasses Rare Frame Eye Glasses Unique And Interesting Gold Color. $ Vintage Eyeglasses Style Rectangular Glasses In the 's Old Reading Eyeglass. $ Vintage Antique Original Periscope eye Glasses made in Japan by Prismscope. $ Got one to sell? Apr 12,   Dating antique bottles requires knowledge of the evolution of bottle technology and the ability to research manufacturers and bottling companies. Although glass bottles have been made for a few thousand years, it was not until the 19th century that bottle use became common, coinciding with the industrial revolution.

However, the material is not the only factor in dating gilded frames. Finer versions of gilded frames appear in Europe much earlier.

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Use Eli Wilner's price guide to picture frames for frame comparison and date. If you think you have a valuable frame as seen in his book, contact a high-end frame dealer or gallery owner for advice on confirming the date in the event it may be worth a great deal of money. Watch out for fakes.

Picture frames, like other collectible antiques, have become victims of mass reproductions. Robert Gray has been writing full time since His first photography book took seven years to research and publish. He specializes in writing on photography and the arts.

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He's written for Photography Magazine, Large Format Camera Magazine and many online art and photography websites and blogs. By: Robert Gray ated April 12, Share It.

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ANTIQUE PAIR SILVER WIRE RIM GLASSES/SPECTACLES DATE s. ? + ? postage. ANTIQUE SPECTACLES RIMLESS - GOLD TONE UNTESTED - SPRINGY HOOK ARMS + OLD CASE. ? + ? postage. Make offer - ANTIQUE SPECTACLES RIMLESS - GOLD TONE UNTESTED - SPRINGY HOOK ARMS + OLD CASE. Love a great deal. Discover prices you can't resist. Vintage frames date from the s into the 20th century. Identifying and dating antique frames is an art form in itself. Check on the back of the antique frame for a maker's mark and date. Many artist-craftsman who made early frames (just like violin makers) signed and dated their frames. Also look for labels by the frame companies. Jul 03,   The earliest antique spectacles in regular use, made of wood or leather with a riveted center pivot, date to the 15th and 16th centuries and are documented by woodcuts and paintings from the period. The "Nuremberg" type (a German city known for skilled workmanship and "cheap" goods), were made in considerable quantity during the 17th and 18th.
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