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Hi all, I'm Sandy and welcome to my blog! With my writing, I hope to fulfil all your fandom needs, as well as ripping out your heart whenever I feel up for it. Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could write a Bill Weasley one shot story for me. I am not quite sure of the plot.

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Part 5. Part 6. Staring at You. You Belong With Me. Jump of the Heart. Peter dating a girl with super powers. Originally posted by rudipankow. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9. Part Scared to Love. Water Under The Bridge.

Originally posted by maequil. Originally posted by obxsarah. Kook Princess or Pogue at Heart? Originally posted by drewstarkey. Super Rich Kids. Originally posted by invinoveritaserum. Old Flame.

Bill Weasley is a Gryffindor 2 years older than the Main Character in Hogwarts Mystery. He is an aspiring cure-breaker who will help you out on your quest to unlock the cursed vaults. We will go over all the questions Bill Weasley may ask while you drink butterbeer, play gobstones, or share a meal together. Green is the best answer. (italics+underlined) Yellow is the second-best answer. (italics) Red is the worst answer.

Please feel free ask to be added to my taglist! And to request anything through my submissions box :. Keep reading. Ok gonna be honest. Molly and the rest of the family were convinced that she was going to be a magizoologist just like Charlie when she got older. Which obviously made Charlie happy.

My godfather. Say hi. Wanna see? Soon enough Molly and Arther came out a little confused how their four year old got outside but their confusion and concern went away when they saw their baby girl happily petting the black dog.

We promise. Mentions of charector death for Hogwarts Mystery and canon. Takes place maybe years after the seventh book. Hope you like it! The house is completely spotless. And you go with Molly to the kitchen. Originally posted by professorlupins. And wanting to let his brothers, sister, and their spouses to have as much room as possible, Charlie decided to stay with you.

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You had been fretting for the passed hour to decide on what outfit to wear while Charlie flicked on and off every light switch he could find, he still marveling at what muggles were capable of. Thank you very much!

Oct 02,   Pairing: Bill Weasley x Reader. Warning(s): a little too much fluff as always. Requested by anonymous: Dating Bill Weasley would include? A/N: Finally I'm back to writing and I know I should be working on my ship requests since I don't want to be late for them, but my queue is even longer and I really want to get things done. Btw please. Aug 26,   Bill Weasley x Reader. Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could write a Bill Weasley one shot story for me. I am not quite sure of the plot. But maybe they dated while at hogwarts for years (she was a slytherin) and they broke up. At the start of the chapter, you'll have to go to the Training Grounds to meet up with a new classmate, Bill Weasley. Once you're there, tap the notification over him to begin some dialogue.

I really hope you liked this, I love my bae Bill so much and he deserves more attention. Lots of love and kisses! Needed a little break from prompts for a bit. I hope you enjoy. Originally posted by memoryofbucky. There is no need to complicate a feeling that is already so vast and beautiful in his mind. Bill loves simply saying your name in private moments, especially your full name.

It reminds him that you are here with him, loving him, because you choose to be. Similarly, he loves hearing you call him William, especially in intimate moments, knowing that you see the full him, the true him, one reserved only for you.

He is elated at the fact that together you have build something as beautiful as what his parents have, and seeing you as a provider, as a devoted wife and mother and lover, is like a dream. Originally posted by iawv. Charlie is simple and usually prefers the beautiful sound of your name on his tongue to any pet name or playful affection. That being said, Charlie does like to remind you of how much he loves you.

In many ways, he is sort of still shocked that you agreed to be with him, the giant nerd he is an all, and so he sometimes feels the need to let you know just how devoted he is to you.

He whispers it each time he kisses down your exposed skin and chants it as he makes love to you, over and over until you the word is simply a collection of sounds that flow off his tongue more like music than language. Originally posted by musicall-y.

He loves the sense of security that comes with those words, like you are within his protection and his care, holding a place in his heart that is uniquely your own. In many ways, he models his relationships after how he sees his father treat his mum, soft and caring and only a tinge of submissiveness, at least in public. You have a girlfriend. Stop bragging. It is simply him showing you the respect you deserve.

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You are important to him, more than anyone else, and he takes the title you hold in the relationship very seriously. In private, however, Percy can actually be very light and silly.

Originally posted by freddieweasleywashere. Though to him, you are always worthy of praise and devotion, so the name always stays. He also enjoys trying to one-up you with silly, over-the-top nicknames later on in the relationship. Hearing you guys call to each other in progressively longer and more-complicated nicknames across the store is one of the reasons George starts working in the office in the back, determined to get away from the two lovebirds who are still sickly sweet after years of being together.

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff. He constantly wants your attention and wants you by his side. He loves when you say it back to him, too, loving how you mean it as a sign of your love but also a sign of your attraction to him.

And then during your labor, it became a word of praise and encouragement. And from then on it just stuck. Originally posted by iolausii.

He wants to have a special language with you, to show you that what you have is special, but the sweet stuff is a little too much for him, at least at first.

He simply means that he views you as the thing that makes him better, as two halves of a whole unit, not necessarily lessor apart but definitely better together.

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Harry Potter tags : tessimagines. It was a tad bit comical really. Your father worked in the same department as Arthur and the two were fine friends. The three of you got into all sorts of trouble, playing hide and seek in various rooms of the Burrow and getting lost for hours while Molly searched the place.

You were closer to William though, you and him were the same age so you used to boss around Charlie and sneak sweets while he napped upstairs. Then, as he acquired more siblings, you became close to them as well as they got older until you were constantly surrounded by a clan of ginger, freckled children. The two of you were still thick as thieves when you were finally old enough to go to Hogwarts. You both went together to get your wands at Ollivanders, bought all of your school supplies and robes together and made a promise to always sit in the same train compartment from there on.

William calmed your nerves during the sorting ceremony, and teased you for overthinking when you both got placed into Gryffindor. Your friendship was never stronger. You both were practicing attached at the hip your entire first three years.

Dating bill weasley

You were still good friends, but with all the studying you both had to do it was hard to sit down and just have a chat. Not to mention you had made the Quidditch team, so a lot of your time was spent in practices and matches or hanging out with the other team members.

Bill cast a smile over at you as he glanced down at the small pin on his robes. Bill looked over you, all to aware of how close you were to him, and made the back of his neck feel warm and he just knew his ears had gone scarlet. You smiled and jumped from the sofa. He knew it, Merlin knows his entire family did, and even lots of the students around him were aware of the dreamy looks he gave you while you spoke to him, or how his eyes would always follow you when the the pair of you were together.

It remained that way for the rest of your schooling years. He brought you tea almost every morning and always made thoughtful comments about the work you were doing. Bill knocked on the door of your office one morning, smiling whenever you looked up at him. You took off your reading glasses and gestured him into your office. Bill walked behind your desk and sat at the edge of it like always did when you had smal talks during break. And I know the lot of them would love to see you again.

You smiled up at him.

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Bill watched you fix his tie, tightening it and making it just so. When I got older I just showed him the charm to do it for him.

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Bill blinked, trying to decide if it was a good idea or not. Your hands came up and lost themselves in his bright red hair, successfully pulling him closer to you as you continued to kiss him. When you pulled away to look at him, Bill moved his head up and pressed a lingering kiss on your forehead as you embraced him. Bill laughed, well aware of how pink his face must have turned. Maybe she is a healer or an auror. Thank you! I hope you like it, and as always, feedback is appreciated!

Your name: submit What is this? You heard whispers from above you, and you glanced up the staircase, throwing a wink when you saw Fred and Ginny grin abashedly at you.

You smiled slightly at him, not at all perturbed by his rudeness, it was something you had gotten used to.

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You glanced around the table, seeing the only spare seat was between Bill and Lupin. Of course. You hurried over the seat, taking it without a complaint as to not drag out the meeting any longer than necessary.

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You sighed internally at your luck, you and Bill had dated for four years as you both studied at Hogwarts, and you had managed to keep it a secret from your parents, whose Pure-Blood beliefs were suffocating - they would have had a fit if they ever found out you were dating a Weasley. It had been quite easy, lying to your parents, but that was the perks of Hogwarts being a boarding school. Things got more complicated as you approached the end of your time at Hogwarts, so you both came to an agreement of ending the relationship.

It had hurt, a lot; Bill was your first true love, and long-term relationship, though you were happy that you had ended it on good terms rather than a messy relationship. You suppressed a smile at his obvious crush, choosing to say nothing over the matter for now. You gave him a grin, laughing softly as he rolled his eyes before turning his attention to Snape once more. Remembering you had a job to do, you tuned back into the conversation.

You smiled as you greeted your old Head of House, Severus Snape. With that, Snape left the room, his beaky nose held high in the air as his robes swished behind him.

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You rolled your eyes, pulling him into a hug. In addition, Fleur's blunt attitude and tendency to speak her mind irritated both Molly and Ginny.

Mrs Weasley became convinced that their feelings for each other were based on physical attraction and the adventurous side of each other - him as a Curse Breaker, and her as a Triwizard Champion.

Following Bill's scarring during the Battle of the Astronomy TowerFleur showed her feelings for Bill by declaring that she still loved him no matter what he looked like, and her insistence that she would take care of his injuries.

Her declaration convinced Mrs Weasley that her son had made the right choice, and the two women finally put aside their differences. Bill and Fleur married on 1 August and set up a home of their own, Shell Cottage.

Their union produced three children: VictoireDominiqueand Louis. It is likely he had a good relationship with all of them. InVictoire was seen snogging Teddy Lupin. Bill did develop a rather protective streak in regards to his eldest daughter, as he tactically interrupted her and Teddy's conversation during the Quidditch World Cup ofmuch to the dismay of the teenagers' budding romance.

Harry Potterhis friend and future brother-in-law. Harry found Bill cool, but he expected Bill to be like an older version of Percy Weasley and was surprised and grateful to learn that he was not. Harry was Ron's best friend and Bill was sometimes like an older brother for Harry, as well. Bill and his mother visited Hogwarts induring the Triwizard Tournamentat the time Harry was taking part in his third task.

Harry was very glad to see them because he did not expect anyone to come to watch him. They appeared to be demanding to know where Harry was and what had happened to him ", showing that he cared for Harry's well being.

Bill and Harry fought together in the Battle of the Astronomy Tower. After the battle, Harry was shocked when he learned about Bill's injuries from Fenrir Greyback. He participated in Bill and Fleur's wedding and later stayed for a short time at their house, Shell Cottage. Bill also advised Harry not to attempt to deceive goblins. They also fought together in the Battle of Hogwarts and survived the war. After the Second Wizarding Warthey became brothers-in-law. Harry married Bill's younger sister Ginny Weasley.

Hermione Grangerhis future sister-in-law. Bill met Hermione Granger in the summer ofprior to Hermione's fourth year at Hogwarts. Although they were not very close, Hermione seemed to like Bill and the fact that he was a top student, which she heard from Ron and Percy.

Hermione fought alongside Bill at the Battle of the Astronomy Tower ; after the battle, Hermione visited Bill at Hogwarts' hospital wing, while she, members of the Order of the Phoenix and others discussed Dumbledore's death at the hands of Severus Snape. Hermione participated at the wedding of Bill and Fleur, and she later stayed for a short time at their house.

Bill was upset when he heard that Hermione had been tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange. He possibly had a good relationship with them, too. The original Order of the Phoenix. Bill became a member of the Order of the Phoenix inafter Voldemort's return. He had a good relationship with the most fellow members. He seemed to like Albus Dumbledorewho was his headmaster at the time Bill attended Hogwarts. Bill was loyal to Dumbledore, and fought for him at the Second Wizarding Warafter Dumbledore's death.

He seemed to be a friend of Remus Lupinas they fought together in several battles of the Second War. When Lupin was killed during the Battle of Hogwarts, his body was put near Fred's. It is possible that Bill cried for Lupin, too. He was also friendly with Alastor Moody. InMoody was the leader of a group that escorted Harry Potter to a safe place.

However, Moody was killed. Bill, along with Fleur, was the one to witness his friend's death by Lord Voldemort and tell about it to the others, as well. Bill also appeared to be on good terms with Nymphadora Tonks.

Bill and Tonks fought together in many battles and were close in age; Bill was also one of the first to learn about her childbirth. He was also friendly with Kingsley Shacklebolt. They fought together at many battles, such as the Battle of the Seven Potters and the Battle of Hogwarts. They both survived the war; Kingsley became Minister for Magic. Minerva McGonagall appeared to be on good terms with Bill's family.

She was Bill's head of house and Transfiguration professor. They both participated at the Battle of the Astronomy Tower and, after the battle, she visited Bill at the hospital, and they discussed Dumbledore and Snape.

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After Snape killed Albus Dumbledore, Bill was angry with Snape; however, he learned that Snape was on their side and that Dumbledore had asked Snape to kill him.

It is unknown how he reacted. Though most members of the Order of the Phoenix were killed by Death Eaters. Bill and most of his family were among the few others who managed to survive. The name "William" comes from the Germanic name Wilhelm, which was composed of the elements wil "will, desire" and helm "helmet, protection". Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? I am good-looking enough for both of us, I theenk! All these scars show is that my husband is brave. Contents [ show ].

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Jacob's sibling : " Are you ready for this, Bill? This is my time to stop talking about being a Curse-Breaker and actually being one. Madam Pomfrey says he won't - won't look the same anymore We don't really know what the aftereffects will be - I mean, Greyback being a werewolf, but not transformed at the time.

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Scrimgeour is dead. They are coming.

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