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Today there are dozens of. You can walk into any shop in any state and find any number of Ruger, Browning, Beretta, or Walther pistols among others who all promise to scratch that rimfire itch. But nearly a hundred years ago, Colt got this concept out and perfect and before anyone else did and it came in the form of a work of art we know today as the Woodsman- quite possibly the handgun shooters most want to see made again . The Woodsman is considered by many to be the most accurate. At the dawn of the 20th Century, Colt Firearms had a master artisan and visionary on their payroll. His name: John Moses Browning. Odds are, if you wanted a semi-automatic pistol in the US in the s, you had a Colt.

Here is the way to get to that particular function.

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Once you get to that page, enter all the characters and the numbers on your firearms into the search field. Next, you need to hit search to see the result.

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As the website already stated, a couple of vintage guns share serial numbers between models so if multiple models appear, simply match the proper date. Hence, the serial number you enter might return no result.

Apr 22,   Also if you have a Colt Woodsman that does not actually say 'The Woodsman' on it, and your serial number is less than #34, your gun is very collectable. Like over $ worth truthexchange-sow.com: Chris Eger. Collecting the Colt Woodsman is a hobby for me, not a business. Please note that I do not do appraisals, so please do not ask me to estimate the value of your gun. I have provided input to the Blue Book of Gun Values for several years, and as of the edition I also contribute to The Standard Catalog of Firearms. Colt's Manufacturing Company - firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers. If multiple models appear for your serial number simply match the date with the appropriate model, as certain vintage firearms can share serial numbers between different models. If your firearm does not appear in the listing, please understand that this is not a.

To put it plainly, the purpose of a COA is to show that the item it comes along is authentic. For most of the time, COAs include relevant details about the item from manufacturing date to the history of ownership.

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On a Letter Of Authenticity, you are going to find the specifications of the Colt, features and the delivery address.

Furthermore, the letter covers historical fact tied to the gun which usually increases its collectible value by a large margin.

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However, you have to keep in mind that the Letter Of Authenticity only describes the original configuration of the gun. That means aftermarket modifications like caliber, finish and barrel changes would not be reflected on the Colt Letter Of Authenticity.

COLT WOODSMAN - History and Field Disassembly

Needless to say, such a document must require a certain fee that people occasionally feel to be a bit expensive. In addition to that, special engraving, shipping destinations and alike should increase the final expense. As a result, the Letter Of Authenticity is mostly favored by collectors that have a lot of money to spend.

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Obviously, performing a manual lookup is tedious which involves substantial investments in times and efforts. In the case you are a weapon enthusiast, you should be able to comprehend the prefix and suffix characters on your Colt guns fairly well.

Your first guess is that the numbers simply progress forward as time passes by, right?

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All it takes to get the numbers to changes could be minor changes in the design, the beginnings of new time periods and many others.

Because of that, to perform a manual Colt serial number lookupyou have to accumulate experience in addition to grasping key developments of the brand.

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Colt's Manufacturing Company from to It was designed by John Moses Browning. The Colt Woodsman sprang from a design by John Moses Browning and was refined by gunsmiths and designers at Colt's before its introduction in Browning developed the Woodsman with a short slide, no grip safety and no hammer. These features were in place on his Model and designs, but a handgun for the civilian market did not require them.

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The Target Model was the base model and featured a 6" barrel with adjustable front and rear sights. The Sport Model was designed as a field sidearm for hiking and camping in and had a 4.

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Original versions were made with a fixed front sight in the first series, but by the latter half of production, an adjustable sight was available. The Match Target Model debuted in and featured a heavier barrel with a one piece wrap-around grip known as the "elephant ear.

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Colt resumed production of the Woodsman in The three Models remained the same, but were built on a longer heavier frame and had a magazine safety, automatic slide stop and magazine release located at the rear of the trigger guard. The Air Force models had no special markings and most were sold as surplus through the Director of Civilian Marksmanship Program.

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The bulk of the Marine and Coast Guard versions were destroyed and sold as scrap metal. Colt changed the design of the Woodsman in The three Models remained the same, but the markings, grips and sights underwent slight changes.

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The most significant was relocating the magazine release from the rear of the trigger guard to the heel of the grip as on the first series. From walnut stocks with a thumbrest were optional, in place of the standard black plastic stocks.

The Colt Woodsman is a semi-automatic sporting pistol manufactured by the truthexchange-sow.com's Manufacturing Company from to It was designed by John Moses Browning. The frame design changed over time, in three distinct series: series one being -, series two -, and series three being -Type: Semi-automatic pistol. Includes Challenger, Huntsman and Targetsman FIRST SERIES WOODSMAN: (Target and Sport Models) DATE Approximate Serial Number Mar 1 Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Woodsman Woodsman Match Target (1st "BULLSEYE" Model) Woodsman 2nd & 3rd Mod & Match Target. Colt Long Guns top. Berdan (Russian) Model Rifle Berdan (U.S.) Model Rifle Burgess Lever Action Rifle Colt - Sauer Drilling Colt - Sauer Bolt Action Rifle Colt - Sharps Sporting Rifle Colt AR Sporter Colt'57 Bolt Action Rifle Coltsman Bolt Action Rifle.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Type of Semi-automatic pistol.

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American Rifleman. National Rifle Association of America. Retrieved 25 March This is yet another classic firearm from John M. Browning, assisted by Colt employees George H.

Values for Colt Woodsman cal. pistol, serial No. S, semi-automatic, owner's name at top of grip, includes two clips and additional set wooden grips, to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions. Aug 14,   One of the most popular Colt Woodsman models is the Sport variation of the Third Series, manufactured from to On the First Series, the rear sight was adjustable for windage and the front for elevation. Colt referred to these as "adjustable sights," but a fully adjustable rear sight was only available on the Match Target model. 23 rows  The Woodsman Bullseye model was numbered in non-sequential blocks, so a gun with a lower serial number might well have been assembled and shipped later than one with a higher serial number. As a result, any table of manufacture dates by serial number for the First Series Match Target can only be approximate at best.

Tansley and F. Shooting Illustrated.

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National Rifle Association. Archived from the original on 2 February

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