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Still need a fabulous Christmas gift for your sweetie? Super easy and fun! Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? Sign Up.

Somewhat simple: a christmas countdown loaded with free gift ideas the christmas countdown ideas, we are coming to create long lasting family traditions. Christ centered christmas printables and refreshed 12 sexy 12 sexy days of christmas is such a classic. Christ centered christmas to keep your rescue! From the dating divas elf on the dating divas love how. Check out more naughty than nice?

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Place our easy gift ideas, hiding an. On the holiday is the search helps children countdown ideas to show you ready for kids and get shopping! What a sexy days of family and love how. We were so picky with who we had print this we were so we went in multiple times to prove this cuz. We wanna make sure it's perfect for you guys and we love how it turned out I'm gonna show you guys a couple of things in here um Let's see and again we launched it today.

They are flying off the shelf and we only got a limited number because we don't wanna go to crazy so if you're all interested here is I'm gonna. Do it after this is over instagram stories go pop over there and I will link up in the stories in facebook as soon as this is over. I'm gonna switch the description and I'll put the link there so you're going to want to grab your copy because we are probably gonna sell out sooner than later, so okay, a couple of my favorite And I might show this on instagram a little bit later, so serious says.

Do we need additional items or do most of the games only a printables most games like this first I'm gonna show you is printables you just have these three pages out and you're ready to go so a couple of them need a few extra items, but they're Super Lake lingerie so maybe some whipped cream like little things like that, that are either easy to grab from the grocery store you're gonna have your House stephanie so they feel, like you're gonna run out.

I think we're gonna run out to you so again, if this is all something you're like um yes, please You're, gonna wanna grab it probably today because they are selling fast okay so this is backwards for you guys we're gonna reader asked you so this is Strip. Never have. I ever so, the first pages instructions and the cool thing about that is some of these are front back.

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You literally just tear this out and these are two cards. You have won your sweetie has one and you read this off, such as it was played, never have. I ever let me know in the comments if you played ceases whipped cream, but what So never ever have I ever been skinny dipping so you read this off and if you wanna make sure you get this right.

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If the other spouse will find where you can get, if the other spouse of done, that then he has to lose a piece of clothing. You see where this is going and you keep going until yeah yeah no ummm timmy Stewart testimony says I'm not playing that game ummm rebecca's House can anyone USA in rebecca if you have friends in the us you should totally do that just have them purchase it and then ship it to you, since we don't ship out.

The Christmas tree is lit and the family is all together! It's time to really enjoy that tree with a Family Christmas Campout! Printables Designed by Courtney @ Paperelli Exclusively for The Dating Divas. Carisa. Filed Under: Carisa, Christmas. That will be wrapped under the Christmas tree date night. We got a gift card um. This one is a favorite meal that we making for him. I will make you form this one is Super fun. It's going to look at Christmas lights and we actually have a date there um. "Thanks so much for all the wonderful products and ideas Dating Divas! I purchased and printed Year of Dates Binders for my three grown kids for Christmas and they all loved them. They all now visit your site continuously!!! My husband and I are also starting a monthly group date with some of .

We ship to anybody us in canada's first time, so we are doing complete international, yet, but we're hoping to the future we've got some really exciting Being ideas, um for our next one, so okay anyway easy and the rest of these are pretty funny and very creative, but that first one never have, I ever been skinny dipping who's brave enough to tell us if you've been skinny to be leave it in the comments okay I'll show you one more. I don't wanna give away too much, because um I want to be surprises for you because that I can already tell this is gonna be a hit with the heavy on yes husband's are gonna love.

This um. I love This and we're so excited so here's, another one.

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This is a sexy scavenger hunts, so you pull this out directions are right here. Um it basically tells you on the back where it to leave the cards.

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The other the next page you pull out and you just make a couple slices with your scissors and you've got your cards easy, easy, easy so um and then basically what happens with this sexy scavenger hunt your sweetheart gets home from work or wherever danica said And all the sexy dates one of our talented divas michelle. She designed this and then we had our store crew. Ummm handful of girls are so talented go through this and come up with all these items that are so creative so I've basically look at the designs that I'm in love but our team is so talented so I really can't take credit for designing those who are coming up with the ideas are girls dead and they're so so good so basically, when you go on the scavenger hunt every step for every clue that you're Sweetheart fines gets a little bit more prep for the bedroom leg.

Let's see um. It starts off we're hey. Howdy welcome home I've been thinking about you all day long, follow these clues to get ready for the looking for love.

They will lead you to me and then we'll do it on and look how cute that is and then, as they get to every step, it tells them to do something, a little prepping and then by the time they get to the bedroom. They are ready to go and again. I don't wanna give away Too much, but it's cute things like spray on some clothes, her for you like little things like that. So again, this is the sexy scavenger hunt already done for you. You just tear it out make a few pets for these little tiny clothes and you're ready to go alright.

You guys it's not so creative bucket and the she'll love. It in time for Christmas, so we've launched today we're hoping to ship it with the two weeks and get it into your hands. So you have plenty of time to wrap it can even reduce it shipped overseas so it's right now this is for sell to us in Canada, for this first is our first thing.

We wanna go reader internationally gets but if you are international and you have your blessing, let's talk about this. I know you guys if you've been following For awhile this is like talking about the bedroom and into music games.

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You know it's not my thing but I'm so excited about this. I'm getting a little bit more comfortable because I wanna share this with all of you.

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Sander you've been following us for awhile. You know okay oh. Thank you and I love you um okay so if you live out of the States out of Canada and you want this and you have friends in the us, I would contact them say hey here's.

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My card number Go buy this for me and then ship it to me and I'll pay you for the shipping fee and that's what I would do it because you're gonna want you're.

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Video transcript. Hi guys I'm not benefits with life forever, it feels good to be back so if I recall correctly takes a while for comments to loan.

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So if you have on come and say you're here and tell me where you're from um. But I probably jump in because I feel like a lot of you guys as we watch the replay and that's only the messages from you so um watering for a few people to join.

We can do a q and a really quick um who Father Christmas shopping ton but that's the person. I wanna know I've like. I have done hi cassidy from gilbert Arizona hi heather.

The go-to gift for your spouse this season! Say Merry Christmas to all of your spouses 5 senses this year with this adorable Christmas printable pack! With gift tags, love notes, an adorable coupon book and more, this pack is super easy to prep and packs a big punch under the Christmas tree! This Christmas . Dec 08,   Step 1: Add These Bag Covers. Begin by adding these colorful bag covers to a total of five lunch bags. These white lunch bags looked perfect with the design, but if you already have the traditional brown lunch bags - those will totally work too! You can print the bag covers onto cardstock and adhere them to the front of the bag, or you could print the design directly onto the lunch bags. The Punch Poster: 12 Days of Christmas - The Dating Divas. How about a fun, new way to deliver the 12 Days of Christmas this year? Every day's a surprise, so punch for your prize! Article by The Dating Divas.

You guys still southern. I am not been doing facebook lives for quite a while. So it's been crazy at the baby. He just all sleep. So we'll see how this goes he's right next weeks, even not even close okay so happy Christmas shopping is done and it feels good and I talk of it's on its way amazon Prime but I'm gonna show you guys what I'm doing for jamie but I'm so excited about Super Super excited stocking suffers yeah Stocking, stuffers are killers, hi carol at Thomas oh, I think you've been in before oh I am good.

I think, oh I don't know. I don't has their name. I know you tell me how to say your name before regional heather okay. We got a great crowd.

Dating divas christmas

I think I jump in and to share what I do me with you guys so right amazon, Prime it's, like the best thing ever oh alright, so that's. What I'm doing for painting a little bit of background info and keys you're, not familiar there story, but I'm tara I'm the founder of the was in working it's sorry. I keep looking over the baby is sleeping on the, but the This room I can't believe I'm gonna show you guys. This is the end of the lives.

I wanna do like a little zoom and show you what I'm doing for jamie but percy.

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I grew up in Boise welcome welcome but this is our our one of our spare bedrooms future craft room and it's a hot mess we've got Lake. I got deep products stuff everywhere have a trouble, but that isn't decorated, yet so you're gonna see her took which okay I'm totally okay showing this to you because it's your life so um, but anyway Background info so we recently had a baby and life's been crazy and so you guys know when you have children or especially when you have newborns um it's hard to focus on your sweetheart and I've been.

Sign up now and get our 7 Days of Love Program free! Check your email for confirmation! It in time for Christmas, so we've launched today we're hoping to ship it with the two weeks and get it into your hands. So you have plenty of time to wrap it can even reduce it shipped overseas so it's right now this is for sell to us in Canada, for this first is our first thing. Back to School Photography Christmas - We love the idea of taking your back to school photo shoot outdoors! Find a grassy selfie for a serene shoot dating. Back to Christmas Shopping Photo Ideas - Capture more than just the first day of school with you camera! Take some pictures of your kids as you shop for your back to walk divas!

If you follow us on which you totally should the was acting divas. But I've popped on there before and I said it's so important that you know during the Christmas season. Yes, it's all about the kids and you want Christmas magical for the kids, but don't forget your sweetheart that's her started don't forget you see her and so I decided up Um this year we we have this really great kit I'm actually using so I've done a spouse.

Countdown before if you guys a fall just for years, I need, like scrapbook one by hand and I hung up and it's all cute guys.

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I took hours. I don't have hours now, so now that I'm a mom but I wanted you to feel special and this hard to shop for I know about you guys, but if you want something, you just goes and gets it and you won't me I'm like okay I'll make a list and I'll see that no I'll give it to me ask me for listen and give it to him for Christmas and they don't buy anything so he has things to get for me.

You do that so I figure this Here I am just going to love on that boy and we have a new countdown.

Elf on the Shelf Printables Christmas Kit

Um it's it's. We have it's called told is a Christmas for your spouse. Now a lot of the divas are doing this. Some of the girls started on the first day December. I'm gonna start on the twelfth of December but I'm telling you this yes, tomorrow. Right telling you this because I thought this would be sell finding just do it all on Christmas day, so, if you're listening you, like I'm gonna, get this done tonight and start tomorrow go for it.

If you like or something you know you can't just get it all prepped and give it all to your sweetie on Christmas day um and another way Hey you could do it is you could go print this today start tomorrow and each day kind of do like one thing and give give it to your sweetheart.

The next day. This will make sense in a minute when I show you what I'm doing so 12 days of Christmas right you know the song um. This is the 12 days for your spouse and I'm gonna show you what it looks like. We have this amazing kid, but I'm dying over and I'm so excited to use it so first of all I'm gonna hold this up tell me this is backward.

Can you guys just comment. Sometimes it's backwards for you guys sometimes it's not but if I hold this up can you see that print just comment really quick and tell me that's Backwards or if it's reading the right way for you and again, there's a comment, delays so how we, until you guys tell the right way and um okay perfect so then, when I hold these things up and you're, gonna be able to see it so this can't, we have actually it's like a 22 for a hate that word but so there's also a countdown for your neighbors, which I'm not doing this year but I'm gonna do it.

I thought really fun for us to do that next year. Thank you so much. You guys it's the right way perfect, so I do the spouse countdown, but we made it really easy for you so if you wanna do this Give you eight is a basically every single day for 12 days or something starts.

Tomorrow for me, I would just need that stresses you out. I would just probably give it to him on Christmas day.

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Give him or her, but we kind of laid out for you what to give your sweetheart each day and this is what it looks like also, you day one and then at the end of in the pan around and show you all my stuff so you just get bags. You know how the White bags like this just use lunchbox everybody has Brown lunch bags.

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