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At least until Marcus was sent home, the threat was gona, and things once again fizzled. When Jasmine brought Charles into the house as a temptation, Faith started hitting him up, prompting her to have a conversation with June about where they stood. And things didn't exactly end well - or really get a chance to be resolved before he was sent home. Even with him back, June seems to be keeping his emotional distance, and everyone is just hoping Faith will finally get the hint. Remember him from The Bachelorette. He was one of JoJo Fletcher 's final picks, but didn't quite make the cut.

What starts as a lie, burgeons into a terrible secret. But Theo knows, and he taunts Stiles with the prospect of his punishment, which would be to lose Scott's trust and friendship.

When Scott finally finds out, Stiles' fears prove to be true.

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As many fans were quick to point out, what's truly sad about this scene is that if their positions were reversed, Stiles would understand and probably wouldn't blame Scott.

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