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Originally posted by nellaey. There would be lots of pillows and blankets and you would drink primarily from teacups, regardless of the beverage. Originally posted by butteryplanet. I ship you with Sirius Black! A new, pretty, Australian girl at Hogwarts? He was all in from the moment he heard about you. Your choice in music is nothing more than another pro for him.

The rest of the team followed suit, and their side of the stands let out a few hoots as they came into view.

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Across the pitch, the Slytherin team came into view. James could see you in the front, laughing at Colleen Freeman, a Slytherin chaser. You looked away from her, and right at James. You conjured up a confident smirk and James felt his heart stop for a second.

A whistle sounded, knocked James back towards the game. Winking at your quickly and smugly, James looked to the announcer as his voice boomed over the chaos of the crowds.

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Beater, Marci Crocker, another gem! James watch you fly over the crowd followed by Marci, clapping hands with the onlookers. The rest of the team filed behind you as their names were called. James scoffed at the overrated hoots and hollers from the Slytherins.


Soon, they were all on the field, now lined up and waiting for the match to begin. The announcer began spitting out names from the Gryffindor, and you watch as they all flew into the air, entertaining a little hype, and then settling across the field from you. Madam Hooch blew a whistle beneath you, and loudly requested the captains. As did in every game, you and James flew down, eye level with Hooch. I want a clean match, you two.

You rose up from the ground to hover above your team as the game commenced. Hooch was spouting her nonsense, as the Snitch buzzed around. Finally, she released the quaffle, and the game was off. You glanced around for the Snitch, and then at James, who was already looking at you.

You blinked, and looked away, zooming to a higher vantage point. You were set on winning this game. Seven minutes went on, you and James both trying to spot the snitch. It seemed impossible. Suddenly, you heard a buzzing behind you, and turned to see the snitch about two feet away.

Dating luna lovegood would include

Your breath caught in your throat and you whipped around towards it, zipping behind it as it plummeted. You hear both the Slytherin and Gryffindor teams burst into cheer as you and apparently James both switched into action. You were nearing the snitch, but could see James moving closer out of the corner of your eye.

You reached your fingers out, almost grazing the wing, and James dived underneath you, behind zipping straight up and stealing the snitch from right in front of you. His eyes lit up and he began squawking immediately. Congratulations, Gryffindor! James laughed in front of you as teammates flew closer and the crowds roared. The sound of canons and bells filled your ears as the Gryffindors rejoiced. You scoffed and flew closer to James.

The Gryffindor captain smirked, sliding a hand over your cheek. James leaned in and placed a short, and sweet kiss on your lips. He smiled, tasting the cherry chapstick on your mouth.

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Pulling away with a laugh as the other Gryffindors piled in, he pecked your lips one more time before soaring off for a victory lap. Originally posted by peterandygarfield. You stared at her for a second, before returning your attention to the almost blank piece of parchment sitting in front of you. The essay was to be about one major contribution they had to the wizarding world, and how it had affected you personally.

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She mewed, and sprawled out across your parchment, knocking over an ink well in the process. You sprung from your seat, and quickly charmed away the mess. You scolded Delilah, looking at the couple blots on your shirt.

Dating Luna Lovegood Would Include Posted on Saturday with 74 notes, 1 year ago Word Count: 1, (longest to date by a mile, which is what she deserves!). Word Count: Prompt: NoneWarnings: None Star gazing together Long conversations that include deep thoughts about her varying beliefs/interests Her standing up for your beliefs even if she doesn't fully agree with them Supporting you if anyone ever bullies you, and reminding you that you are more than what they see Reading the Quibbler with her Everything she says is really straight forward. Dating Harry Potter Would Include d r a c o m a l f o y. It's Always Been You. Pretty Little Secret. Midnight Talks & Firewhisky. Leaving It All. h e r m i o n e g r a n g e r. Dating Hermione Granger Would Include l u n a l o v e g o o d. Dating Luna Lovegood Would Include ated

The morning light shining through the window gave them a blueish hue. You yawned, looking out across the field behind your dorm.

Dating luna lovegood would include. Ceo and luna lstr platform, crypto investment opportunities? Use no selling data -better messages from users can upload data -better messages from users to explode to date passes. Communities linking to buy, project, the first listed on cryptocurrency expert to fix online dating. However it was into crypto. Relationships. Evanna Lynch has been in relationships with Robbie Jarvis ( - ). About. Evanna Lynch is a 29 year old Irish Actress. Born Evanna Patricia Lynch on 16th August, in Termonfeckin, County Louth, Ireland, she is famous for Luna Lovegood on Harry Potter in . Nov 11,   I also do lists of what dating them would include. Comment any ideas! Published November 11, ated 9 months ago. 42 pages 70, reads- Romance Harry Potter Hp Hazel Dating Luna Lovegood Would Include Dating Ginny Weasley Would Include PSA (Momento Mori) Harry Potter x Reader One Shots.

Seconds later, a knock on the door broke you from your fatigue induced trance. You trudged over, glancing at your appearance in the mirror while calling out to the visitor.

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You looked like a deprived raccoon, hair sticking in all directions with bags under your eyes in pajamas. Nonetheless, you opened the door, nearly slamming it shut when you saw your visitor.

Remus Lupin stood outside your dorm in a sweater and glasses. He looked just as tired as you, but had a warm glow as always. He bit down on his lip as you swung the door open, shoving his left hand into his pocket. You gave him a quizzical look. He was the popular, mysterious, prank-pulling Marauder in the year above you.

What business did he have outside of your room at nine on a Sunday morning? With a soft jerk, he pulled something out of his pocket. He ran a hand through his hair with another hearty laugh. You smiled, balling up your underwear.

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He turned away quickly, almost jogging down the hallway. You bit down on your lip, making a split second decision. He gave you an expectant look.

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You smiled, throwing your panties into the clothes bin to your right. Posts ships open : Archive. Any era.

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I'm a 5'3ft Gemini with long black hair, blue eyes and light freckles on my nose and cheeks. I'm Australian so my accent is very thick.

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Help us build our profile of Evanna Lynch! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. Evanna Patricia Lynch, born 16 August is an Irish actress, activist, voice actress and narrator. She rose to prominence for her role as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter film series, appearing in the last four films and their tie-in video games, as well as in the musical A Very Potter Senior Year.

As an activist, Lynch focuses on veganism and animal rights.

Nov 11,   Word Count: Prompt: NoneWarnings: NoneMessing with his hair Getting yelled at for messing with his hair But you don't care "Y/N!" "It's so soft though!" "Don't touch it!" "Fiiine!" He loves to lend you his scarf, but he won't ever admit it He secretly loves when you kiss his forehead or whisper in his ear Again, he'll never admit it There'. Nov 11,   Word Count: Prompt: What dating Sirius Black would include? (Marauders Era)Warnings: SwearAll nighters Which include causal conversations Like how to prank half of the professors Playing with his hair And listening to him complain But he secretly adores it PDA obviously Holding hands is extremely important to him He carries your textbooks to every class You guys break . Sep 12,   Irish actress Evanna Lynch first appeared to public attention in the Harry Potter films series as Luna "Loony" Lovegood, she appears in the last four films and their tie-in video games, as well as the musical A Very Potter Senior credits her being cast in the Harry Potter films to the obsession with the Harry Potter book series. At age 11, during the release of the fifth book.

She has been involved in many non-profit campaigns and launched both a vegan-themed podcast and the cruelty-free cosmetics brand Kinder Beauty Box. Andel musician and Evanna Lynch have been dating since Robbie Jarvis and Evanna Lynch dated from to November, Great job in amazing series of films.

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I thank you. Oh, Evy.

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And, ur eyes. I dont knw how u look in reality but em pretty sure that u aint like others gals, u r just amazing in ua ways Well, i'm following u on Twitter and i enjoy reading ua funny Tweets! U r the perfect gal, prettiest gal any boy, any celebrity can get only if they see through my eyes Evy, Te amo tanto! Evanna Im pretty much better than everyone.

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Contribute Help us build our profile of Evanna Lynch! Modelling Independent Talent Group Ltd. Grid List Table. Andel musician started dating Evanna Lynch Robbie Jarvis and Evanna Lynch separated in N Andel musician Andel musician and Evanna Lynch have been dating since

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