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These series are as much celebrated cymbal sounds and icons of music culture, as they are an ongoing quest: the repeated effort to find new sound qualities in a pioneering bronze alloy and the relentless pursuit of cymbal sounds to match trends in music. The beginnings of the and its predecessor Giant Beat are intimately related to the early period of Rock music. The story begins sometime in the early s. Rock and Jazz significantly influence each other, as giants like Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and Joe Zawinul vigorously pursue the electrification of Jazz. A fusion of the design principles of the sophisticated qualities of Formula and the energy and brilliance of the Giant Beat together with the CuSn8 bronze formula proves to be the magical mixture, and the is inaugurated in Most of the major Rock drummers of the time flock to the new cymbals and make them part of their sound.

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Used by themselves, or augmenting other lines, especially RUDE, s became an important component of music in the 's. Paiste made a few changes to the line and starting in labels would be silk screened red.

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Gone were the days of rubber stamps. Paiste expanded the series to include models like the Heavy Crash to better fit the then-current trends in music.

The "Novo", as it is often referred to, was originally called "Inverted China". It had a round bell unlike the regular China Type, but more importantly, it featured a profile that allowed it to be mounted upside down.

To this day, Paiste is the only company to offer such a China. Among these new series was the line, which was designed to replace the s.

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However, the s weren't as successful as hoped,and fans of the objected to Paiste's decision to discontinue the series. Although never printed on the cymbals, this new era of became known as the "Everclassic" series.

Mar 30,   Dating Sabian cymbals. Thread starter eddiej; Start date Mar 28, ; Mar 28, #1 eddiej DFO Master. Joined Aug 17, Messages 3, Reaction score 64 Location Lower Makefield, PA. I know this topic comes up with Zildjian and Paiste cymbals from time to time. How do you date Sabian cymbals? I bought a used AAX stage ride a while back. The 20" Paiste Ride is a versatile ride with a penetrating ping and a warm, lively overall sound. This works well for light to medium volume situations. It has a strong bell and wide frequency range. This is the cymbal to nail the classic rock ride sound heard on records since the '60s. The 14" Paiste Sound Edge Hi-hat pair is a classic. Mar 29,   With six number serials, the Paiste stance and the first number tells the year: Serials with no lettering above them are from the 70's, i.e. just 2XXXXX would mean From or so, the lettering was in capital letters. PAISTE 3XXXXX would then be From there onward, they used the stylized lettering, so pAisTe 4XXXXX would be

Many ads in drumming publications from this time make reference to this name. Paiste now counted Six 6 professional series of cymbals: Signature then called simply Paiste, Sound Creation, and Formula As the Signature series became wildly popular, the 's were a slow growth period for the As the decade rolled on, more series were phased out.

The series that was once regarded by the company as the next flagship line, was discontinued in The RUDE family of cymbals that were in the series were then added to the s. RUDEs would remain there until when they would become their own line, as they were when Paiste first introduced them in the early 's.

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The company, who once embraced esoteric music within the series, discontinued certain sizes. Gone were small Rides and huge Crashes and China Types.

Paiste Timeline. PAISTE Cymbal Series Timeline. Quellen: Originalausgabe vom Customer Service Deopartment, Paiste Schweiz vom , erganzt durch meine Anmerkungen. Mar 11,   The "PAISTE [SERIES]" stamp over a 6-digit serial number was used circa and the first digit of the serial number indicated the last digit of the year. Thus, your cymbal would be a If you or anyone else would like more info, there are a couple of decent resources on the web to keep things straight like this one at cymbal wiki. May 27,   Cymbals made there don't necessarily have a serial number that corresponds to the year of manufacture, and if the German site was producing Paiste 's in the 's, then it's only a probable chance that your cymbal is an vintage and mine They could have been made in , '88, '89 for all that we know.

In JanuaryPaiste announced the availability of selected series models in a "Special Edition" issue. The cymbals were faithful reproductions of vintage 's. No changes to current manufacturing methods were required as the hand crafting of cymbals has not changed in the past 30 years.

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They featured the original hand stamped logos as used in the early 's. These "Special Edition" models were made available to commemorate the series' 30 year anniversary, and in response to requests for a special celebration of the cymbals in the year synonymous with its name.

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They were only be manufactured during the year Created for the needs of a totally new generation of musicians, cymbals have been part of a sound that changed the world of music. During the 's Beat and Rock music took the world by storm. A prevalent feature of the new music was the extensive use of electronic amplification.

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As the new music styles matured and evolved, the requirements of cymbal sound became more complex. The answer was a fusion of forceful Giant Beat and sophisticated Formula sound qualities. The resulting cymbals were introduced in and christened '', a number at once reminiscent of the '' and expressing a completely revolutionary concept by choosing a year far ahead in the future.

Since this year has actually arrived, and the cymbals are still made successfully, it seemed appropriate to celebrate the more than 30 years of history of one of the most influential musical instruments ever created. Thus, this certificate accompanies a 'Special Edition' cymbal, as recorded below by its model name and serial number. The one concession to history is the application of brand and model designations using the traditional black, hand stamp method.

PAISTE drummers Meg White and Patrick Carney find ample space to fill with their cymbals, White Stripes and Black Keys being minimalist duos. The Brazilian cult metal band Sepultura is joined by Eloy Casagrande and his RUDEs in the s, bringing an extraordinary synthesis of musicality and physicality to the stage. cymbals are made from our CuSn8 bronze, an alloy Paiste first used in PAISTE CYMBALS NEW JOHN BONHAM SOUND EDGE HI-HAT RIDE CRASH CARRY BAG CASE. $1, 23h 44m +$ shipping. Make Offer - PAISTE CYMBALS NEW JOHN BONHAM SOUND EDGE HI-HAT RIDE CRASH CARRY BAG CASE. Paiste Black Logo Medium Crash 16 Inches cymbal. $ 5d 14h.

We hope you enjoy this magnificent musical instrument, which, due to the limited manufacture only in is sure to become a cherished collector's item. Responding to the nostalgia craze of the mids, some larger models were re-introduced. Besides these, many new models came out this decade, some carried over from the discontinued Dimensions series. The site is: www.

Dating paiste 2002 cymbals

With six number serials, the Paiste stance and the first number tells the year: Serials with no lettering above them are from the 70's, i. From or so, the lettering was in capital letters. In or so however, they changed the system to an eight digit number, where the first two numbers tell the year, and the lettering has no longer anything to do with decade.

And about weight, just put the cymbal on a scale, you don't need a serial number interpreter for that. You can also contact Paiste for more detailed information, like who worked the cymbal and when etc.

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Thank you very much, Akahito. With your information I was able to determine the cymbal I've been looking to buy was manufactured in Doesn't appear to have been used much, but I hate buying ride cymbals sight unseen. Oh well, we'll see Thanks again my friend

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