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This story appears in the May issue of Entrepreneur. To avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, he wants her to report to me instead. What do you think? You and your partner need to see your attorney as well as an HR expert, but first you need to have an owner-to-owner talk about leadership ethics. This is no dating game-the relationship, whether or not they stay together, could wreak havoc on your culture and company.

Are you patient with the waiter, who is clearly new at his job?

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How do you talk about the food? Perhaps most importantly, how do you tip?

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No matter what role they have in a restaurant, they are on their feet pretty much all day long. Treating your partner to a nice long foot massage at the end of a hard day is pretty much the nicest thing you can do for him or her.

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But not for the reason you might think. This one depends on your partner, their role in the restaurant and how seriously they take their job.

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Some people are able to remove themselves from their work environment and enjoy dining at another restaurant whole heartedly.

Others, though, may find themselves criticizing anything at the restaurant that is out of place or not done to perfection.

A Restaurant Manager hires staff such as servers, cooks and dishwashers, creating standards of job performance for these new hires. They monitor the quality of food, service and presentation in the restaurant, and they coach employees so as to enhance guests' experiences at the restaurant. May 26,   "Most restaurant people don't have time for or give a shit about long-winded, BS profiles on the more serious dating sites." "There are Author: Dave Infante. A restaurant manager is a person in charge of the daily operations of an eating establishment. He or she typically helps to hire, train, and schedule staff to meet expected business demands.

Know this going in. It might simplify your life to perfect your cooking skills and eat in most nights.

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There are really only two possible outcomes when you date an employee. One is that you will fall in love and live happily ever after.

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The second and most probable outcome is that you will break up. How difficult is this to deal with?

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Think about the worst breakup that you've had with a significant other. Pretty bad wasn't it? Now picture that happening in front of everyone at work.

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At best, you'll be pitied by the staff members who are sympathetic. At the worst, you'll be the villain.

The more time you spend in restaurants and bars, the more it may cross your mind that it'd be pretty sweet to jump into that dating pool. Everyone's young, they're friendly (it's their job), they've got good taste, and they have backstage access to some of the most desirable spots in the city. But a restaurant industry partner isn't all sunshine and free Regan Hofmann. Aug 20,   A daily business review report allows restaurant managers to build a history of their business. It can help analyze sales trends, payroll costs, and customer counts, and predict future sales. Restaurants have a built-in catering clientele in their customer base as well as the resources: food, equipment, and staff. Dating An Employee is Never a Good Idea: In short, it can be one of the most serious threats to a restaurant manager's career. Many food service environments have all the "wrong" ingredients; a server/bartender staff made up of charismatic employees, late nights and/or long hours, and a limited social life outside of work.

And nevermind the potential for humiliating or embarrassing "episodes" To make matters worse, the employee could go to your general manager or corporate manager and accuse you of sexual harassment. She or he could say that she was only going out with you because she feared she would have been fired if she didn't.

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You'll be angry. You'll be shocked.

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Even if your relationship was totally consenting, you will most probably lose the sexual harassment lawsuit. Think about it; once you start dating, your employee could also claim that he or she feared losing his or her job unless you kept seeing each other.

Think about what that will do to your credibility and all of your hopes and aspirations of promotion.

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When I was vice president of operations of a regional restaurant chain, this sort of scenario played itself out twice.

In the first instance, a female server faxed a letter to the corporate office describing a situation where an assistant manager was giving preferential treatment to another server.

She wrote that all the servers knew about it and were tired of it, and wanted to know what were we going to do to stop it. This turned out to be particularly bad because the manager in question was married, and not to this server.

Dating restaurant manager

The manager was nearly lost his job. Because, seriously, who would want to work on that team? If not, one way to try to create a win-win is to help the employee find a new job if that is what she wants.

If she agrees that it would be best for her to move on, ask people in your network if they know of an equivalent-or, ideally, better-position at another company. So, from both the business and ethical perspectives-to keep your staff from getting distracted by a soap opera and to give the employee involved an opportunity to leave a complicated situation and come out even or ahead professionally-you should focus on separating the work and romantic relationships.

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Once you have this situation sorted out, I recommend taking a look at the larger issue of interoffice romances. Insider Ethics Coach.

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May 18,   A: There are numerous ethical issues involved in an owner or CEO or, really, any manager dating an employee. You and your partner need to see your attorney as well as an HR expert, but first you. Nov 19,   Most restaurant managers receive a salary, rather than hourly wages. Their annual income varies greatly with the size, concept, and location of a restaurant. Managing a small, locally owned restaurant in a college town will net you about $30, a year (without benefits). Managing a five-star restaurant in New York City can bring in as much as. Nov 09,   Dating can be challenging, no matter what industries you both work in. The restaurant industry in particular can have specific challenges that can make it difficult to maintain a long-term relationship unless you know what you're getting into. If you're dating somebody who works in the restaurant industry, here are some things you should know.

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