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You knew He took the fall and decided to trusts her with his secrets, knowing that it might as well be his downfall. But he too is tired and for once he would like nothing more than to just live in the present and stop thinking about all the consequences. About the direness of this mission that is doomed from the start, about his mother all alone in Malfoy Manor that is now crawling with Death Eaters and the Dark Lord himself, about his father that is rotting away in Azkaban. Is this what it feels like to be Potter?

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He often found himself wondering. Relishing in the feeling of comfort that she always effortlessly brings to him despite all. She let her hand travel down again, hovering near his left arm Instead of answering, he folded the sleeve of his shirt up, exposing the skin beneath it where the Dark Mark slithers menacingly every now and then.

Read Dating Scott Would Include from the story Teen Wolf Imagines/Preferences by BrettTalbotgirl22 with 2, reads. aiden, teenwolfimagines, bretttalbot. Lat. Dating Scott Reed Would Include (GIF is mine) A/N: It's been a long time since I actually have written something, so sorry if this sucks. Also, English is not my language, so I'm sorry for the mistakes this can have. I did my best to write this. Please don't be rude. Him being a bundle of nerves when he asks you out; But you find it. Dating Scott McCall would include Falling in love with you at first sight Stiles has to push him to go talk to you at first Study dates neck kisses forehead kisses Passionate I love you.

A constant reminder of a path that he has forged for himself. A path that strayed from hers.

Dating scott would include

Hating himself more than ever for even saying this because gods he really wants to be a man that deserves this girl and all her love. I can see it Maybe a kid or two with my hair and your eyes.

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What a beautiful dream. Draco sat up and took her head in his hands, cupping it softly. Draco leaned in, his lips meeting hers and they shared their final kiss.

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Desperation, hope, and longing pouring between them. No matter how much it will break him.

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He looked at her one last time, still under the sleeping spell that he placed on her after he altered her memories. This is his price and he has paid it in full. I love you all, I hope this finds you well.

Read dating scott would include from the story teen wolf (preferences and imagines) by -hollandrodens (hannah) with 11, reads. liamdunbar, ardencho, theor. Dating Scott McCall Would Include Being best friends at first Helping him in his first full moon Helping him with Allison until they broke up Being there for him when she died And then. Dating Scott McCall would include: the first time Scott sees you he is overwhelmed by your beauty and stops whatever he is doing Stiles notices this and nudges him, smirking and raising his eyebrows the two of you spent months flirting but did not acknowledge your feelings until the pack sits Scott down and tells him you love him and the two of you should stop dancing around one another s.

I figured we all needed some love right now. Most idols don't talk about their mental health because some of their "fans" shit on them for it. Calling them all sorts of insulting things. And these insane beauty standards. Like how can you expect all female idols to have the same weight. Taller people have to weigh more than their shorter group members to be considered healthy.

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How do you expect an - cm to have the same weight as their cm group members? And to think that idols that are cm are forced to be that weight or the public calls them fat and ugly and tells them that they don't deserve to be idols because they're not the "ideal" weight.

Read Dating Scott would include: from the story Teen Wolf Imagines\preferences by woozislittlelegs (Hwang Hyunjin) with reads. stiles, mccall, - DATING SCOTT MCCALL WOULD INCLUDE. PERMANANT TAG: @dreamescapeswriting Originally posted by smolspiderboy - Being a friend of Stiles and meeting Scott in freshman year - Loving him before he became all butch wolf - Always holding hands or having his arm around you - "Okay we get it, you're in love." - "Stiles, please just shut up.". Dec 04,   Read Dating Scott Would Include from the story Teen Wolf Preferences by daeadunbar01 (Flower Power) with 3, reads. scott, stiles, liam. him being over Reviews: 3.

No matter how long they trained, how hard they've worked, how talented they are. And the fact that all idols need to be pale because it's part of the beauty standards.

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The idols are throwing away their childhood, their privacy, their love live, to do something they love, and the can't even be their natural skin colour. Idols sacrifice so much of their lives and people literally shit on them for the littlest, stupid, unnecessary shit. Irene read a book written by a feminist, got shit on for it. Lia can't do that genuinely hard shoulder thing well in Wannabe, gets called lazy and people say she can't sing.

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Beautiful, talented Chaeryoung doesn't fit the beauty standards, gets told to leave the group after all her hard work and training. Hwasa doesn't fit the beauty standards and disregards the "ideal" weight and body type, got told to leave the group by the public multiple times despite obviously being very talented. Kyle being bullied out of Priston because of her weight.

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Jennie doesn't smile all the time, gets called a bitch and is "rude". People underestimated Bangtan and looked down on them thinking that they wouldn't get anywhere but look at them now. Namjoon and Hoseok got told to leave the group because they "don't look good enough" despite the talent the they possessed, the love they have for performing. People out here saying Bangtan don't deserve all the success they're getting, when they worked so hard to have their efforts seen.

There are alot more examples of this absolute bullshittery.

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I personally think there is nothing wrong with having an idol persona in an industry that treats its idols like this. If it keeps you from getting hated on by nitpicking people who literally will hate on you for anything and everything you do.

Then do it. I just hope that people will treat idols like actual people in the near future. That idols would be more confident and comfortable with themselves.

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And not have these insane beauty standards pressure on to them. I hope idols will get to be themselves and live their life. You're an amazing, lovely and talented writer.

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Please dont let yourself think otherwise. If ever those negative thoughts pass you, let me know.


I request for a part 2 of somebody you loved pretty pleaase only when you have the time tho hehe also i just noticed the original request says smth about jk regretting it? So maybe there really is a part 2?

remarkable answer

Your writings are worth the wait anyway. You absolute angel!!

really. And

Love your writing so much!

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