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The Century Safe, c. Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. After being sealed in , the purple velvet-lined safe was taken to the U. Capitol and eventually left to languish under the East Portico. It had already been opened once in for cleaning and the addition of new artifacts, and historians were initially unsure if its contents had survived intact. Beginning in , he converted an underground by chamber in the administration building into a museum of civilization filled with everything from , pages of microfilmed books and religious texts to an early television, a container of beer and a set of toy Lincoln Logs.

Jan 07,   - - The oldest time capsule discovered in the country that dates back to was opened Tuesday in Boston as history buffs waited to get a glimpse of items from the nation's SUSANNA KIM. A time capsule dating to was discovered within a religious statue in Sotillo de la Ribera. A time capsule was discovered in November 30, , in Burgos, Spain. A wooden statue of Jesus Christ had hidden inside it a document with economic, political and cultural information, written by Joaquin Minguez, chaplain of the Cathedral of Burgo.

First closed off inthe 9-by-6 foot chamber is packed with thousands of pieces of memorabilia scrounged by locals as part of a citywide project. The vault also includes hundreds of letters written by schoolchildren to the students of the future.

Copies of the notes were put on display several years later, but the originals will remain sealed off until New Years Eve -the date when the capsule is scheduled to be opened after years. Starting ina new author will be invited to submit a novel, poem or other written text to the project each year for years.

Dating time capsule

Inthe entire collection will be published all at once-no doubt posthumously for many of its contributors. A forest of 1, trees has already been planted outside Oslo, Norway to supply the paper for the printing.

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None of the entries will be available to read until the project is complete, however, and the writers are forbidden to reveal anything about their works other than the title. Their manuscripts, along with 98 forthcoming titles from other writers, will be held in a public library in Oslo until their official unveiling in the 22nd century. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us!

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Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you. This Day In History. She also found 24 coins in various denominations dating from the s to the s, when the capsule was opened then resealed.

Salt Lake Temple Time Capsule Opened

The folded newspapers appeared to be in very good condition but it was not possible to tell the dates or what news was being reported. A silver plate at the bottom contained information about the laying of the cornerstone box, which was done by then Gov.

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Samuel Adams assisted by Paul Revere. American Revolution patriot Revere and Adams originally placed the relic under a cornerstone of the Boston Statehouse in The time capsule was removed from the Massachusetts State House cornerstone Dec.

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Museum and state officials removed its contents for the first time sincewhen its contents were documented and cleaned, officials said. Additional materials were added then to the time capsule, which was placed in brass and plastered into the underside of the granite cornerstone.

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However, they also enclosed all of the materials in a brass box-a more reliable vessel for the collection than the two heavy sheets of lead originally used. To the delight of historians, an x-ray performed last month suggested that the enclosed materials-thought to include paper and coins-were intact.

Jan 07,   It has been a pretty good year for American time capsules: In September, a year-old capsule was discovered inside the head of a golden lion statue perched at . Early residents of Boston valued a robust press as much as their history and currency if the contents of a time capsule dating back to the years just after the Revolutionary War are any guide. Jan 13,   Sealing Your Time Capsule. When you're finished adding everything into your time capsule, it's time to set the seal. Hammer, tape or tie it up and find a special place to store it. We found the perfect place in our bedroom closet. It's out of the kiddos and .

Inside, conservators found a well-preserved collection of Revolutionary-era artifacts, as well as some dating to the first opening in Conservationists will be hard at work over the coming months working to preserve the materials and record their details.

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