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Jan 11,   I've been searching for info for dating my Rat 2 but no luck so far. Here's what I know: * serial is RT * pot markings are ER * it has the OPO7DP chip rather than the LMN Any ideas? crzyfngers Member. Messages 5, Sep 24, #15 i checked my pot for a date but all i found were some seeds. cheap pot? Wagster. The Pro Co "The RAT" is a guitar effects pedal produced by Pro Co Sound. The original RAT was developed in the basement of Pro Co's Kalamazoo, Michigan facility in Numerous variations of the original RAT pedal are still being produced today. The pedal has changed in appearance over the years, but its tone has remained largely the same. Jan 11,   DATING A RAT Discussion in 'The Stomp Box' started by GMAN, Jan 8, Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Jan 8, #1. GMAN Tele-Meister. Posts: Joined: Nov 13, Location: Texas. Hello! I've got ProCo Vintage Reissue Big Box Rat & want to determine the year of manufacture. Serial # begins VRXXX.

With the information so far, only the Turbo Rat shows the use of Bipolar transistor buffers, are there any older circuits using transistors? A bit of research has revealed this schematic, with an additional 1k resistor between the FET source and the 1nF cap, was posted on alt. Verhoef, he states "This version of the RAT has been modified since it was intended to be used in a rack mounting.

Turbo RAT Eleven years after the birth of the RAT, the Turbo RAT was the first product to expand upon the tonal base of the RAT design. Essentially the same circuit with different clipping diodes, the Turbo RAT provides a more aggressive tone. The Turbo RAT also introduced the now standard sloped face enclosure. The Turbo Rat is a harder/edgy sound due to the LED clipping diodes. The circuit is different to the original. The Brat is a low cost unit, many say it doesn't sound as good as the Vintage. The circuit is different to the original. For the word of the masses go to Harmony-Central and search for Proco or Proco Rat. Dating proco rat pedal Welcome to , Burnham decided he could build a superior reverb from the turbo up, and designed "The RAT" pedal. In, "The RAT" was being built as a custom-order product. Each pedal was built in a manual comparison box, hand painted, and hand drilled. In, Pro Co began mass-producing them.

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Clipping Diodes. The Rat no image.

The 1K resistor R 3 protects the op-amp from input over currents. The 1nF cap C 2 shunts high freqs to ground and out to mellow the signal.; The big C 7 is just a coupling capacitor which removes DC content and connects the op-amp to the diodes stage. The resistor R 6 will limit the amount of current through the diodes.; Pro Co Rat Input Impedance. The input impedance can . I just got a Proco Rat off , and I think I've been had. The seller said it was an early 90s Rat with the LM chip, and although I'm not versed i. Dec 31,   A few weeks ago I acquired a ProCo Turbo Rat. I would like to know exactly how old it is. I think the Turbo Rat has been produced since The pedal has a sticker with the serial number TR and says Made In U.S.A. on it.

Rat no image. Third Issue: Fourth Issue?

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Only twelve of these pedal were built, one prototype and eleven production models. To give the RAT a unique look, a custom 20 gauge wrap-around enclosure was designed.

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The white RAT logo was silk-screened on black, painted metal. The Tone control increased high frequencies when it was turned clockwise, the opposite of later models.

The Rat ver. The Filter cuts high frequencies as it is turned clockwise.

24* ProCo Rats At The Same Time

While the circuit remained the same, the enclosure evolved into a more compact version, with a gauge U-shaped base. The Pro Co logo sat next to the RAT logo on the pedal top, silk-screened in black inside of a white box.

Inthe logo was reversed to white on the black, painted metal.

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