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The authors do not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and have disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. You might guess that someone who has included a photo of themselves hiking is an outdoorsy type of person. But as scientists who study human-animal interactions , we wanted to know what this meant for pet owners - in particular, male cat owners. Prior studies suggested that women do judge a potential male partner based on whether he has pets. While they favor men with dogs, the results showed that they also give men with cats an edge over non-pet owners.

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Jeff and I had only been dating about three and a half months before I sent him a text with a picture of three kittens who were rescued near a dumpster by a friend. And finally after all the excuses ran out, he enthusiastically supported my decision to take in a kitten.

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And in the next couple of days I became a proud cat mom to a five week old,less than one pound, covered in fleas, crusty eyed kitten who I decided to name Fuzz Aldrin. An ode to my love for space exploration, puns and cats.

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As Fuzz got older and his personality started to come out, both Jeff and I began to appreciate his quirkiness. Jeff even began to bring Fuzz little cat toys he would buy at Walgreens as gifts. And Fuzz also loved having Jeff around so he could have someone to play a little rough with.

Dating with cats

Sometimes I would just watch and smile as they played together. I loved seeing the two primary guys in my life get along so splendidly. And as Jeff got used to having a cat in his life I also began to let some more of my cat loving personality come out too.

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During all of this, Jeff never once judged me for my slight obsession. He encouraged my cat loving side to come out even more. Anyone couldsee how much I loved Fuzz and for him to have been around before Fuzz must havemeant that he was special.

Are Guys Who Like Cats Less Likely to Score a Date?

Eventually we did start calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend and our relationship progressed. It was really in the months after that which showed me how much Jeff cared and how we would work together in a partnership.

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Our love and dedication to each other is constantly growing and I see it all the time in relation to Fuzz. Fuzz does this thing where he sucks on my earlobe, it puts him in a calm and relaxed state, reminds him of when he was nursing.

Sep 11,   Most of the women found the men holding cats to be less dateable. This result surprised us, since previous studies had shown that women found men with pets to have higher potential as partners.

When Jeff saw that Fuzz was suckling away and keeping me up, he picked up Fuzz, put him on his chest and offered his own ear lobe so that I could get some sleep before a long day. He let Fuzz into his space with open arms even if Fuzz did things like keep him up at night and spread litter all over the place.

In our taking care of Fuzz I also saw how we would work together as a team. One night when we got back from a concert Fuzz had knocked over a glass bottle.

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I then grabbed the broom to clean up so that we could all walk around freely. Each participant only rated one man, with and without a cat. Each time the participants saw a photo, we asked them to rate the man pictured on several personality attributes, including his masculinity, femininity and dateability.

Dating with cats really isn't all that complicated. Maybe its just as simple as having the right cats and the having the right guy. Being myself is the easiest thing in the world with Jeff and I appreciate that he only ever encourages me to be my truest self. Sep 11,   We studied what happens when guys add their cats to their dating app profiles September 11, am EDT Lori Kogan, Colorado State University, . Jul 14,   There is now a dating app made specifically for cat people to connect - Tabby. Created by sisters Leigh and Casey Isaacson, the app is designed "for both cat lovers and cat owners," according to.

Most of the women found the men holding cats to be less dateable. This result surprised us, since previous studies had shown that women found men with pets to have higher potential as partners. has been reconstructed with a new mission - to bring you and other cat owners together to socially share the mutual love for cats as well as your "PURRsonal" and mutual stories, interests, hobbies, feelings and other cts of life with your cat. Jun 22,   Keep your cat out of your dating profile. By Rob Picheta, CNN. ated AM ET, Mon June 22, Women were less likely to say yes to a picture of a man holding a cat, the study found. Jun 22,   The findings were contradictory to the researchers' initial hypothesis, which stated that "men posing with cats would be considered more attractive and desirable for short-term causal dating than.

They also thought the men holding cats were less extroverted and more neurotic, agreeable and open. Importantly, they saw these men as less masculine, too.

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Prior research suggests that women often seek masculine men - both in terms of physical appearance and behaviors. So the fact that women in our study found the photo of the man alone more masculine and more dateable supports the idea that women are likely to look first for clues related to masculinity when determining dateability.

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