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With all the steps and seconds and greats and grands , it's no surprise that we feel like we need a map to figure out who our relatives are to us. And if you have an especially big crew or a blended family, things can get seem even more complicated. Although the different terms can be a bit confusing, there's no need to involve a complicated trigonometric algorithm to identify your cousin's actual ties to your family. We enlisted help from Crista Cowan , corporate genealogist for Ancestry , to help us understand what all the different labels mean. We broke down each term and explained what they each mean, using "you" as the frame of reference around which all other relations revolve. With this chart, you'll be a whiz by the time your next family reunion rolls around.

If that cousin once removed has a child, then that child is your first cousin twice removed, because they are two generations removed from you and your first cousin.

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This "removed" business is often confused with labeling a relative a "second" or "third" cousin, which is inaccurate. If you call your grandpa's sister, your "great-aunt," you are not alone.

But technically, this terminology is incorrect, according to experts. Your "great-grandparents" are your grandparents' parents. So really, your grandpa's sister should be called your "grandaunt.

These are the siblings of your great-grandparents. The parents of your great-grandaunt are your great-great-grandparents. This is your family by marriage: your spouse's parents, spouses of your siblings, and spouses of your spouse's siblings. In-laws pretty much stop with your parents-in-law and your siblings-in-law.

May 21,   The law doesn't think you're too closely related to your second cousin once removed. That's a fairly distant genetic relationship, and far more distant than gives the law any concern. At least 20 states in the United States allow first cousins to. What does it mean when a cousin is "once removed"? First cousins, second cousins, and so on belong to the same generation as one another, counting back the same number of generations to their shared ancestors. But if your cousin is a generation older or younger than you, we use the term "removed. Dec 24,   There's nothing wrong with experimenting with, dating, or even marrying a FIRST cousin, let alone a second cousin once removed. There are some countries and a little over half of US states where the bigotry against marriage equality extends to preventing first cousins from marrying, but there are many places where marrying a first cousin is.

That is, your brother's wife is an in-law, but none of her siblings are. And your husband's sister's husband is your in-law, but none of his brothers are.

You are not in-laws with the parents of your sister-in-law's husband. And the two sets of parents of a couple are not in-laws to each other, either. They are considered competitive parents or co-in-laws. Similar to your in-laws, your affinity relatives are your spouse's blood relatives. This can include your spouse's parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.

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These are terms for the biological mother of a child who has usually been adopted by other parents. These are any relatives related to you by blood but who are not a direct ancestor. So if your immediate ancestors are your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on, your collateral relatives are your cousins, aunts, uncles, and siblings. These are all terms for the parent whose DNA you have. These are often used to explain the biology of a child who is adopted, or when one parent is absent.

Sep 14,   Your second cousin once removed is the child (or parent) of your second cousin. And your first cousin twice removed is the grandchild (or grandparent) of your first cousin. Aug 02,   Once removed Used when there's a one-generation gap. Your first cousin once removed is either your parent's first cousin or the reverse-your first cousin's Lambeth Hochwald. Jul 23,   A second cousin once removed is either the child of your second cousin or the parent of your third cousin. They are "once removed" because you are separated by 1 or more generations. For a more in-depth look at cousins and what it means to be "removed," check out our Cousin Relationships Explained article.

This refers to a parent or set of parents who have adopted a child. Biologically, the child is not their own.

Jul 23,   Likewise, your grandparents' first, second, and third cousins are also your first, second, and third cousins, this time twice removed. This pattern continues throughout each generation. So, for example, a first cousin once removed is either the child of your first cousin or the parent of your second cousin. Aug 05,   If that cousin once removed has a child, then that child is your first cousin twice removed, because they are two generations removed from you and your first cousin. This "removed" business is often confused with labeling a relative a "second" or "third" cousin, which is inaccurate. Want to be the most popular person at your next family gathering? Be the person who can explain the difference between "second cousins, once removed" and "third cousins, twice removed" and.

It's possible to be biologically related if the adoptive parent is an aunt, uncle, cousin, or some other blood relative. A "step" connection is the result of a marriage that did not result in a blood relation to you.

Dating your second cousin once removed

For example, if your father marries a woman who is not your mother, she is your step-mother. Her daughter, who is not related to you by blood, is your step-sister. Within your family tree, these relatives take on the position that any biological relative would, but without a blood relation. This type of relationship can be applied to any family connection: step-parent, step-sibling, step-uncle, step-grandmother, and so on.

When you and a sibling share one parent in common but not both, that person is your half-sibling. Similarly, your mother's half-sister is your half-aunt. Your half-sister's daughter is your half-niece. A half-cousin means that their parent is the half-sibling of your parent. By Lucy Wendel ated August 05, Save Pin FB ellipsis More. Image zoom. Kevin R.

The same equation can continue for fourth cousins, fifth cousins, and so on. By Lucy Wendel.

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Is it illegal? Most second cousin relationships are not illegal. Pretty gross and yes that is too close blood kin.

The results of too close can also result in handicapped retarded children. Back off and don't even think about it! In all the universe you could certainly do better for yourself and the other person could too. I'm pretty sure that'd be ok. Once you get the "once removed" in there that means the relation is through a marriage anyway.

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