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For nine years I was madly in love with a married woman. And for a very long time she was in love with me. We met at a party in West London in Lauren was tall 5 ft 9 in with shoulder-length blonde hair. She was wearing a crisp white cotton blouse, black boots and a long charcoal skirt. I found her instantly enchanting.

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Because their intensity won't last and you'll have caused so much destruction in their pursuit. If you're still not convinced, I have put together 8 of the top reasons why dating a married man is not a good idea.

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Dating a married man and being made a fool of: He may reassure you that he loves you, that you're better then his wife and points out what a good time you're having together etc but in reality - he's still with his spouse! Words are easier than actions and when push comes to shove the majority of married men want to stay with the stability of married life as the alternative means lots of things change and not necessarily for the better.

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He may lose his house, easy access to his children, part of his wages to alimony etc. There's no future with a married man: When a man is in an unhappy marriage, he can feel over awed by the experience of "dating" someone new.

These intense emotions can make him say things like he loves you more than he ever did his wife etc.

A Woman of Another Man It doesn't matter whether she is the wife of a good friend, an occasional acquaintance or a colleague, some men cannot help being involved in dating a married woman. The idea of loving a married woman fills such people with a perverted sense of accomplishment and personal triumph. The theme of adultery is already threadbare.

You may take this as a commitment of some sort to their being a future between you both. However in reality he is just saying that to make sure he keeps you by his side and has you to compensate for his unhappy marriage.

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If you and him have relationship problems down the line, he will have a high likelihood of running again. In addition, he's more likely to run from a new relationship than his marriage. This is because in his new relationship, the woman has already essentially accepted that he's a cheater and given the green light on such behavior. Hiding is damaging: When dating a married man, going around to different towns and cites and meeting up in hotels will seem exciting. This in itself can be a motivating factor by both parties to keep it going.

However this thrill will in time fade and when it does he may decide you're no longer exciting enough for him and he dumps you. In addition, from your point of view, hiding things will damage your self confidence.

When thinking of a traditional married couple, certain pairs of people probably come to mind. The man and woman you view in your mind are probably around the same age. The man may even be older than the woman. Society has shown that these are relationship normalities. In today's world, however, marriages composed of. Nov 15,   Women find this quality of a married man quite appealing and may fall for him. Dating a married man makes some women feel more desirable. He may have a hot wife at home, but because he chooses to spend time with you, you may feel more desirable. Some women date married men to boost their self-esteem, as they feel more wanted than the wife. They feel powerful in the sense that they . Apr 01,   I've noticed several things when they've disclosed: they often feel uncomfortable admitting they're sleeping with someone who is married and they often idealize the person.

You won't get to enjoy the benefits of a full relationship like walking down the street together or going out for drinks with friends at the weekend. Trust and dating a married man: If you've both got together by him cheating and you helping him, trust can never be formed between you both.

In addition, you've both already essentially told each other that cheating is ok in some circumstances. In present times, females are now earning college degrees one-third more often than males. Women have become increasingly successful in developing their own careers; it is just as common for a woman to have a job as it is for a male.

Effects of dating a married woman

This economic power leaves women open to choose who they would like to date based on qualities other than earning power or financial considerations.

However, being a sole or primary bread winner may still be unappealing to a woman.

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In general, women mature faster than men. Presently, over half of men age 24 and under still reside solely with their parents. Furthermore, a whopping 13 out of every men up to age 34 still reside with their parents.

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Many times this is why a woman will choose to date an older man-their lifestyles and maturity levels may be more matched. It is also important to consider not only age gaps, but ages.

Nov 15,   If you are dating a married man, you are definitely not alone. Affairs are a reality and have been since the beginning of time. However, just because something is common does not make it . The wedding finger is now the first part of a woman's body I look at. For nine years I was madly in love with a married woman. And for a very long time she was in love with me, writes Max. The Pros and Cons of Dating a Married Woman.

Research has it that a man with a wedding band on his finger is more desirable to some women. A married man comes across as someone who is desired by his wife, and some women find this attractive. They base their choice of mate based on what other females are thinking or discussing him. This makes an affair with a married man a conscious decision for some women. One may argue that one cannot control who the heart desires or falls in love with.

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Though that may be true, another true fact is that being with a married man brings about a huge chunk of painful complications that sometimes can be fatal.

We discuss the top 11 below. You will always be a second priority of a married man, who has a wife and family that come first for him. Whatever he may say, he will always be there for his wife and kids, and you will always have to wait for him to be with you. It may sound ecstatic with highs when it starts, but having a secret affair after a while could become suffocating.

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There is happiness in having the man of your dreams walk you hand in hand, with his smile indicating how proud he is to have you.

While it may be thrilling to have a passionate evening in a hotel room, nothing beats the romantic walk in the sun. You have no right to him or his money.

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There is no law that protects women who have been in extramarital affairs, and you will often find yourself fighting to win him emotionally. Most extramarital are hushed up and covered in secrecy, with only a few friends being aware of the affair.

Even then, if someone finds out you are in a relationship with a married man, you will be looked down upon as a home-breaker. Even if he made it difficult for you to say no, society will always blame you for your lack of sense. He may tell you a zillion times of how happy he feels with you and he wishes to be with you all his life, while he has a miserable life back home.

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The point to note here is it is different to feel loved and being loved. He loves the way you make him feel, but it does not mean he loves you as much and will commit to you. Married men often make it difficult for women to leave them, they so very well know how to play their cards.

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Women find it difficult to call off the relationship and end up missing better single options. Time passes and it is only later that women realize what they have missed in life.

He may shower you with presents, but he will not be available for you when you need him the most. Whether it is the happy moments if your life, or the ones that are filled with despair, he will only make things up when he has time, usually with a gift.

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That says a lot about what he thinks about you. Had a bad day at work? Lost a friend? You may want to cry your heart out to someone you love, but since your man is married, he will be available to you only when he wants.

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You will never get to share your joys or sorrows with him first hand, you will never have the opportunity to tell him how your day went. If you want to reach him, it might be possible only only when he wants to.

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You are having the worst day of your life and you text him to meet you. He does not reply.

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Do not miss the libido-driven hot passion for love, you are and will be used as he wishes to.

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