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One of the guys randomly approached me at a concert and started a conversation with me. One Jackson was a friend visiting the other Jackson. One was the driver, and the other was a passenger in our Lyft Line ride. Two colleagues who came into my workplace to promote their company. My boss was 3rd Jeremy. The chances of meeting ONE pair of people with the same name at the same time already a coincidence, but four pairs in one week?

I explain it like this: Could you imagine screaming out your brother's name in be? No, you can't. Fortunately, she has a less common name. It felt disgusting but I forced myself to get over it and now thank my lucky stars that I never sent a sext to the wrong one. We're both kind of turned on by it we're narcissists, maybe?

She's poly, and I've slept with her boyfriend, so one day we're going to have a threesome and he's going to call out our name and we won't know to whom he's talking.

Jan 16,   I meet lots of people with the same names around similar times, or soon after, and I take it as a good sign. Like if I know I love and trust this person, then this new person with the same name is safe as well. For example, my new vocal coach is named Lynn, and right of the bat, I . Jul 20,   It really limits the dating pool when you're from a large family, and it feels a bit unreasonable to discount a person because they have the same name as an asshole cousin. Jan 12,   Could you date someone with the same name as you? What if he had the same name as your brother? Or father? or nephew?

I don't have sisters, but I've dated people with the opposite sex version of my own name, as well as the opposite sex version of some of my brothers' names. My boyfriend, boyfriend's father, grandfather x10father, brother and grandfather are all Thomas.

Boyfriend is Tom, brother is Thomas, dad is dad, boyfriend's father is Mr.

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Doesn't bug me a bit. If my boyfriend and I have a kid, we're naming him thomas, calling him Thor. I dated someone who had my best friend's name and it got really confusing really fast. I almost accidentally called the wrong person and said some really bad things.

My WORST Dating Experience - Dating someone in the closet - Gay Dating Advice - Jacob Michael

My name was one of the most common the year I was born. Every once in awhile, I'll get random texts from people and not understand the context. Once this happened twice in one day with two different people.

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Both said, "Whoops! Wrong Semprini! Think of her with a different name or call her something else in your head. You really don't need to call them by their first name anyways, just say "hey you" always works. Though I guess it would be weird if it got serious and your parents were ask you about your sister, and you start talking about your girlfriend, or vice versa.

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I'm going out with a woman who shares my late wife's birthday. Her name is the same as the abbreviated version of my daughter's name. It's a little weird. Go on the date, see if its as weird as you expect. At least she'll know why if you decide not to pursue it. I have hooked up with someone with my sister's name, albeit spelled differently.

People who have or are fine with dating someone with the same name as them, you have the floor. Because Sophie was a very popular name in the late 80s/early 90s AND is also a Very Gay Name, I. Sep 28,   For this same reason, Conti emphasizes that you can indeed successfully date someone with the same name as a prior lover, especially with the help of some useful coping mechanisms. " Dating a person with the same name as your ex can be challenging but absolutely not the kiss of death for a successful partnership," she explains. Nov 18,   Try being gay and dating someone with the same name as you. level 2. Username, age, gender, profile name 3 points 4 years ago. When I was in middle school I had a crush on a girl with the last name Qualkinbush. My last name is Quackenbush. I never told anyone about my crush, for obvious reasons. level 2.

It was weird when talking about her with someone who knows both. My brother in law is dating someone with the same name as his sister. He currently lives with both of them. When he needs to clarify he says "Sister Mary" or "Girlfriend Mary". Yep, my first relationship the girl had the same name as my sister. I also seemed to run into even more girls with her name during that time, but I'm sure it was just perception because it is one of the most common female names in the country.

Doing that right now. I don't have any issues, but then again, girl is much more attractive than my sister. I couldn't date someone with a name similar to mine, I have a really ethnic name, as do my brothers, so it wouldn't ever come up.

I could see it being an issue if it did happen though. It would be hard, but my inclination would be to meet them and see how it feels - if it's amazing it's probably something you can work through, if it's not amazing it's moot anyway. My brother's name is John Christopher. I'd be in trouble if I had a weird annoyance with dating anyone of the same name s.

Sep 20,   If you meet someone who shares the same name as your college arch-nemesis, you may make some negative assumptions about their character. On the other hand, someone who shares the same name as your Author: Rebecca Strong. Neighbors are a gay couple with the same name, and use the same nickname of that name. Nice guys. Only problem is that I can never figure out whether one "Hi [Name]!" is sufficient, or whether I need to say "Hi [Name]! Hi [Name]!". Other than that, not a big deal. Jan 25,   I wouldn't see myself dating someone with the same name as me either. That's like, my name and mine only xD. It's not very common, though, so no issue. A more probable problem would be dating someone with the same last name, which I wouldn't do either. It's like, I'd always worry we're too closely related. I wouldn't like that.

My uncle is married to a woman with the same name as his sister. Everybody seems fine with it, although I've noticed he definitely calls his wife "honey" and stuff like that more than her actual name.

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I just started dating a guy with the same name as my dog, which is kinda funny, but it hasn't been an issue except I don't say his name during sex.

I have four brothers with relatively common names, it ends up being an issue more than I'd like :c. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. OkCupid comments. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds.

Gay dating someone with same name

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Would you ever date a person with the same name as a sibling? Thread Tools Thread Tools. If you met someone you really like to only find out they have the same name as a relative.

Personally I don't think I would date a person with the same name as my sister or mother. Maybe the same name as a cousin well because there's no close bond.

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I sometimes thought the same way but in all reality its kind of ridiculous. Its just a name and I really won't stop my self from falling for someone because of it. At least I have my mom, two sisters and a dad who has a uncommon name so my chances of falling in love with someone of the same name as a close family member is pretty limited anyways! Yes I would. It would be completely silly and a bit stupid to not date someone because of a trivial thing like that. I see no problem with it.

My uncle married a woman with the same name as my mom his sister.

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The thing I was more wondering about, is what about dating someone with the same name as you? I can see why some are opposed to it, although it does seem like a trivial matter. Since I don't have any brothers, it doesn't apply to me.

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It has happened in my family. My aunt's husband has the same name as my dad who is her brother. Loves books. Yes I would but it would be out of necessity. I hate my first name.

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LOL But I do think it's kool to see guys together that have the same first name. Joined: Sep 6, Messages: Daps Received: It would be weird. I mean, how am I supposed to feel if we was getting it in and I was like "yeah, beat it up I'd be confused. BlackguyExecutiveControlledXaoslilreddude and 1 other person dapped this. ControlledXaos dapped this. Nigerian Prince. Sure why not. I've come across fine men in Houston that share the same first name as I do. ControlledXaos and grownman dapped this.

SeanControlledXaos and Nigerian Prince dapped this.

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ControlledXaoslilreddude and Nigerian Prince dapped this. ControlledXaosgrownman and Nigerian Prince dapped this. That is such a trivial matter to me. If it bothers you that much, use their middle name, their last name, their nickname, or just call them an endearing pet name like asshole. StrangeControlledXaosChampagne Papi and 5 others dapped this.

Yea, eventho I always hated my name growing up.

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I could date someone with the same name as me. I've even dated someone with the same name as my father. It wasn't as awkward as you'd think.

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Rah Brown. Since my name isn't that common I never thought about it; but by chance if I did meet someone with the same name as me I don't think I could fade that.

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I was pursued by a dude with my brother's name,and another with my father's name,and I'm not ever about to say I touched the penis of someone with my father's name Dude would have to be known only by his middle name to me. However,I'd change my name for Andra Fuller. Then again,my biological dad is named Undra,so someone with my frist name might feel weird too. Nick DelmacyacessentialControlledXaos and 1 other person dapped this.

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