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The military was crumbling, with its leadership completely paralyzed, unsure of whether to support Bakhtiar or act on their own, and rank-and-file soldiers either demoralized or deserting. A unit of the pro-Shah Immortal Guards attempted to apprehend the rebels, and an armed battle broke out. Soon large crowds took to the streets, building barricades and supporting the rebels, while Islamic-Marxist guerillas with their weapons joined in support. The armed rebels attacked a weapons factory, capturing nearly 50, machine guns and distributing them to civilians who joined in the fighting. The rebels began storming police stations and military bases throughout Tehran. The city's martial law commander General Mehdi Rahimi decided not to use his 30, loyal Immortal Guards to crush the rebellion for fear of producing civilian casualties. Bakhtiar escaped the palace under a hail of bullets, fleeing Iran in disguise.

I do not intend to trivialise the arduous nature of the IB analyst role but I have a question on why other analyst roles within the bank have a more challenging time in transitioning to other roles compared to their IB analyst peers. For context: I am in an analyst position within internal audit for a BB bank.

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Granted I do not work the demanding hours as an IB analyst but my role also involves creating PowerPoint coverage decks, Excel analysis perhaps more regularly than an IB analyst, per your article, except for data analytics purposes and not valuation purposesand extensive reporting i.

Beyond that, there is a lot of interaction with our internal stakeholders i.

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