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You go to the movies and get Chipotle on weeknights. Maybe not. One thing is for certain: If you can't define this "thing" you have with the person you're seeing, you're officially in "The Gray Area. Lingering in the "The Gray Area" will eat you alive. Not knowing where you stand with someone who you want to have a serious relationship with is a form of torture that many of us know, hate and for some reason, continue to endure.

Sometimes just letting things happen in their own time, instead of quickly trying to define them, works best. Let this new relationship have time to develop before it blooms into something substantial.

Jumping the gun and trying to define and establish labels can feel overwhelming and just plain overbearing.

Every relationship has its transitional phases. After all, most people don't make it official on the first date. Naturally there are going to be some times where you're unsure about the future of the relationship, if it's a relationship at all - timing is strange, people are strange. But when the relationship gets stuck in the gray [ ]. Aug 14,   The Grey Zone of Online Dating Before You Meet. The Grey Zone of Online Dating Before You Meet. August 14, by Anonymous Single Lady. There are phases to this online dating thing. First you match with someone, then you start communicating, and the last phase is meeting in person. May 23,   All this relationship gray area stuff isn't reserved for man-friends to put you ladies through, you know. Sometimes, you can be just an unsure about the relationship as they are. Maybe things are going great, but you catch a cute boy's eye as you walk through the mall and get some fluttering in your belly.

New relationships can bring on a sense of pressure. Forcing someone who's not ready to define a label can add another layer of pressure they aren't prepared for.

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Sometimes keeping things casual is easier until you know each other better. Chances are you're still trying to figure yourself out.

Grey zone dating

Maybe you've just completed your Master's degree and you're submitting tons of job applications by day and waiting tables by night. You're not sure where you'll be living within the next year, and you haven't even decided if you want to share your space with a cat yet, let alone creating another set of keys for your partner.

Trying to figure out your life is a struggle.

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Throwing another person into the mix can be a recipe for disaster. Taking time to figure out you is crucial before you can decide what path you want to take with a new love interest. Until then, maybe it's best to avoid trying to create labels and establish boundaries with your new partner until you've figured out your life flying solo.

But it's still worth giving a shot!

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Think back to the start of your past relationships. Chances are you'll associate those early days with feelings of excitement.

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The spontaneity of the relationship keeps us on our toes. Admit it, you've spent hours searching for the perfect outfit and busted out some serious dance moves alone in your apartment when the night ends. Why should that have to end?

Keeping the spontaneity and the mystery in the deal can make it that much sweeter. If you can admit that you're okay with there being a few gray areas in the relationship, then you can stop constantly worrying about the future.

No, you may not know that you have one, but since when does establishing a label guarantee a future?

I have been obsessed with all of Clara's posts so far (especially her post on why dating should be messy) but this one may be my all time favorite things she's written truthexchange-sow.come the grey area of dating is the absolute worst. When you like someone but aren't sure if they like you back, when you want to have a talk but don't want to "scare them" away, and so on and so forth. The Grayzone is an independent news wesbite producing original investigative journalism on politics and empire. Apr 29,   But people that find themselves in the gray zone tend to find themselves there time and time again. Maybe it's because these halfway romances form between friends. If you just ask someone out, someone you just met at a party or a blind date or something like that, then you know their role in your life.

The truth is, you don't know where this new connection will lead, but you're fine with that because you're focused on the moment, and in this moment, you're happy. This post originally appeared in QuirkyDaily. US Edition U.

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Two lovers captured in one of their most happy moment. You're independent enough to not feel the need to get hung up on labels. Speaking of getting to know someone better LOVE the point about getting comfortable having tough conversations.

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As someone who completely steered clear of these convos for the first 36 years of my life, it feels SO empowering to have them and take more control over relationships with friends and family. And it really is true that the more you practice, the easier they get.

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I gave too many men this benefit of the doubt over the years. When I met my husband, there was zero grey area. It was an instant connection and we always had the next date on calendar. You deserve that, and I recommend holding out for it. Thank you so much! Googling, I honestly did not know if this grey area was real!

I feel so stuck in it, and want so much to move out of it! It was like you wrote my heart into paper!

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Thank you again for giving me a way to look forward! Skip to content. She dropped knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb as she doesbut the one that really stuck with me was the following: One of the biggest barriers to courageous leadership is tough conversations. Your first few dates have been great but the days in between are agonizing.

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Get ahead of the anxiety and discomfort altogether by setting expectations from the get go. I learn something new about dating every time I read your posts, Clara! Yes, compassion, always!

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Apr 09,   Don't Get Stuck In The Gray Area: Why Dating Should Be Black Or White. By Erika Huber. April 9, You're having a "thing" with . Navigating the Gray Zone: Dating with Assertiveness and Compassion is a workshop intended to promote self-awareness, improve assertiveness skills, and prevent regrettable sexual encounters. Improving self-awareness and assertiveness are ways to exert the power you have in your life. Like getting vaccinated, seeking awareness and assertiveness.

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