Idea i had a dream i was dating my dad probably

The other night I woke up feeling disgusted and creeped out as I had a dream that i was dating my dad. I have no clue why this happened. In the dream we went out on like a dinner date and like confessed our love to each other. It was literally the creepiest thing ever. Can some one please tell me why my brain even went there? Have you ever heard of the great psychologist, Dr. Carl Jung?

I believe there is a mod for that, if not, modders better fucking make one now. I had a dream that Hispanic gentleman was sitting on the curb chewing up hot dogs and then spitting them into a plastic bin. And then when I was getting ready to leave I noticed he picked up the bin and headed to his taco stand. Real question, has anyone ever had a dream where they have this undeniable feeling that they've dreamt that exact dream before?

But you cant even slightly remember when or if you even did. TheQuestionableHumor 18 apr. U ever wake up after having a dream and thought "I could have banged anyone I wanted and I didn't". LanceVance01 17 apr. I had a dream last night I was hanging out with Daryl Dixon, Maggie, Morgan, and Enid from twd and ofc Daryl and I were like flirting with each other it was great. LumpyFlamingo 17 apr. How many times is this going to be featured.

Keanu Reeves showed up in my dreams last night, pressing his face against a window, and I was trying to get eveyone to look but they didn't want to because they tried to wave to him last time he appeared and he didn't see them and my response to that was "But he wants to be breathtaking!

I had a lot of nightmares of Ronald McDonald as a kid. I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, Carl and Ryder turn to him, astounded one with cheese, and a large soda.

Pretty weird. I don't remember my dreams, I only remember my nightmares. Through the years I've had maybe a few dreams that aren't nightmares, but it's such a small number that it's really nothing.

DespicableK 17 apr. I just had a dream last night that I was playing zombies in real life and watched a shit ton of my friends getting mauled and it ended with me in my grandparents backyard watching my aunt get struck by lightening after locking everyone in the dog house.

PunchThatPug 17 apr.

Made you i had a dream i was dating my dad final, sorry, but

Sometimes I don't dream. It's just a few seconds of black. Seiba 17 apr. A couple nights ago i had a dream where i went to mcdonalds and i asked if they had the mcrib and she said yes then i said ill get 2.

Feb 02,   I am a year-old bisexual girl. I have had a dream of a sexual nature about my father. It began with him telling me about sexual things he did to me when I was younger, and then I asked him to Author: Pamela Stephenson Connolly. Apr 27,   I saw a dream that my dad was eating candy and suddenly it stucked in his froat me and my granny didn't see it until he fell and strted crying i ran near him and then i woke up i couldn't sleep for 2 hours i was crying,1 day past and today we are leaving holiday and we are not on holiday withmy father only my mom and my brother i said. The interpretation of a dream must begin with the main character. A father in a dream symbolizes strength, protection, will, patronage and power. If he died, the dream book claims that in real life you will lose all of this, or at least you will feel the fragility of your position. Seeing how your dad died means that there will be.

And thats ehh ere it ended. RedneckHonkeyGrizzlyMan 17 apr. I am so ashamed of my animal crossing village. Love when dreams intermix like a crossover episode of my life or something. Nastyhuh 17 apr. In one of my dreams we had a third floor in my house with every console and a fucking blue lion. When I woke up I could barely comprehend what my brain was thinking.

Imafilthtygenjimain 17 apr. The worst dreams are the dreams where you dream of someone who has already left your life for good. I dreamed I got arrested for eating too many oranges. I don't even like oranges.

Those my dreams execept those retarded minecraft phantom won't stop attacking me. You picked the wrong House sponge! IncognitoM0de 17 apr.

Lewert 17 apr. Grove street. Deistico 17 apr. Everyone on here is telling some wack dreams and all but mine are so over the top and so hard to follow or gruesome. Now that's what I call a meme I've seen a month ago. My dreams are usually terrible or sad. But occasionally they are alright.

I had a dream i was on a date with my we were on the dating he kept looking at other girls and after we ate at the pinnick he just left with one of his friends and i had to walk up to the second i get there one of his friends i see on her on Instagram She starts fighting with me and we get into a physical fight. Reply. Dec 25,   The other night I woke up feeling disgusted and creeped out as I had a dream that i was dating my dad. I have no clue why this happened. In the dream we went out on like a dinner date and like confessed our love to each other. It was literally the creepiest thing ever. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it and every time I look at my dad I get grossed out now. A father / Dad is an interesting symbol in one's dream. There is one exception to the rule regarding dreams about other people and that is dreams about you have a dream of your own father or alternatively, being a father then this means that there are going to be difficult days ahead. The father normally plays an important role in an individual's life and family.

When I was like 8 I dreamt Kim Possible got caught and dissected. Shit was mortifying.

Apologise, that i had a dream i was dating my dad commit

Why did I have this dream I used to have crazy adventure dreams but last night my dream was a guy at work telling me you could buy a chocolate drink that replaced taking vitamins and I drank a sip then that was it. HowardDuck 17 apr.

That's weird my dreams are some times being at D-Day in And that. ThatChrisGuy 17 apr.

Apr 14,   I had a recurring nightmare that a blurry silhouette of my dad was standing at the front door. And everytime I tried to look in his direction I was stunned with fear and unable to breath. Last night, dream me had the idea of not looking at him, walk around him, and open the door for him. But then. Apr 12,   I had a dream that I was kind of dancing with my father who - Answered by a verified Dream Interpretation Expert We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them.

And another dream I have is being chased by the Stay Puft Marshmello Man in a futuristic urban city and fighting for my life. But he can teleport and always finds me. MrNinja 17 apr. And I also have dreams about being in some next level luxurious hotel that's like 40 stories but has trees all through it and game rooms with like quantum gaming computers and being able to talk to all my friends and girls that I've liked since junior year in HS.

I had the most fucked up nightmare the other night and then I was hallucinating as soon as I woke up, and couldn't move, my roommate seen me shaking and said I was screaming. AaronLynx 17 apr. Is that the boys door rooms from bully?

I had a dream i was dating my dad

One time i had a dream where batman took off his mask and he had fully white eyes, he was bald, and he had bat ears that looked liek the ones on his suit and it was really weird. Pringlesman 17 apr. One time i dreamed that me and my aunt had pet mice the size of a quarter and mine died bc i accidentally stepped on it.

But we couldnt guess so we asked the ice. ZimTheIrken 17 apr. I had a dream that I was eating a black womans booty like groceries. Yo for real I had a dream where I cut out my tricep and just stared at it for a bit then went on with my day and kept staring at like how am I going to work without my tricep it does half the work. Cwatty 17 apr.

Now I wanna play San Andreas. AlexxLovesZelda 17 apr. Mine are all tower defense themed, mostly zombies. State of decay, 7 days to die, all the scary shit man. LarryD1 17 apr. I had a weird recurring spongebob halo dream. I wish I could dream again. Suicidewatch69 17 apr. Anyone have any tips? Vices 16 apr. I had a dream of this girl I know and dont really talk to or have feelings about but in the dream we dated and were really happy what does this mean? Thebigcupcake 16 apr. ChefLucy 19d.

NahBruh11 11d. Grime 17d. Gritspart2 19d. KawaiiWeeb 19d. Stealth 19d.

Even i had a dream i was dating my dad impossible. opinion you

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I Matched With My Dad On A Dating Website

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Type of claim. Satya is a psychotherapist in private practice in Portland, Oregon specializing in dream work, the quarter-life crisis, and work with individuals in their 20s and 30s. Yes, I dreamed my Mother was dying and I was responsible. It had little to do with my own Mother, except for the archetypal symbol she represented in the dream. I then proceeded to transform my relationship with my underlings, treating them with the respect they deserved as adults.

I am so grateful to my therapist for her wisdom! I had a dream that I was in my child hood home and in my old room my dad was sitting in his recliner and he was slowly dying. He does had diabetes? My parents went somewhere out, to a theater or something, and I stayed home with my sister.

I got into the living room where my sister was watching TV, when suddenly her cell started to ring. She ran into the other room and I knew something bad happened so I ran after her. I ran to the bathroom and started to spit some colorful phlegm. This was the end of the dream when I woke up. The whole morning I am very disturbed and worried about my father, searching for the right meaning of my dream so I can do everything I can to prevent this from coming true.

I happen to search an interpretation about it and happen to come by your site. My dream goes like this. I got a call from my brother eldest among 3 of ushe was crying and being serious and I already had a notion that something bad has happened.

The reason was that, apparently my father had an ordinary fever at that time and when he drank a medicine it said it was an antibiotic it triggered his health because it was not the right medicine and immediately he died in his deathbed. We lived like we were in an old apartment building like those we have here, but i can see that it was just one of my classroom back in elementary school redecorated into a home with rooms. So when I went inside the room, my father was still there lying at the upper part of a double deck bed.

I touched his hand and cried, he looked really sick, but then he was still alive. He even got up and talked and my mother was there too.

I was so confused but then I savored the moment because I was happy that he was not really dead. But then after some time, I realized other people could not see him, and so the reality was that he was realy dead and he was just saying goodbye to me then.

I was really crying the whole time and it felt so strong and real. After that there were other happenings with other people and then I woke up and realized that it was just a dream.

Excellent i had a dream i was dating my dad have

Right now, my father is away from me. He was reassigned to work at his hometown city a year ago. My realtionship with him is fine, we are not that close though I think we used to when I was younger. I always pray for him because I know he works in one of the dangerous part of our country and he always travels.

I hope you could enligten me with your interpretation of my dream. Thank you. What a terrible dream to have! Sending you a hug. I had a dream my family was carrying my father in his casket. I remember a tall light coming off our garage.

That light wasnt there in real life! I told my parents they really didnt think much of it. My dad got cancer right after my dream a and passed away 3 months later. I returned home and sure enough there was a light on the garage. My dreams come true to this day. I wake up hot mad sad sweating and have a hard time going back to sleep.

I hate sleeping i fight it. Affraid to tell people affraid of what they might think. Consider looking for a Jungian therapist to work with on your dreams, or any healer who your trust deeply. Hello, I would like to ask about my dream too. He would give us some kind of task to complete and if we fail to complete it, they would kill one of our family member.

I forgot what I did. I think I took a drink a cup of bubble milk tea, actually from a stranger or whatever, but I did something wrong and he killed my dad. Many of my dreams comes true so this really scares me. Can you tell me what it means? Thank you so much. I just had a dream last night about my father passing away and it was terrible because I love my Dad, but in the dream he literally went poof and disintegrated into dust. My dream was indeed devastating and terrible I think the part of my father which was negative and all his hang ups and baggage that belonged to my father is what was designating.

I had a dream that I woke up sweating and I just started sobbing, already in my dream before I was almost screaming crying. I remember feeling so terrible, my heart felt like it instantly stopped and I felt a terrible aching in my chest and all I could do was sob, in my dream I was just in bed and mad at myself because I would constantly think of memories of me and him and it would make me sob even more, idk why I kept bringing all those things up but I did.

HI satya, I got a dream yesterday, my mom died and her body was placed in the hall for the family to pay their last visit. When I went close to her, she became all astral, all cleaned up and looking fresh. She sat down with me.

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