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Brad Pitt reportedly has a new girlfriend. According to Us Weekly , the actor is seeing year-old German model Nicole Poturalski, who a few outlets have said looks like Angelina Jolie. Of course, the temptation to compare the two women is probably irresistible: Jolie and Pitt were a high-profile couple for years, and their divorce and coparenting relationship have made news as of late. Sorry, Jen-Brad shippers. They wore masks and were dressed down in casual clothes. Check out some shots from Poturalski's Instagram for yourself, below.

And instantly, she feels this gulf between the two of them that's going to be next to impossible to bridge. Acting impressed is the biggest no-no there is when meeting models. Asking the wrong questions. This is another sign of an outsider. You're usually going to know a question's wrong if you're paying attention; if it feels clunky or unwieldy or not particularly savvy at all, it probably isn't a good question.

So a question like, "Oh. How do you like being a model? Avoid clunky questions. Returning to the topic. When you return to a topic, a woman knows it's on your mind and she knows you're impressed. Even if you acted nonplussed initially, if you bring it up again later she knows it's a big deal to you. Once the subject of her being a model has been moved off of, it's important that you don't bring it up again - and don't get too excited about the topic if she does.

Treating her like a celebrity. Really, celebrities don't like getting treated like celebrities some of them like the attention, true, but they don't want to be treated that way by someone they're going to bed with. And the fact is This simple truth helped me a great deal back in the day - just because she's been in a modeling show or landed a spread in a magazine doesn't mean she's a superstar.

She probably still has a day job to pay the bills and this is merely how she brings some sense of adventure or status or prestige to her life. It's how she chooses to identify herself, rather than what she actually is all the time, so people see her as more than just an average pretty girl. In other words, it's cool that she models And if you treat her as such, she'll know you fell for her ruse - and she'll know you don't really get it.

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You can't treat women like celebrities even if they areor you're instantly an outsider. You must treat a girl, no matter what her background or profession, like she's still just a girl.

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How to Date a Model Mistakes out of the way, how do you actually pull it off? First, there are a few important realizations I ought to cover, before I launch into specific steps: She isn't a superstar. Unless you live in Hollywood, and actually even if you do, most of the "models," "dancers," and "actresses" you meet are going to be girls with limited experience who are trying it out.

She might have attended one photoshoot for the first time last week and now she's identifying herself as a model. She doesn't really want any "fans. She wants to meet a REAL man, who understands her for who she is, and doesn't carry any overblown ideas about what she's doing with her life.

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She needs you to communicate with her on her level, and not worship her - or dismiss her. She's trying to impress you.

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Ever stop and think about why she bothered to tell you she's a model? Think there's any chance that it just slipped out there on its own, totally unintentionally? Of course not! There really is no other explanation for it than that; she wants you to be impressed. And if she wants you to be impressed, she cares what you think. And if she cares what you - you, some stranger she's just met - think, chances are she probably likes you.

This is actually one of those huge, giant things I keep meaning to write up a proper post on, but I never end up getting around to.

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If you sound bored in your voice tone, but fascinated in your words, what you'll find is that you strike exactly the right chord and end up getting the models you meet opening up to you very fast. You sound like you're just making casual conversation, but aren't terribly engaged - which is far different from what girls who tell people they're models are accustomed to encountering. Ask her if she does print or runway. I got this line from my friend David sometime back; he has a great, detailed post on screening models, dancers, musicians, and flight attendants here: challenge screening.

David likes to really dive into profession here and show off his knowledge of the industry; I'm more of the mind to show a little familiarity and then move quickly off the topic as I don't see it as all that helpful toward advancing the seduction. Six in one hand, a half dozen in the other; the results are the same.

Dec 28,   When you start dating a model, you will notice your social value go through the roof. Women want to be with you, because they see you with an incredibly attractive woman, who is usually the best looking on a night out in a club or bar, deeming you as a high value male. ATE: I've decided to go deeper on this thanks to all the interest. I will leave my original answer below, which is fairly PC and surface, and go into some gory details here. 1. Her beauty was intoxicating and should not be underestimated. She w. Jun 25,   When I was a 25 year old who had only had one girlfriend, dating a model just wasn't in my reality. Now I have dated over a hundred, have tens of model friends, and it's no big deal at all. Below I am going to reveal all of the ways that you can meet and date models, as well as a few tips on how to talk to them because it's a little.

You show her, quite clearly, that unlike all the other men you meet, you most definitely are NOT an outsider. Ask her what else she does. I love this one. Make sure you show her the proper level of "just enough" interest in her modeling first; treat it as though she's just told you she's a hairdresser.

Then ask her what else she does. This communicates to her very fast that modeling to you is not a big deal - which is usually going to surprise her. She's so used to people she meets fixating on that and getting stuck on the topic or freezing up and trying to run from it, that you addressing it, then moving on, as if it's some other, more ordinary thing she's mentioned, is going to jar her out of autopilot Ask her if she makes a living doing anything else, or if modeling pays the bills.

This is another one that will shake her out of autopilot and get her intrigued by you and enjoying talking to you in a hurry. She's living this glamorous life of telling people she's a model, and having them fawn over her, and then YOU come along You'd be surprised how many formerly aloof-acting women will turn into little girls around you when you ask them this.

Their cover's been blown, and they've found a man who really, honestly, sees them for who they are. Note: be very careful to build her back up and make her feel good after she tells you she isn't a full-time model, because you've basically "called her out" on this one, and if you don't build her back up you strongly risk her going into auto-rejection.

Continue on with the conversation and interaction as if she's anybody else. This one's supremely important. You can't treat her like she's a special case just because someone takes pictures of her. You need to move fast with her, follow your process, and treat her the same as every other girl.

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Your goal should be to build up a little portfolio of your pictures. If you can build this up with friends and family, great.

That's just about every guy out there's fantasy: dating a model. They're everywhere we look, all around us: newspaper and magazine ads, television commercials, even in the movies. Models are, in many ways, the very picture of feminine beauty personified in nearly every culture around the world. Aug 27,   As we reported, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star was verified to be dating German model Nicole Poturalski on Wednesday, hours after the set were photographed reaching Le Bourget Airport near Paris prior to heading to Ch ateau Miraval- the estate in the South of France he and ex Angelina Jolie purchased in This model is also called the 'single point key' because it uses a single set of contacts for both dots and dashes. * VIBROPLEX "X" MODEL:(26KB) Serial Number Labeled: "Trade THE VIBROPLEX Mark" Nov 28, , Pat Aug 9, , Jan 22, , Oct 29, Nov 5, Others pending.

The second option is to ask to take pictures of attractive girls you see in the streets. Third options is to invite some models for test shoots. You can sign up on a website as a photographer like models.

Once you have a few decent pictures you can stop offering money, and start getting higher and higher quality girls as your skills improve.

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Be very professional and just slightly friendly, but as if the main thing is definitely the pictures. Later when she has relaxed and you are moving around for a different scene you can ask a few things about her life and slowly get into a conversation. Also remember, not every model you meet should be someone you hit on.

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Make friends, hang out with them, learn more about their world. Their friends will be models too so having model friends is a big benefit in itself. We all know that most people get into relationships with girls via social cirlces. Photographers, make up and hair artists, and designers are all people who would have extensive model contacts and friends.

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If you ever have the opportunity to meet someone in one of these fields, make friends with them, buy them drinks, do them favors, and in general be a super nice guy.

If you took option 1 above, and are going to learn photography, then find a photographer and ask if you can make his tea, run out to get lunch, and be his assistant on his shoots. Put your ego aside for a few weeks and it could be your way in. Models are young girls who are often away from home in a foreign city, and in general young girls like to party. In the club they will usually be guarded pretty well and on the table of a club promoter.

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So the way to get to them is via the club promoter guy. Club promoters get money from the club for two things - bringing girls, and selling tables. If he sees you in the club with girls, and then you approach him and ask if you can add some girls to his guest list the next week, he would be happy because it means money for him.

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You also then have a way of meeting girls and inviting them to cool clubs and putting them on the guestlist so that they can get in for free etc. By hitting the same venue on the same night, and also asking the promoter what other nights he does, you can figure out where the models are each night. Next, you can also find out what pre-party places they hit. Usually the models get a free dinner at a trendy restaurant before the club.

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The more you are seen, the more you are part of the crowd, and the better the reaction you will get when you speak to them. Girls become more familiar with you and trust you each time they see you. Models go to their agency and to castings and shoots. They also shop. You are likely to see models in trendy areas like Soho in New York.

Higher end models are taken from job to job by car, but the rest of them will make their own way.

While it was adopted on Feb. 21, , the records suggest that this key was not used until after April This key was number TC. These keys were made out of nickel silver and the heads were "pin frosted" on both sides. A smooth 1/8" by 3/8" surface was provided on the back side of the key for the serial number of the key.

Look for a pretty girl carrying something clipboard sized, that is her book - her portfolio of all her jobs. In any big city with a modeling industry you can hang around in the areas where the agencies are, frequent local cafes, and just do what you can to increase your chances of seeing them on the street.

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My friend Yad, chatting up a model in the street. Sorry, Jen-Brad shippers. They wore masks and were dressed down in casual clothes. Check out some shots from Poturalski's Instagram for yourself, below.

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As for whether or not she looks like Jolie, I'll let you be the judge. A few reported tidbits about Poturalski, according to the Daily Mail : She speaks five languages, is a mother of one, and founded an organization that helps sharks. She goes by Nico May professionally and at 27 has already had quite the accomplished modeling career. Pitt and Jolie are currently in the middle of a headline-making divorce -but according to Peoplethey are amicable coparents to their six children.

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