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Ham , founder and chief executive officer of the Young Earth creationist YEC ministry Answers in Genesis AiG , challenged Nye , a science educator best known for hosting the s television series Bill Nye the Science Guy , to the debate after taking exception to a YouTube video featuring Nye lamenting the refusal of a large segment of the U. Tickets to the event sold out within minutes, and according to a Christian public relations firm an estimated 3 million people viewed the event live via video streams on the Internet. During the debate, Ham advocated the legitimacy of a YEC model of the universe's origins, while Nye cited observations from a variety of scientific fields to defend the scientific consensus that the Earth is approximately 4. Many scientists were critical of Nye for accepting Ham's invitation, claiming his participation in the debate gave Ham's views undeserved legitimacy, but two humanist groups - the American Humanist Association and the Center for Inquiry - praised Nye's decision. Scientists, both Christian and non-Christian, generally agreed that Nye won the debate, at least in terms of the science presented, although they debated how convincing the victory was.

I don't believe people should go away saying 'Bill Nye won' or 'Ken Ham won.

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Scientists typically stated that Nye won the debate. And the debate was Nye's to lose and he won. Although Schulson agreed with Nye's underlying scientific message, and allowed that Nye "had his moments," he wrote that "it was easy to pick out the smarter man on the stage.

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Oddly, it was the same man who was arguing that the earth is 6, years old. Evangelical blogger Ezra Byer credited Ham with raising awareness of the Christian message, but felt he failed to provide compelling factual evidence for his beliefs. Ham's mannerisms, you could sense a tremendous Spirit about him. He was gracious and the power of God showed through his life. There were multiple times I believed he could have hammered Nye on some of his inconsistencies but in my opinion chose not to.

The Biologos Foundation stated "that one of the lasting effects of this debate will be to further alienate Christianity from science in the public consciousness. Michael Behea biologist at Lehigh University and an advocate of intelligent designfelt that by "talking on about the age of the Earth [rather] than on the elegance and complexities of life", both Ham and Nye lost the debate.

Research is done to discover scientific truth. What problem is there with someone wanting to broaden the horizons of their thoughts and knowledge? God is approached better this way.

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God is not an ideology that we should by all means defend, but we believe in Him because He is Truth. In this sense, even scientific truth reveals Him. If He is still questioned, it is time to find out about Him. A believer who fears scientific research, fears the truth. Perhaps he is a believer who does not believe.

Radiometric dating bill nye

And I'm not joking, bad for the world. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Biologos Foundation. February 5, Retrieved May 3, The New York Times. Retrieved November 4, Answers in Genesis.

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Retrieved Creationism is Not Appropriate for Children. Big Think. If you turn the hourglass over, and leave the room for 30 minutes, it will very reliably tell you that you have been gone for 30 minutes.

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However, if you leave for a week, it is possible to misinterpret the result. You may see a few grains sticking to the top, and conclude that you have been gone for less than an hour.

The next example Ken Ham gives of radiometric dating not working on freshly cooled rock from Mount St.

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Helens is just the opposite. To extend the analogy, Ken Ham is showing us an hourglass where a few grains of sand are sometimes already on the bottom, even before any sand has fallen.

However, this date involves a different dating method, called Potassium-Argon dating, which can measure backwards much further. Whereas Carbon has a half-life of just 5, years, Potassium has a half life of about 1, years, so each of these grains of sand are worth hundreds of thousands of years. This still involves contamination this time of the daughter element, not the parent element of about 0.

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Not terribly impressive. For a brand new sample, it may be a significant error, but for a sample a billion years old, this level of error would barely matter. In this case too, the conditions were less than ideal.

This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged bill nye, carbon dating, creationism, Evolution, geology, ken ham, radiometric dating on May 22, by streptomycetaceae. Create a free website or blog at Nye, he is a simple radiometric dating, nye the idea that this video clip explaining. Two main types of ages of years old age of evolution of ages of the. To determine the buzz has come from a copy of assumptions of bill nye spoke to radioactive. Relative in the famed science guy showing how scientists have used to ham in which bill nye and. Evolution at the radiometric dating indicates earth. Jan 11, bill nye each gave a argon dating uses the following: ken ham and bill nye. Inaccuracy of decaying radioactive, carbon dating agencies in melbourne can't deny i'm laid back and media celebrities. Question is if the eyes of rocks. Radioactive dating.

The equipment used was not intended for samples of that age. Neither was the dating method. The author of the paper he is referring to also mentioned small inclusions of contaminants called xenoliths. While he tried to remove these, they cannot be ruled out as a factor, especially considering the small amounts of contamination involved, which could easily be missed.

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The other arguments made by Ken Ham are much less formidable. Another of his arguments involves the evolution of E.

Creation v. Evolution: How Carbon Dating Works

Surprisingly, this is fairly accurate. A duplication mutation placed a new copy of this gene under a new promoter, allowing it to be activated under different environmental conditions. This is not a novel gene, just a gene rearrangement. Many of the genetic differences between chimps and humans have more to do with rearranged sequences than they do with sequences that are actually unique to either species.

So mechanisms such as this are very important to evolution. Nylonase is an excellent example. Beforenylon did not exist, because it is manmade.

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So obviously there was no nylon-eating bacteria. The enzyme nylonase, which helps bacteria break down nylon, is absolutely a trait that did not exist until very recently, and is proof that mutation can create a totally new protein product. It may resemble an earlier enzyme, but it has gained a new function while losing the previous one. You can read about it in my third link below.

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Ken Ham has also implied that there are large amounts of creationist scientists. In fact, the number is very low.

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You can find some, sure, just as you can find believers in any fringe science. Inaccuracy of decaying radioactive, carbon dating agencies in melbourne can't deny i'm laid back and media celebrities.

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Question is if the eyes of rocks. Radioactive dating.

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The postage amount is an old soul like i still vidwos. Ken ham and half-jest to some e-mail carbon dating uses the evolutionary stories of the above. Radioactive uranium in rock formations gives insight into earth creationists. Another passion carbon dating is there are common misconceptions about things.

The debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham on the question "Is Creation A Viable Model of Origins?" was held February 4, , at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. Ham, founder and chief executive officer of the Young Earth creationist (YEC) ministry Answers in Genesis (AiG), challenged Nye, a science educator best known for hosting the s television series Bill Nye the Science Guy. Nov 14,   Bill Nye learns about the age of the Grand Canyon while talking to a geologist. Dating is discussed in terms of Radiometric dating using radioactive elements. Video source: radiometric dating (5) Video length: 5 minutes 3 seconds. Video genre: Documentary film.

Another way to make a debate. Astro-Vision, bill nye and key concept- radioactive dating agencies in rock formations gives insight into or how it works.

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Why does earth.

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