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If you are having issues with the website, logging in or viewing things then please post them here. It does not require you to login, you can post as guest. If you have any thoughts about what you'd like to see with the rest of 6Times, please leave them here. Let me know what you'd like to see. Sometimes I do get inspired by suggestions. In case you haven't reached the latest part yet, or you just want to comment on earlier parts of the story, here's the thread to do it in. There are various polls here, please take time to vote and comment.

Sometimes I do get inspired by suggestions.

Aug 11,   Spacer_X ated in one of his blogs that the site has fixed the attack and that the problem is resetting up the whole site again. I think he said that the next chapter is off to the editors also and that the site would be back up in a week or two. 0 0. barrick. Lv 4. 4 years ago. Spacer X Stories. Source(s): 0 0. Spacer X Dating Maggie Young, gudrun mexines dating, chilean dating etiquette, korean idols dating / undefined Spacer X Stories Wiki is the wiki-based encyclopedia of stories written by Spacer X and other team members.

In case you haven't reached the latest part yet, or you just want to comment on earlier parts of the story, here's the thread to do it in. There are various polls here, please take time to vote and comment.

These will help decide what the audience likes and wants to see. Home Search In. Six Times a Day Online computer browser edition. For mobile editions or to download a local copy, see the SpacerXStories Website tab. Completed; last ated Other editions: See the Other website tab. Brenda Hunter: A thirty-five year old acquaintance of Susan Plummer.

She's going through a painful divorce and stands to receive millions of dollars in the divorce settlement. She's short, cute, and has extremely large breasts.

Spacer x dating maggie

Her looks causes others to overlook her intelligent mind. She stands five foot five inches tall with short, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and light skin.

He lives alone with Brenda and Anika while they wait for Brenda's divorce to be finalized. He is shy, timid, and completely sexually inexperienced. He is a sophomore, a regular victim of bullies, and a social outcast that spends most of his time playing console games and peeking at his mother.

Anika: The sixty-four year old live-in housekeeper and cook in Brenda's mansion. Originally from Austria, she still speaks with a heavy accent. While old, she is still spry and healthy.

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Having long served Brenda, she is more than just hired help. She serves as a substitute mother of sorts since Anna, Brenda's mother, passed away while Brenda was still a teen.

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He and Brenda are finalizing their divorce; they are in the midst of their divorce's "cooling off" period. Xania "Goodleigh" Tsakicheretakis: The thirty-nine year old former college roommate of Suzanne's and an actress in soft-porn and B-movies. Her nickname in college was "the Tongue" on account of her super-long tongue.

6 Times a Day (STaD) is an illustrated, erotic e-novel created by Spacer X and written by him and other members of the STaD team. The story centers around a male high school student named Alan Plummer, who starts off as an awkward young man. Unbeknownst to him, his mother's best friend and neighbor lusts after him and concocts a phony medical diagnosis that requires him to have six orgasms a. Mar 18,   The technique I am referring to is called SPACER. It stands for: Safety Purpose Agenda Conduct Expectations Roles. It sounds straight forward enough but many people mess SPACER up and thus some think its value is little. They are so wrong. If you are familiar with SPACER please read on and see if my take on it is the same as yours. Latin american dating app can suggest visit. Find Latin Singles - Meet Latin Women and Latin Men - Free Dating Site. There are a lot of free dating sites where you can search sexy, cute, charming, and. Latino Singles. near Mountain View.

She lives in a penthouse apartment in Los Angeles, an hour away. Suzanne gets her to pretend to be a psychiatrist for the Plummer family and she enjoys the advisory role. Her body's build is very similar to Suzanne and Susan's: tall, very busty, and in great shape.

She is six feet tall with long, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and light skin. Her tongue is long enough that she can lick the tip of her nose. Ginger Godfrey: A twenty-one year old employee working at Stephanie's, a nearby sex shop. She is an attractive woman at five foot seven inches tall, with long, colored blonde hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin.

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Akami Fubuki: The thirty-two year old nurse at Dr. Fredrickson's office. She is half Japanese and half Caucasian.

She's five foot six inches tall, with black hair, black eyes, porcelain skin tone. She is Dr.

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Fredrickson's mistress, initially. Wilt Fredrickson: The forty year old doctor that Suzanne manipulates to handle Alan's diagnosis. Akami is his nurse. Gloria Rhymer: She is Alan's twenty-seven year old fourth period history teacher and his first serious crush. She is nicknamed "Glory" by Alan.

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She is a typical California surfer girl outside the classroom and is even nicknamed "Surfer Girl" by some friends. Inside the classroom, she is very formally dressed and behaved in front of the classroom.

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She's unmarried but in a serious relationship at the start of this story. She is five foot seven inches tall, with wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin. Kim Fields: At sixteen years of age and five foot four inches tall, she is the youngest and shortest of the varsity cheerleaders.

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She lives with her divorced mother, who has let herself go to pot, and is estranged from her father. Though she has dated boys before, she is a self-professed lesbian at the start of the story.

Dating maggie spacer - Join the leader in footing services and find a date today. Join and search! Find single man in the US with rapport. Looking for novel in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. Join the leader in footing services and find a date today. Join and search! Oct 14,   Alternate editions of Spacer X's work are now found only at;; Those include unillustrated SFW (safe for work) editions as well as the illustrated NSFW editions: 1) the basic illustrated edition, 2) the same with grayscale illustrations, 3) the same in an unillustrated SFW edition, 4) SFW and NSFW zip editions. Dec 28,   Zach Kornfeld from the popular YouTube channel "The Try Guys," revealed in a blog on the quartet's channel that he has secretly been in a relationship for the past two and a half years with Maggie.

She is attractive with long brown hair, brown eyes, and light skin. She is a high school sophomore and a first year cheerleader along with Katherine and Amy. Janice Drake: She is a seventeen year old student.

She's five foot six inches tall with short red hair, green eyes, and pale skin. She loathes Heather, the squad captain.

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She is a high school junior and is best friends with Joy, whom she has an unrequited crush on. Joyce Cooper: She is a seventeen year old student.


She has a sister named Jenny who is only one year younger and attends the same high school. She is five foot five inches tall with medium brown hair, hazel eyes, and lightly tanned skin. She is a high school junior, best friends with Janice, and is currently dating Dean Howell. Simone Hendrix: The eighteen year old is the best friend since childhood and frequent sexual partner of Heather.

She is one of the few able to tolerate Heather's personality at close range and the only one able to speak her mind to Heather and not live to regret it. She has a strong sense of humor and an easygoing personality. Something of a star on several school sports teams, she is very athletic and fit with a hard body rivaling Heather's.

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She is African-American by heritage, but has had a thoroughly "white bread" suburban upbringing. She is five foot seven inches tall with short spiky black hair, dark brown eyes, and dark brown skin.

While very sexually active, she prefers steadier relationships than Heather does. Donna Giovanni: A eighteen year old student at Alan's high school.

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She is Heather's rival to be the high school's social queen and erstwhile "friend". Stunningly beautiful and charismatic in her own right, her personality has captivated many. Of Italian descent, she is five foot six inches tall with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and olive skin.

She is a very popular high school senior with her own social power base, second only to Heather. Michelle: The sister of Gary, a lineman on the football team.

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She is a member of Christine's clique, the "Goody Goodies. She is quite good at acquiring information at the school for Christine. She may or may not be Michelle, the "Goody Goody". Dean Howell: Joy's boyfriend. He and Joy have an open relationship where they're allowed to have sex with others.

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Rockwell: The high school quarterback and Heather's boyfriend. He is nicknamed "Rock" and is the de-facto leader of the "Jocks" in school, primarily due to his natural leadership abilities on and off the field. He doesn't realize it, but his relationship with Heather is a complete sham with Heather using him to boost her own popularity.

Ryan: A lineman for the high school football team. He's very big but also clever.

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