Israel: A Call To Action, Gas Masks, War Is Sudden

War in Israel is sudden, there is no warning.  How is the church in Israel preparing:  from a spiritual aspect:  they are in the last days, the countries from the North will attack, God’s scriptures are real and tangible. Only God knows what lives will be spared, He has numbered the days of our lives.  Church will become a compound for the people.

Why is this video being shared?  What are you to do?  You are being CHALLENGED TO PRAY FOR PEACE IN ISRAEL!  Pray for Jerusalem. 

  • Pray for the next 4 Fridays from 8am to 2pm.
  • Muslim’s day of prayer is Friday…like Christians day of fellowship is on Sunday, the Muslim’s prayer day is on Friday.
  • Muslims go into the Mosque and it is here they are influenced by the Mosque leader.  What ever he tells them to do they will go out and do it.  If he tells them to go out of the Mosque and riot, this is what they will do.  If he tells them to make a sacrifice, they will go and make a sacrifice.  If he tells them to go out and demonstrate, they will do that.  If he tells them to go home, this is what they will do.
  • While they are praying, Christians should pray at that same time that God will speak to their heart and remove the anger and put peace in its place.  
  • GOD IS ABLE!!!!
Kathy Barnette

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