Kathy Barnette is leading the way in finding biblical answers to key issues of our day through the ministry of Truth Exchange. Her desire to ask important questions and seek answers for herself and her community is inspiring. Every follower of Jesus needs to be involved in the important conversations of our day, and Truth Exchange provides a forum for these conversations.
Professor Tim M. Sigler, Ph.D.

Moody Bible Institute, Hebrew & Biblical Studies

The Truth Exchange is absolutely a necessary forum for life in today’s crazy, all accepting world! These events help get down to finding what really matters in any given situation: God’s Word, the Bible, the only real authority out there. Many say there are “many truths and many paths to god” But Jesus said “I AM the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but through Me.” The Truth Exchange Ministry helps us to re-adjust our world-view to God’s version of Truth!
Missionary Micha Cohen, Jews for Jesus

Kathy Barnette has the refreshing ability to take a stand for truth in a world that is desperate for truth. Kathy is blessed with the ability to articulate how current social, political, and economic issues affect us in the real world from a biblical viewpoint. I take particular pride in how she never takes the politically correct road and always seeks the truth however uncomfortable. She’s a normal “God loving” citizen who decided to stand up, for that she has my full respect.  
Darrell Delphen
LUTCF, APCC, CMC Financial Planner/Investment Advisor
Cornerstone Financial Advisors

Kathy is a passionate and gifted speaker. It is easy to see that she is an earnest student of God’s Word. She speaks with authority and with
the heart of God, reaching each person and leaving them better disciples of Christ.
Jennifer Lahl, President

The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network

Kathy was literally the best instructor of the entire program.  I cannot say enough positive things about Kathy.  She is skilled at managing a classroom.  She expects the utmost from everyone.  She ensures people get it.  She is passionate about her subject.  She is fun, but firm.  She is knowledgeable and challenges us all to broaden our perspective.  She brings in outside resources and doesn’t repeat the textbook.  She puts up great discussion questions and challenges us to use our own brains.  Kathy = Why?  Great approach.
Donna C. – Master level Student

Professor Kathy Barnette is an appointed light both to the college campus and to our culture. Distinguished by career strengths from higher-rank military to Wall Street powerhouses, Barnette is widely sought as a teacher of the scriptures, as a business expert, and as a leader in community initiatives. She models inspirational stewardship in all her roles of duty, steadily moving under the hand of God and reflecting the quickening power of faith in life. 
Dr. Varghese Mathai, Adult Chapel Coordinator & Professor

Judson University

Truth-Exchange is a forum that provides the writing of a symphonic discourse harmonized by the Word of God. The discourse of this forum is like musical notes brilliantly attached and executed by experts in a variety of disciplines who loves God Word and will unashamedly say so. 
Minister & Professor Karen C. Love (Ph.D. Candidate)

Judson University