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Jump to content. Here's my personal PMM list, Whatever you want to call it? II Ausf. Poop on Twitch. Poop on YouTube. There is literally an Xbox in a museum, and this is the best joke you can come up with? Some Classyfied info: I have my messages sent to friends only.

This is best done against targets who are already weakened, and thus properly positioned, is a very formidable late game tank after both teams have lost most of their hit points.

Its huge hit point pool and fast firing gun enable it to take on multiple lower health targets simultaneously and win.

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In this way it can completely turn a bad game around for its team. Due to its slow speed, armor that is more that of a medium tank, but excellent gun and massive hit points, the TOG II by default is not an attacking tank but more of a base defense tank, at which it greatly excels. Any enemy tanks that break through the front lines and approach the base circle area are usually damaged and have their hit points whittled down, when suddenly they are confronted with a TOG II with its full 1, hit points and fast firing, incinerating gun!

The end for the approaching enemy tanks is almost always certain and this is where the TOG II really shines. It also has the benefit of Preferred Matchmaking, which means it will never be matched against anything higher than tier VII opponents.

Some believed that existing tanks would not be able to deal with such conditions, and one of the most influential was Sir Albert Stern, who had been secretary to the Landships Committee in the First World War. At the beginning of World War II September some military officers and engineers thought that the new war would evolve in the same way as the First World War.

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Sir Albert Stern, Secretary of the Landships Committee during the First World War, believed that the sort of tanks being produced in would not be able to cope with these conditions. It began work in September The first design resembled an enlarged World War I tank with a Matilda II turret on top and a French 75mm gun mounted in the front plate of the hull.

Fosters of Lincoln built a single prototype and trials started in October It was powered by a Paxman-Ricardo diesel engine and had an electric final drive.

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The electric drive burnt out and was replaced by a hydraulic drive; this also failed and the vehicle was scrapped. Its most original feature was the diesel electric transmission where the V12 diesel engine drove two electric generators, which powered two electric motors, which drove the tracks. There was no gearbox or mechanical transmission.

Tog ii matchmaking

Ferdinand Porsche installed a similar system in one of his unsuccessful prototypes built for the German Army. The tracks, after passing around the front mounted idler dropped down below floor level to create more internal space, an idea thought to be unique to this tank.

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HP Hit Points Expression error: Unrecognized word "unable". Player Opinion. Pros and Cons Pros: Fast rate of fire and good penetration.

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Great gun depression. Enormous hitpoint pool 1,largest of all tier 6, and even higher than tier 7's highest O-Ni Huge ammo capacity of rounds total. Cons: Large target. Slowest tank in the game.

Stream Highlight: TOG II regelt!

Frequent ammo rack damage, making the Safe Stowage perk very important. Suggested Equipment. He ate pain.

Wot Tog Ii Matchmaking. But then again t8 american premium rated tiger ii t7. Supertest, the 1st column on the text light. Love the new premium matchmaking gold ammo flirting dating with this tank and premium matchmaking on. Der t26e5 and ix unless platooned with elite status ate fixes to its preferential matchmaking online dating with hot. Aug 26,   The TOG II* is a British tier 6 premium heavy tank. Developed for trench warfare. Initially, armament was to be placed in the front part of the hull and side sponsons. However, later it was decided not to add the sponsons and instead mount a turret. By , when the TOG II* was completed and ready for trials, it was already obsolete.

Any tank can be rammed in different circumstances depending on speed, weight, spall liner, crew perks, etc. Which is also one of the best things there is about this lovable landboat monstrosity.

Wot tog ii matchmaking The VI TOG II* is a memorable presence on the battlefield, all the other heavy tanks look small, even cute in comparison. So beloved is this gentle giant that when you enter a match in one, you are sure to be greeted by cheers from both allies and enemies alike. The Tank, Heavy, TOG II* was a prototype British tank design produced in the early part of the Second World War in case the battlefields of northern France devolved into a morass of mud, trenches and craters as had happened during the First World truthexchange-sow.com this did not happen the tank was deemed unnecessary and the project terminated. A development of the TOG I design, only a single prototype Place of origin: United Kingdom. Jan 30,   PMM List (Premium MatchMaking, Preferential MatchMaking, or Preferred MatchMaking list) - posted in Tank Academy for players BY PLAYERS!: Heres my personal PMM list, (Whatever you want to call it?) Preferred MatchMaking, Premium MatchMaking or Preferential MatchMaking. The list is sorted by nation & then grouped by tank types; lights, meds heavy and tds.

Yea platooning with people in tier 6 can be a bit sucky since you get bumped up to tier 8 at times. Good review. I have the Tog II and it is mint.

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I got shoot off a team mate so i pushed his T7 tank into a building and shot him to death with my whole team applauding me. It is such fun to play and makes all your other slow tanks seem fast now. If you make good use of cover, you can do anything in this tank.

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Watch how it is used. The results speak for themselves if you have the patience to play it properly.

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Patience and a clear plan is the key. You can poo-poo it all you want, but the videos speak for themselves if you have patience. Facebook Twitter Google Plus. Home Tank Guides. Mobility Here comes to primary downside to this tank for most players.

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Camouflage Values Stationary: 5. Replays Share this: Twitter Facebook. WoT Guru December 28, at am. TOGdriver February 11, at pm. WoT Guru February 12, at pm. Badger February 8, at pm. MyMrS February 12, at am.

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Tog Power. PG April 30, at am. Falchion June 29, at am. Paul Selzer October 27, at pm.

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