truth exchange round.editThe vision behind Truth Exchange is to engage minds to think critically about social, civil, and economic topics that are shaping our world through the perspective of Truth, Logic, and Clarity.

I earnestly believe that the Achilles’ heel of the overwhelming majority of Americans is that we have been effectively bullied into silence for fear of being called intolerant, ignorant, judgmental, and backwards.  Or, fear of being fired and even sued.  As a result of our fears, we are becoming dangerously tolerant of every behavior and doctrine.

Without using sophomoric comments, demeaning language, political affiliations, and ridicule, the Truth Exchange discussions will engage in winsome, yet critical analysis of some of the hot-potato topics facing every American today.  This forum is not to provide all the answers, as much as it is designed to engage minds to start thinking seriously and judiciously.  The goal is for every person to walk away with more questions than answers and more questions than when they first walked in.
God Bless America…

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  Edmund Burke