Power, it’s just that simple…

Often I rack my brain trying to figure out “what is it all about?”  “What am I missing?”  It’s like I can’t see the forest for the trees.  It feels as though it’s on the tip of my tongue, but I just can’t grasp it.  Why would people in a position to make the world better, to make America better, implement policies and practices that destroy her?  Why would people implement such policies if they don’t honestly believe their policies to be in the best interest of the nation?  What do they have to gain?

Isn’t it obvious that allowing millions of undocumented, oftentimes, disease infested and uneducated illegal immigrants into the nation an economy “killer”, not an economy “starter”?

 Isn’t it a no brainer that we can’t just keep writing2-merkel.jpg one large blank check after another without its inevitable bouncing like an inflated rubber ball?

Are we so blind that we can’t see America is in trouble? 

Fear, Hopelessness, and Urgency is palpable:

–  25M Americans unemployed and growing…(at last glance)

–  23M households are on the Food Stamp Program, up from 11M in 2007…

–  The number of people on the Food Stamp Program is more than double the number of households on the Program before the start of the 2008 economic crisis.

–  The number of people on the Program is 5x the size of the Chicagoland area, which includes Illinois, Wisconsin, and      Indiana.

Houston, we have a problem, is an understatement.  So, again, why do fellow Americans, those who swore an oath to protect our great nation, do what seems to hurt our nation?  Why do they implement policies, vote for laws, or write executive orders that seems so apparent to even the modestly informed person to be detrimental to our nation?  Policies and behaviors that creates division, bankrupts us further, destroy the wealth of the middle class, victimize the poor, enslave the lazy, and reduce to nothing the greatest man-made document ever – that is, the U.S. Constitution? 

Although, the answer has always been obvious to me, I continued searching for something “deeper”, more profound, an answer that would be more fulfilling to the one destroying our country.  At last, I submit to what I already know. 

The big “why”?  Power.

It’s as simple and as tempting as that…Power.

Every now and then, the Progressive Left unwittingly show their cards, reveal the contents of their heart…i.e., tell on themselves.  Recently, Australia became the first developed nation to outright reject the foolishness we have come to know as “Global Warming” and went on to abolish the “world’s biggest carbon tax” – a tax that significantly increases the costs of products passed on to the consumer by the companies that must pay it.     

Most developed countries are either revising such a tax or are in the process of repealing it…to one degree or another.  Obama has been relentless in his efforts to enforce “cap and trade”…essentially, doing the exact same thing as Australia was – taxing companies that emit CO2, thus increasing costs to the consumer as these companies would pass on such taxes.  Thus, crippling our economy further and strangling the American family, essentially, hurting our nation.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the World Bank called Australia’s repeal “one of the biggest international threats to the rollout of similar programs elsewhere (around the world, e.g., America).” The climate lobby is concerned as “Australia’s vote shows that the real obstacle to their dreams of controlling more of the world’s economy is democratic consent.”

And there you have it.  Their dream is for Power, Control, Command, and Influence over the WORLD’S ECONOMY.  Try as one may to find a more lofty reason for our leaders to destroy our great country, you will not.  Their endless pursuit for power is driven by a blindness that is beyond our comprehension and is completely selfish. 

They will not relinquish the ground they have won by our kind requests.  They will do whatever is necessary to maintain their command…their control…their power. 

We are the “democratic consent” that stand in their way.  If we do not stand up, we might as well prepare our knees to bow down.  They will not go away.  They will not give up.  They will not relinquish.  It will be up to us to take it by force. 

Prepare yourself.  May God help us all.

Kathy Barnette

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