Question of the Month: September 2012

There’s an old axiom, “Don’t bother me with the Facts, ma’am”.  Why is TRUTH so inconvenient?  Why is our initial response to TRUTH is to immediately refute it?  Yet, a lie seems to effortlessly slide down our throats like a warm English muffin.

Consider the following:

1.  With little to no proof, the Evolution theory is predominantly taught as a fact in our school system; while, the Creation account is seen by many as a fable.  However, there is a preponderance of evidence (a.k.a., facts)  that bares the Creation account as more feasible than the Evolution theory.

2.  In light of the APA acknowledgement that there is no “Gay” gene, homosexuality, even among some Evangelical Christians, is increasingly being viewed as a hereditary trait rather than a behavior.  The adage “Born This Way” is routinely taught within school and espoused by several corporations and other influential sources in our culture.

3.  Rebuttals to the boos that rung out from the Democratic National Convention over the insertion of 2 items that reinstates the name God back into the Democratic Platform and the adherence to God’s Word that eternally binds Jerusalem and Israel together, is met by fellow Christians who consider themselves Democrats as a political agenda, as an attack on Democrats, or an attack on President Obama.  Versus, an immediate recognition that a great evil within our culture took place.

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Kathy Barnette

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1 Comment

  • Rev. (retired) William F. Wall
    September 21, 2012, 6:42 pm

    Oh nuts! I leave Sat. AM, 9/22 for my daughter’s home in Colorado Springs and won’t be back until Tues. Oct. 9. That means I’ll miss all those great sounding creation vs. evolution conferences. BUT, God bless you, Kathy, for exposing Satan’s greatest lie, namely, evolution. How so? Evolution effectively eliminates God and thus Christ’s atonement aslo. The irony is that the evidence against evolution is overwhelming…….to those who are interested in hearing the TRUTH.


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