Security Moms…Dallas Shooting and BLM…

VIDEO:  Part 2 of our Fox & Friends discussion on the heightened concerns of mothers in a time of terrorism… Do we have the right to take our kids to a movie theatre and have the expectation of NOT being gunned down?  Is it a reasonable expectation, in America today, to go out on a date night with our loved one and not be blown up?  Should we be able to go out to socialize at night with friends and not be gunned down on the dance floor?  Can we exercise our First Amendment by participating in a rally and not be gunned down in the middle of the street?  In recent years, we would have readily answered these questions with a resounding YES!  Yes, we have the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of our idea of Happiness without someone taking it upon themselves to end our life because of an ideology that tells them THEY are right and WE are wrong.

However, each of the scenarios mentioned above is met with a very vivid image of our Republic gone horribly wrong.  San Bernardino, Orlando night club shooting, Brussel’s airport bombing, Istanbul, Turkey airport bombing, Paris attacks, and the most recent Dallas, TX shooting…What do they all have in common?  Terrorism, motivated by hate, lies, and false narratives that tell a block of people they are victims.  They are all motivated by extreme evil intents.

This is our NEW REALITY. As mothers, it does not make us feel safer, it makes us afraid for ourselves and our loved ones.  In short, it makes a Trump Presidency look more and more appealing.

Kathy Barnette

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