Dear Mrs. Barnette:

I just watched your electrifying speech on PCN this evening and want to thank you for elucidating me on the ideology of Islam and your staunch defense of our nation. I’m embarrassed to admit that I was so naive in terms of my (mis)understanding of Islam and the impending immigration of those refugees.

How can we admit, feed and clothe these people when we have OUR nation’s children going without these basic needs? How DARE our leaders consider those refugees when we’ve so callously ignored our brave veterans? What temerity those elected officials display when OUR citizens’ jobs and businesses are lost for lack of support, yet immigrants are GIVEN start-up monies and TAX breaks! It’s LUNACY! The very definition of insanity!

I’ve never been so compelled to reach out with congratulations on a speech. Again; I was at once riveted and so grateful for your words. I vow to impart your thoughts to all who will listen.

With great respect and appreciation,

Paul W

Kathy –

Thank you for your courage to speak the truth in our country that is quickly becoming dominated in its leadership by so-called “Progressives” who are big on political correctness as determined by them only.

Pastor Bill

Excellent, well articulated, Kathy.

Rani M.

Wow! Please endeavor with me on a journey, describing that message of indignation, and most certainly the messenger:

Power, Fire deep in the belly, Truth, Righteous anger, intellectual, and moral clarity, confidence, exhortation, real brotherhood, healing, love…toughness, all adequately describe that message.

It is past overdue on the national stage!

Kathy, your voice is for a time such as this.
You strengthen many, and encourage many to “STAND,” and be counted!

Thank you for having the courage.

Randy Evans

Excellent, excellent! Thank you very much! I have shared this post. Let the truth be revealed, let FREEDOM ring! Thank you, and may the Lord God bless you and your loved ones. Merry Christmas!

Scott Gunn

Powerful and honest!

Andy Pannafino