Transgender is Coming After the HEARTS & MINDS of our Culture

Our culture is being hijacked from within. The battle is on for the Hearts and Minds of our culture. Those who know the Truth (Jesus is the embodiment of Truth) must stand up and start speaking TRUTH! It’s either now or never. They are coming strong…put on your armor- Ephesian 6!!!

The Learning Channel (TLC) has approved the series “I Am Jazz,” which is about a young teenager who was born a boy and has transgendered to a girl since the age of two years old. The parents supported this decision instead of giving guidance to the confused child…Premieres Wednesday, July 15th 10/9c

BRUCE Jenner, 65, has arrived! The first promo for Caitlyn’s reality show, I Am Cait, was released on June 3, and gives us a new look at the former Bruce Jenner all glammed up. Watch the preview here!

Kathy Barnette

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  • Joy
    July 12, 2015, 8:16 am

    The enemy is active in our culture teaching us we are not to offend anyone…he is attempting to “dumb us down” and use our freedoms and insecurities against us. The only thought we should have is are we offending GOD who gave us everything we have and will ultimately be our just judge. We are so concerned with what the world thinks not only in relation to homosexuality(which is an abomination in Gods eyes) but in parenting our children, standing up for our rights in the schools and in our corrupt political system. Our retailers open stores almost 24-7, people have to work until midnight and on Sundays (the 7th day is the Lords day). Do they not know that they will have to account to God for what they are doing to his LAWS. We so worship money and status…I for one wouldn’t want to be standing in front of GOD and having to explain why I forced people to work on Sundays…because I needed to live in a lavish mansion or several lavish mansions, or why I so violently abused my own children, but didn’t seek psychological help which is so readily available to all. We need to be brave, courageous and true and fight the good fight for all Gods children homosexual or not…we are all under ATTACK!!

    • Kathy Barnette@Joy
      July 12, 2015, 11:04 am

      Joy, amen amen amen! I agree completely. We often look outside of ourselves for solutions. Looking to men for our salvation. I believe what you said towards the end, WE must be brave, courageous, true and FIGHT! Not by OUR might, but by His Spirit. Let us start with fervently praying for God’s wisdom.

  • Janness A.
    July 11, 2015, 5:04 pm

    Thank you, Kathy, for continuing to speak the truth during these troubling and evil times. We need people like you. I’ll never stop speaking the Truth of Jesus Christ and his Church. Jazz is still a boy, and Caitlyn is still a man. Marriage is still between one man and one woman.
    Janness A.

    • Kathy Barnette@Janness A.
      July 11, 2015, 5:12 pm

      Shout it Janness. All around us, is the push, barrage to normalize sexual perversion. I can barely look at the commercial of Bruce Jenner…he’s so deformed. It’s demonic. And this Jazz…I was watching a family movie and then this popped up as one of the commercials. INSANE!!! It’s a boy. A boy with a developmental emotional disorder. He needs professional help…not boob implants. So sad…

  • Eleanor Ayana Morgan
    July 10, 2015, 7:01 pm

    We can point our fingers at the Supreme Court (and God will judge them), yet judgement may begin at the household of God. Almost 10 years ago while I was attending Seminary, most professors and many churches were selling the world that to be anti-homosexual was homophobic. I heard that term, “homophobic” in nearly every sermon shouted or calmly analyzed from the pulpit.Those few of us who proclaimed the Word of God wete often isolated or ostracized. Heterosexuals engaged in fornication or adultery were not about to sound an alarm against homosexual practices. With few exceptions, the church adopted a “live and let live” approach to gay lifestyles. Now, we are here…

    • Kathy Barnette@Eleanor Ayana Morgan
      July 11, 2015, 5:09 pm

      Exactly, Eleanor. Not much more can be added to what you’ve said. When I speak about the “take-over” of the Homosexual Agenda, I am primarily speaking to the Church. The World will do what is in the World to do. However, Christians we know better. We know the Truth and Jesus is the Truth. Yet, we don’t share it. WE have swallowed the same lie as the world…that is, “God loves love.” God is a God of Love. But, He is also a God of Wrath, Holiness, Righteousness…and He demands that of us. Thank you for sharing. God blessings…


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