Video: Our Interviews with Elected Officials at Defend Marriage Lobby Day in Springfield, Illinois

Praise God!  Last Wednesday, Feb. 20th, Truth Exchange Ministries chartered a bus down to Springfield, Illinois to participate in the Defend Marriage Lobby Day.  Our day was amazing.  The bus ride, alone, was worth the trip.  However, being at our Capitol, interviewing our elected officials, sharing Truth, and encouraging others to be bold was the icing on the cake.  We documented this day and got several representatives on tape – we have over an hour and a half of uncut footage.
Unfortunately, in today’s culture, many of our elected officials only understand Money, Power, and Votes.  As such, our message to our representatives were simple:
1.  Vote NO on SB10.
2.  Uphold the Biblical definition and centuries-old definition of marriage between 1 Man + 1 Woman.
3.  The government does not have the right to redefine marriage.  Government only enters into the realm of marriage for the safe guard of children.  But, it does not have the right to redefine it!
4.  Take your own advice “separate from Church and State”.
5.  If we can drive 4 hours down to Springfield, we will most definitely drive 5 minutes to the next ballot box.
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Kathy Barnette

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