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I wouldn't mind dating, but I have been wearing my braces for 5 years now. Spit constantly rolls through mouth every few seconds. They poke my mouth sometimes, and my words don't come out right some times. Girls have said I was cute, funny, and very sweet a bit of a romantic , but I feel so uncomfortable with my braces. They almost always get in the way. I sometimes can't help but feel a bit uncomfortable with my braces. Other times, I feel just fine.

I love guys with braces i think its cute : I dont really mind if a guy has spit and stuff like that its not his fault.

Dating a guy with braces

I would like any guy the same braces or no braces. Of course I would!! I would never say no to a guy JUST because of his braces, how you act matters most, although to some girls it's looks too, which apparently you are cute, according to girls, so you have a chance. Trending News.

However, if you're thinking of getting braces - or dating someone with them - and this is a first for you, it's understandable to have some questions. This goes double if you're a teen. Sure Madonna and Donald Faison could pull off braces, but celebrities can swing a lot of things mere mortals can't. Don't worry. Dating with braces is a pretty common concern among teens and adults undergoing orthodontic treatment. Here, we provide some tips and ideas for not letting your braces get in the way of your romantic endeavors! But at the end of the day, if you want to date successfully with braces, your best bet is to embrace them. Ich bin 47 Jahre, cm gro? und habe Kurven. Ich bin ehrlich, treu, humorvoll, berufstatig, tierliebend und Dating A Guy With Braces Mouth bodenstandig. Ich suche einen Mann der es ehrlich mit mir meint. Du solltest gleich gro? oder gro?er sein, treu, humorvoll berufstatig und Dating A Guy With Braces Mouth bodenstandig. Da ich eine /

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Top Ten Reasons To Date A Guy With Braces.

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Aug 13,   I've never known anyone to say, "Ewww, he/she has braces, I'd never consider dating him/her." And if anyone DOES say or think that, just tattoo a big L on their foreheads, because they are shallow losers - and you wouldn't want to date them anyway! Sure, braces are a stereotype. Dating - as an older guy with braces. Of the experiences I've read from others, when women have braces, even as mature adults, it doesn't really affect their dating lives at all. Guys still aren't phased by . Aug 07,   Would you date a guy with braces? I wouldn't mind dating, but I have been wearing my braces for 5 years now. Spit constantly rolls through mouth every few seconds. They poke my mouth sometimes, and my words don't come out right some times. Girls have said I was cute, funny, and very sweet(a bit of a romantic), but I feel.

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You can sign in to vote the answer. Looks aren't everything. It's personality that captures the heart. Most girls will accept the fact you have braces and see past that.

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I'd date a guy with braces Invisalign : clear plastic aligners that are almost invisible when worn. Translucent braces : brackets made of a tooth-coloured ceramic material that blends in almost seamlessly with your teeth. How do yours look?

Are you attracting as many potential matches as possible?

Do you think people might be turned off by your photos? Read Part 1- the first days from the story Getting braces while dating Grayson Dolan by hadleyminx Hadleyminx with reads.

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One of those questions is likely to be can you kiss with Invisalign braces? But, relax - kissing with Invisalign braces is perfectly fine. Therefore, you may be tempted to take your aligners out when you go on a date.

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Although this may seem like a good option at the time, you really should only be removing your trays for eating, brushing, and flossing. The longer you keep them out, the longer your treatment time.

And, if your Invisalign braces use buttons, they can be sharp which could be a bit of an unpleasant surprise for your unsuspecting partner!


The great thing about Invisalign is you can take the aligners out for important occasions. So on the most important day of your life, feel free to relax and enjoy it! Remember my country and language. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. By continuing to browse our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.

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Looking for an old soul like myself. The first bit of good news is that the answer is YES, you absolutely can. The second bit of good news?

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Think about it, even traditional metal braces have never stood in the way of a romantic kiss despite all those horror stories about the metal locking together. And what about other mouth accessories, like lip or tongue piercings?

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Having braces at any age sucks - they tear up the inside of your mouth, make eating a real pain and, especially for kids, can lead to a whole bunch of bullying. But since 75 percent of people with braces are kids or teens, having them at that age at least feels a little more normal than having them as an adult, which can feel ostracizing due to how uncommon it is.

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They also still hurt as an adult. They are uncomfortable. They are annoying. Heat-activated nickel-titanium wires developed with help from NASA?

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Whilst your dog might prove great company for the first month, winter blues is a real thing, and seasonal loneliness and depression actually affects more of us than everyone thinks. When we think of stereotypical dates we think of two people sitting down for a meal or catching up over a coffee or drink.

Whilst technically you could keep your aligners in throughout, we REALLY do not recommend it as your aligners may become stained, broken or worse - you may get food stuck in your aligner on the date!

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Understandably your mouth needs to readjust to having a layering on your teeth, but usually within the first few days of treatment our customers have reported no problems with pronunciation. As scouts taught you, just be prepared.

Keep your toothbrush and aligner case in your bag, carry some backup mouthwash and keep it clean.

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Dating can be nerve racking enough without throwing braces into the mix. In all likelihood your braces will either go unnoticed, or the person sitting at the other side of the table will be full of admiration and respect for your decision to undergo treatment. Facebook Twitter Google Instagram Youtube.

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